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                                                          CHAPTER 1

          Why am I always here? Spike asked himself. Got my solid bones and flesh back. What's the point of hanging around here with these people?

          The bleached blonde glanced around at the usual busy lobby of Wolfram and Hart. Ever since his blood battle with Angel over the supposed humanity drink he'd found himself lingering around the office for reasons unknown to him. Oh, well. Mine as well stay at a place you don't belong than stay nowhere at all.

          "Spike," Harmony called, getting the vampire's attention. "Stop lingering in the dark corner already and come over here."

          Spike sighed deeply and trudged over to her. "What?" he asked dryly.

          Harmony bent down at her desk and came back up with an envelope in her hand. "Change of address forms mean anything to you?" She handed the letter to Spike. "Mind taking it outside? The last time you opened post in here it nearly threw off the balance of the universe."

          Spike turned away from her, heading for the elevator. As he made his way down to Wolfram and Hart's parking lot, his eyes scanned the envelope. His name was printed on it, but there was no return address to be seen.

          "Oh, perfect," Spike rolled his eyes then ripped the top of the envelope open.

          An explosion of light occurred; a light so bright that Spike had to cover himself, fear that it just might be the sun itself. When the light died down a bit Spike squinted up to see the figure of a young woman floating upward. The vampire glanced around to see that the sparkling light surrounded him now.

          "Do not be alarmed," the woman above spoke to him, her voice tranquil.

          "Don't tell me," Spike said. "I'm dead, right? Ironic twist, though. Never thought I'd be meeting the bright lights. Had more of a red, grim picture in my head, involving torture and lots and lots of poking."

          "You have not died," she assured him. "Are you ready?"

          "Ready?" Spike repeated her. What was this bent talking about.

          "To be a hero," she clarified. With that, she and the light disappeared in an instant. It was just the plain old Wolfram and Hart parking lot.

          Spike blinked his eyes in disbelief then glanced down at his hand, which seemed to be holding something. Instead of the envelope he held it was now a letter. He unfolded it and read through it, his eyes growing more with every word.

          "What do you want, vamp?" Faith asked, interrogating a vampire, holding him by the neck up against a tree. "This?" She decked the vampire in the jaw, allowing him to drop to the ground. "What about this?" Faith knelt down and picked the vampire up by the back of his head and began pummeling him against the ground. "Or this?" Another hit to the ground. "This feel good?"

          "Lady, can't you just kill me already?" the vampire pleaded.

          At that moment another vampire came tumbling down, crashing into the bushes. Buffy walked up and grabbed the back of the vampire's shirt collar and tossed him in a way that he would land on his back. She simply whipped out a stake and stabbed the vampire in the chest, dusting him.

          Buffy sighed with a light smile and stood, dusting her pants leg off. "That makes three tonight. How'd you do?"

          Faith took a stake from her leather pants pocket and stabbed her vampire in the chest, finally. "Well… one," she responded to Buffy.

          "Impressive," Buffy said with a slight eye roll.

          "Hey, what's the point of being a slayer if you can't…" Faith trailed off, noticing something among her vampire's ashes. "Have a little fun with them…" She picked up an envelope that was rested amongst the ashes.

          "Yeah. I could go for a little torturing myself." Buffy put her hands to her hips, glancing up at the sky with a sigh. "Sun will be up soon, like any minute. What's wrong with these vamps, anyway?"

          "Who knows?" Faith replied vaguely, opening the envelope she'd found.

          "Faith!" The dark haired slayer looked ahead at the sound of Buffy's voice. However, Buffy had been replaced by the same figure that had approached Spike.

          "What… the… hell?" Faith glanced around. "What is this? What happened to B?"

          "Buffy is all right, Faith," the figure promised. "I have come only for you."

          Faith sighed deeply and said, "This should be good."

          "Are you ready?"

          "What?" Faith had no idea what she meant.

          "To be a heroine."

          "OK, again, what?" Faith shook her head in utter confusion. "Who the hell are you?"

          "Buffy." Faith looked up and saw that Buffy had made a reappearance. "Most people, including you, know I'm Buffy." Faith sighed deeply taking her head into her hands. "Faith, you OK?"

          "Yeah," Faith nodded. "Come on. Let's head back." She walked up to Buffy and they began to walk together.

          "All right. Don't wanna give Dawn the wigs. Better hurry." Buffy walked up ahead.

          Faith suddenly glanced down at her hand and saw a letter where the envelope used to be. She opened the paper and began to read it. Her face formed an anxious expression suddenly.

          "Hey, B, you know what? I'm not gonna go back with you. I'm just going to head back to my place. See you tomorrow." Faith turned the opposite the direction and ran off.

          "OK," Buffy called after her then added in confusion, "Bye."

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