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                                                          CHAPTER 4

          Oz glanced up from the orange soda he had ordered to see Faith standing in the doorway of the pizza place he sat in. Was he looking at who he thought he was looking at? Sure, her hair was a bit longer, her glower had more glower, and her pants were just a tad bit leather-y-er, but Oz was sure. It was Faith that stood there.

          "Faith…" Oz stood up from the table and slowly approached her. "It's you. I haven't seen you since that story about you on the news a few years ago." He glanced behind her at Spike, who was coming up. "And I haven't seen you since… uh, never mind. So, how are you guys? Are you learning how not to be evil?"

          "Rehab," Faith nodded.

          "Chipped and souled," said Spike.

          "Reunions always do this to me," said Oz with dry emotion. "What have you two been doing?"

          "Broke out of prison," Faith replied.

          "Saved the world," Spike answered.

          "Really?" Oz seemed intrigued. "I… I bought the last box of Chewy Squares before they discontinued them."

          "Don't you just love those little accomplishments?" Faith asked him.

          "Totally," Oz replied, wanting to bite himself for sounding like Chelsea for a moment. "I was just sitting here waiting for my godsister. She's running a little late. What are you guys doing in New York?"

          "Statue of liberty is giving away a free tour," Spike explained.

          "You sure that chip is the only thing those guys put in your head?" Faith asked him before turning back to Oz. "Hey, any chance you've seen this kid?" She held out the picture Tara had given her. "Her name's—"

          "Chelsea," Oz cut in. "That's my godsister. How do you know her?"

          "The chit's got a thing in her head," said Spike. "A not good thing."

          "What are you talking about?" Oz asked in confusion.

          "Look, Oz, I know this sounds completely whacked, but we have to find this girl," said Faith. "Now where is she?"

          "I don't know." Oz checked his watch; past eight o'clock. "She's not usually this late."

          Chelsea sat on the top step that led into the front entrance of her school. The day had just been so totally messed up. She hadn't been able to focus at all in any of her classes, lunch wasn't worth eating, and the grades she had gotten back just weren't pretty. Chelsea finally stood up and began to walk, her hands stuffed into the pockets of her jacket.

          It was like any other Friday night in New York City. Some guy could be heard yelling out of his car window at a driver next to him and the lights of downtown seemed to be brighter than the stars themselves. Chelsea turned the corner, heading down a quieter street. Abruptly, someone leapt out at her.

          Chelsea shrieked lightly. "What the- who are you?" She looked closely at the guy. "Wait a minute. Haven't I like seen you somewhere before…?" The man suddenly vamped out and charged at her. "Aah!"

          All of a sudden someone leapt over Chelsea and the vampire, landing behind him. Faith grabbed the vamp by the back of his neck and tossed him against the building that made one half of the alley. Then Spike and Oz ran up to the scene.

          "You OK, Chelly?" Oz asked the teenager.

          Chelsea just nodded then gestured towards Faith. "Who is that girl?" She watched as Faith took the vampire by his face and slammed him to the ground. She then slipped a stake out from under her sleeve and gave him a quick stab, making him turn to dust.

          "Name's Faith," the slayer said, slipping the stake back into her sleeve.

          Chelsea blinked her eyes in disbelief and pointed towards the vampire's ashes. "What… was… that?"

          "It's OK, Chelsea," said Oz comfortingly. "Remember? I told you about vampires before."

          "Vampire?" Chelsea suddenly realized it. "Oh! Then she must so totally be a—"

          "Slayer," Spike cut in. "One of about a million."

          "Completely original, though," Faith added.

          "Why didn't you meet me for pizza?" Oz asked his godsister. "I was worried. You made me feel like a parent or something."

          "Sorry," Chelsea apologized, slightly sheepish.

          "Oh, and these guys have been looking for you," Oz said.

"What's going on?" Chelsea asked, glancing back and forth between Spike and Faith.

          "Chelsea, look, we know you're a seer," said Faith.

          "A what?" Chelsea shook her head. "I don't have any idea what you're talking about."

          "Makes sense, Chelly," Oz had to admit. "You're the one that's always thinking up these stories that don't make any sense."

          "That's called being creative," Chelsea countered.

          "Right," said Spike sarcastically. "And this soul jammed inside of me is just a sugar rush."

          "Look, it's nothing to be ashamed of," said Faith.

          "Yeah, 'cause I'm like not what you say I am," Chelsea snapped.

          "Take it easy, C," Oz attempted to sooth.

          "Forget it," Chelsea said, holding her hands up in aggravation. "I'm like going home. I'll see back at the apartment, Oz." She turned and headed down the street.

          "Wait a sec," Faith called after her.

          "Forget it, slayer," said Spike. "That rock's not budging tonight."

          "I'm sorry about this, guys," Oz apologized on Chelsea's behalf. "She's just kind of…"

          "A valley girl?" Faith supplied. "Yeah, caught that part."

          When she made it home, Chelsea released a deep sigh, slipping off her book bag and jacket. Before going into her own room, she peeked her head into her parents' master bedroom. They would probably be back from that business trip in like another five, maybe six weeks.

          Chelsea entered the room and began playing around with small items, the perfume that completely covered her mother's vanity, her father's tie rack. She absent-mindedly began to pull the drawers of her father's dresser open. When she reached the last drawer something fell out from beneath it, a few pieces of paper bunched up together. Chelsea raised an eyebrow and picked up the paper that was on top of the others.

          "Marry Home Adoption Agency," she read out loud, causing her eyes to grow wide in an instant. "What?"

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