Sailor Moon Chapter 64 "Beach Blues" Co written by DarkSetokaiba

Sailor Mars at the scene the last time it still twist her stomach to see the end of the world played out in front of her over and over again.

How many time she had this dream she lost count but it was a lot she could handle this any more so she clutched the sides of her head and scream what do you want please if this is really going to happened and why and how it happens how can I stop it.

After the scene played out several time over the A man stood across from her he was wearing a write cloak with the Egyptian symbol for Ra on the hood stood in front of her and said the same line he said the other time he appeared in her dreams.

The figure vanished like being ripped like a page being crumpled and tossed into a wastebasket but she still hears the cloaked it echoed from all around her.

Something whirled by her head catching the side of her face and stinging sensation made her grab her cheek and scream.

Sailor Mars pulled her hand away and looked at it to see it was covered.

What ever cut her was coming back and she could see it now it was some sort of spinning blade.

Sailor Mars just manages to dodge and started run away but tripped and the blade came at her.

Ashlique woke up scream then realized she was in class and everyone was staring at her weirdly.

Miss Midni had a look she never saw in her before one of professionalism as she got up from her desk and asked her to come with.

"Come with me to the Nurse office right now" said Miss Midni as they left the class room

when they reached the Nurse's Office the school Mr. Pegasus the school nurse he was there since the incident he was knocked over his desk beside him was student Nurse Serenity who was taking of was Pegasus was saying about to treat a broken ankle.

Midni waited till Mr. Pegasus left the room then dragged Ashlique into the nurse's office.

"I was told to keep an eye on you because of you spirit sense how long have you been having those dreams" Said Midni.

"A couple month" said Ashlique

"Why haven't told any of us about it us as in druids" said Midni.

"It was too terrifying to be real so I thought it was only a dream" said Ashlique.

"What were these dreams about" said Midni.

"The end of the world" Said Ashlique trying not to cry.

"I have to take you to see Noa," said Midni Teleporting them away.

-Kaiba Corp HQ-

Im bored said Ayna "throws paper balls up in the air trying to get them to hit the ceiling"

"Me too.."said Mokuba*doodling all over his workbook*

Im trying to concentrate here! Mokuba! If you're drawing on your workbook.. said Kaiba.

"I.. Im not!" Replied Mokuba hiding the book

"Setooo! Come on! you need a break from that damn computer every once in a while said Anya.

"Im busy" said Kaiba abit more agitated this time.

"Mokuba, would you like to help me?" asked Ayna prodding him

"With what?" said Mokuba blinking confusedly

Ayna whispers something in Mokuba's ear.

Kaiba raises an eyebrow and stops typing long enoughg to raise an eyebrow at them and Said "What are you two planning now?"

Ayna giggles says "nooothing"

Mokuba smiles and says "yeah! Absolutely nothing at all"

WE WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH! CANWECANQWECANWE!?!? Yells Mokuba and Ayna as they tackle Kaiba and laugh like 4 year olds*

"ACK! NO! We're not going to the beach! and Get. Off!" Kaiba trying to get up but was trapped under the weight of both of them.

Just then, Tea and Ryoko come in the door, and stop to look at the scene.

"Can I join?" Said Ryoko.

Sernna laughing said "sure" nodding to Kaiba .

Ryoko flings herself down on Senna and Mokuba, therefore squishing Kaiba

"AHHH your crushing me Ryoko!" Said Ayna

Mokuba says coughing "Get. Off. Of. MEEEEE!"

Tea shaking her head "what a bunch of Monkeys!"

Ayna says "And you're not?" and then grins.

Tea glares and Says "Why You"

"GET OFF ME I Can BREATH!!" gasped Kaiba.

"Not until you take us to the beach!" says Ayna.

"YEAH!" Said Mokuba Grinning.

Kaiba glares and says "no. I have work, I dont have time for silly games at the beach right now"

"Ryoko, care to convence him?" Said Ayna Grinning.

"Okay" Said Ryoko laughing evilly*

Tea rolls her eyes amd says "now you've done it."

Ryoko grabbed a turtle and started tickling kaiba nonstop while the others laughed at kaibas missfortune

turtle! Said Tea laughing

"NO! NONOOOOO! STOOP IT!" said Kaiba as he laughed really hard.

Ayna giggles and says "it'll just be easier to take us to the beach!"

"PLEEEEASE?!?" Said Mokuba laughing

Ryoko poured chocolate all over kaiba and then put cherrys all over too and offered to lick it all off, laughing.

"Take us to the beach now pleeeaseee?!?" Said Ayna


"then I have no control over what Ryoko does" said Ayna grinning

Ryoko putt on a rubbers glove and gets ready to pull down kaiba's pants.

"you wouldn't" said Kaiba

"oh i would... We all need a break from this sailor scout business and you need time off from work" Said Ayna.

Ayna looks at Ryoko and says "He's all yours"

Mokuba giggles.

Ryoko had started eating the chocolate off of Kaiba, when she was done she ripped off his pants and ate them in curry sauce and laughed evilly and then says "now its time to give you an enema"

Tea twitches trying not to burst from laughing.

"Can we go to the bach NOW?!?!" Said Ayna giving Ryoko the wait a minute sigh.

"YEAH! CANWECANECANWE!?!?!" Said Mokuba jumping around like a nut.

"Alright.." snarled Kaiba"

Everyone excluding Kaiba said "YAY!"

Ayna, Ryoko and Mokuba got off of Kaiba and grabbed Tea and ran out of the office door, squealing and chanting about going to the beach.

"dear god, I dont know I got into this mess" said Kaiba then rubs his head and says 'Damn Ryoko. those were new pants!"

A half an hour later everyone gathered outside, there were three cars and everyone loaded their beachware and towels and other things in there, along with the food, Joey, had insisted upon bringing extra food just incase

.Ayna pulls off her sunglases and looking at everyone and says "are we ready now?"

Okay, Im riding with Kaiba. the lineup plan. Car one: Kaiba, Me, Mokuba The dweeb here Said Ayna pointing at tea grinning.

"HEY!" Said Tea.

"Ryoko and of course, Joey!" said Ayna.

"Don't forget me" said a blonde girl running towards them.

"And Zoe your in the trunk" said Ayna pressing the car trunk opener.

Zoe Gets in the trunk and Ayna closes it and starts to laugh.

Zoe appears in a flutter of cherry blossoms and says "Hey that wasn't funny"

Everyone got in their assigned cars and drove off to the beach.

Tea buckled up with Sukasa on her lap he was the human squirrel thing they meet in the shadow realm.

A couple minute went by in the trip to the beach.

"Are we there yet?" Said Joey.

"No" said Kaiba through gritted teeth

"Are we there yet?" Said Ryoko

"No" Said Kaiba twitching

"are we.." said Joey

Kaiba turns around and glares and Says "SHUT THE HELL UP OR IM TURNING THIS THING AROUND *RIGHT* NOW AND WE'RE NEVER GOING TO THE BEACH AGAIN!" *turns back around and drives looking pissed.

Now you did it.said Ayna

"NO! STAY IN THE DAMN POKEBALL!" Said Mokuba playing on a GBA playing Pokemon sapphire.

"rubs her temples* this is gonna be one looong drive" Said Tea.

When they finally got there Joey was bound and gagged on the hood of the car like a dead deer on the hood of a hunters car.

Ayna Transforms into Sailor Senna and makes the weather get warmer around the beach and all the snow melted and creates summer like weather then detransforms and sits in her tanning while spreads sun tan lotion on her back.

"This couldn't get any better" said Ayna.

"Oh Yes it can" said Kaiba folding open cell phone and saying something un audible into it.

"Ryoko, Joey, and Zoe come here" said Ayna

Ryoko, Joey, and Zoe ran up to Ayna and Kaiba and Said "what do you want"

"Revenge" Said Kaiba.

Four Guys with what looked like rocket launcher popped out of the sand and started blasting Ryoko, Joey, and Zoe with pies.

"I was hopping to get you to back together so I invited him Tea maybe hes here already" Bakura said Mayra.

"Ill go look for him" said Tea running off to look farther down the beach.

When she got near the edge of the beach she nptice and umbrella and thought this most be Bakura.

Before she could say Hi she noticed he wasn't alone he was with an unknown girl and they were kissing.

The bottom dropped out for Tea and she went to her knees and watched Bakura kiss this girl she didn't know.

She couldn't believe this was happening she thought he broke up with her just to protect her but there he was with what seemed like a new Girlfriend thought Tea.

"To Be Continued"

{Sailor Venus}


Age: 14 Blood Type: AB+

Birthday: September 12 Sign: Virgo Character: The Clown Best Friends: Zoe, Tea, Joey,

Favorite Foods: Kimchi Noodles Least Favorite Food: Olives

Favorite Subject: Gym

Least Favorite Subjects: Science

Favorite Colors: Cyan

Favorite Gemstone: SKY BLUE TOPAZ

Hobbies: Anime Dream: Transformations: Venus star power,

Attacks: Venus Cresent Beam Smash: Creates large energy beam which she can direct at eneimies

Venus Love Chain Encircle: Generates chain of energy that wraps around enemies and traps them