Kamar al'Sheima of the Blue Ajah looked around her small library.  An Ebou Dari of fair complexion, she desperately searched for the small old book from the Age of Legends.  Her golden eyes scanned the shelves lining the far wall with an intense gaze equal only to that of the brown Ajah.  The beads at the ends of her waist-long golden-brown hair clicked faintly as she swung her head from one wall to the next in her frenzied search.

"Oh light!" she breathed, "They could be here any minute!"

Suddenly spotting what she had so desperately searched for, Kamar grabbed the worn out book off of the shelf with clammy hands and lunged with a strangled gasp towards the back door, narrowly escaping as the Children of the Light entered through the main door, searching for her.

Now, if only she could manage to get to Jared before the Children caught her, or the other Aes Sedai for that matter.  I'm not insane! She thought to herself. "Light" she breathed, and darted down the nearest alley.  Just thinking of what they would do if they found her made her shudder.


        Captain General Owen bashed through the doors with his soldiers.  "You check the living quarters while I check the library, lieutenant Kirgack.  I want to see that Tar Valon witch face the justice she deserves!  I can't put all of the bloody darkfriends to the question, so I'll have to be satisfied with one."

        "Yes sir!" Kirgack responded with a sharp salute to his commanding officer.  "But if I may ask sir…." he waited briefly for Owen to give a curt nod before continuing, "Sir, why must it be THIS Tar Valon witch?" he asked timidly as the rest of the Children went on with the search.

        "Honestly Kirgack, don't you use your bloody eyes?!?  She must be the dark ones own servant, that one!  Have you seen those eyes of HERS?" he spat.  "Bloody yellow I tell you! YELLOW!!!" 

        "Sorry Captain General Sir!, I didn't know…I haven't been close enough to her to have seen that,"  he shuddered at the thought of being within a hundred feet of a darkfriend capable of channeling; and one with yellow eyes at that.

        One of the younger officers approached cautiously.  "Captain General Sir!  The house has been thoroughly searched.  There is no sign of the witch anywhere."

        Owens mouth twisted in a villainous snarl.  "Find her! Flaming idiots!  And she better be alive!  I want to see her face when the Seekers of the truth are done with her! And then we will all have the privilege of seeing her…….disposed of.  Now move!"


Kamar raced through the streets of Ebou Dar panting from all the exertion put into running.  Her heart was beating faster with every step and beads of sweat started forming on her forehead; she could make herself seem composed with a little concentration, showing no sign of how terrified she now was inside; yet how could she possibly do such a thing when whitecloaks were  hot on her heels?  She had more things to worry about right now than just her looks.

Besides the complication for those light forsaken whitecloaks, the images that had entered her mind since then had been quite disturbing……Wolves, every day, everywhere, wolves…In her mind, even in her dreams!  Would they ever leave her alone?

Ever since the wolves had started talking to her, she had slowly begun to change.  First her eyes started changing from their light chestnut color into a golden one.  She had woken up one morning to find that her, eyes, light! Her beautiful eyes!  Had become wolves' eyes, never to return again.  And besides that, she had noticed other things as well.  She could SMELL evil, a disgusting, rancid smell, that now filled her whole being whenever she was around a darkfriend, trolloc, or any other creature of the Dark ones own making. 

All of her senses were heightened to a point where she could see far beyond that of any human, and that was without the use of saidar.  With it she could see half the distance to Tar Valon!  But here, in this town, she couldn't even feel the source.  It was as if something inside her was missing.  The ward against channeling was why the whitecloaks were willing to go after her like this.  They wouldn't have dared to even try when she could channel to defend herself.

Her hearing was much better too.  She could hear every step of her pursuers as they came closer and closer.  She heard a deep rumbling emitting from her throat.  "Light!"  That couldn't have been a growl, It' couldn't be!  "I can't become a wolf!"  She yelled at the top of her burning lungs.  A steady stream of tears began to slowly leak out of the corner of her eyes as she ran on.

Help!  She silently prayed to the Creator. 

The wolves heard hear instead.  We come, wolf sister, we come.

No!  I……Yet she was fleeing her pursuers to hard to finish her thought.

Within a few sharp turns, the sound of howling reached her ears.  A few more, and a she wolf became visible, followed by a small pack of wolves. They rushed at her at full speed.  Kamar crouched where she was, protecting herself as best she could.  But as they reached her, instead of attacking her, they began running past her towards the Whiteclocks.  Screams and yelping followed.  Kamar chanced a glance backward to find the group of Whiteclocks fighting the wolves as they clawed and and ripped into their opponents flesh.

Don't!  She pleaded as she stumbled back to her feet.  She pulled out a dagger that had been concealed within the folds of her blue silk dress and her eyes burned with furry as she rushed forward to meet the wolves and stop them. 

Yet, before Kamar was able to do anything, a new wolf knocked into her from behind, sending her dagger flying out of her hands.  He latched his powerful jaws onto her dress and began pulling her away from the fight between man and animal, causing rips in the folds as he did so.  Come wolf sister.  You have done all you can. You need rest; I shall show you the way. 

The look in his eye was pleading and the thoughts were urgent as they pounded their way through her head.  After one last look at the battle, she turned back to the wolf and nodded slowly.  And then, reluctantly, she staggered after the wolf.  She couldn't have done anything else right now even if she had tried; she was too tired to even lift a speck of dust.


        Kamar awoke to find she was in a large cave.  She felt warm and cozy, and groggily thought to herself how she had come to be here.  She couldn't recall anything besides running away from some whitecloaks.  Wolves had come and helped her escape…… What?  Wolves?  She sat bolt upright and yelped at all the lumps all around her; the sleeping wolves.  She was repulsed to find that the heat that she had felt was what radiated from the wolves she had been curled up next to.

        I slept with wolves!?!?!?  She thought in disgust, as she reached into one of the many pouches that were concealed by all of the folds of her dress.  She turned over the object in her hands; the book that she had gone through so many pains just to find.  The only one of its kind left in existence.  She looked at the lettering intently, as if making sure that the words she read were true:

Those who talk to wolves

        Could there have possibly been others like her?  The only one that she could think of ever in existence was the once warder of her friend… What had happened to that poor man she had no idea.  They had tried to gentle him, but he had run away, and was never heard of since.  That's why she was so worried, that's why she was in hiding from her own Ajah.  Not just her Ajah, all Aes Sedai.  If they found out, they would try to do the same to her!  Although in her case, it would be stilling that took place.  That was her main fear, to be able to sense the source and yet never again be able to touch that sweet life sustaining substance of saidar. 

        Saidar!  She reached out and was relieved that she could actually feel the source again.  I must be outside the city, she told herself, and filled herself with the power, just because she could.  After a few moments she reluctantly let go again and went back the book.  Kamar gently opened the frail old book to the first page and read……….

                 Age of Legends: Those who talk to wolves

Throughout history, there have been those who could talk to wolves.

There was once a time (as stated by a wolf brother) when all humans and wolves ran together and lived and hunted together in peace.  Yet throughout time, humans began to slowly drift away from their wolf brothers and the talent became less and less common. Now, only a handful are born every year.  If this continues, which most likely will, then in the next age or so, the talent may be completely gone, or at least extremely rare.  In this age the common suggestion is that those who can talk with wolves are darkfriends or must be gentled.  Yet I have written this book to remind those of you who talk with wolves that it is not a terrible thing and that instead of mourning what you have become, you should be proud to have received this gift……

Kamar looked up and dabbed the tears from her eyes with a corner of her ripped and dirty dress.  So she really wasn't the the bloody darkfriend everyone thought her to be, or the terrible creature that must be stilled.  She was a human being, and should be proud of what she had become.

She gently placed the book back in its pouch and tilted her head at the group of wolves sprawled about the cave in front of her.  She still wasn't happy with what she had become, but at least she knew that she wasn't a monster.  If only she could find Jared and get him to bring the book to the Amyrlin Seat to convince her that people who could talk with wolves and had golden eyes didn't need to be gentled or stilled.  I…must...find…Jared… And with that final thought, she slumped back to the ground beside the wolves and was asleep within seconds.


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