Authors Notes: Sorry it took so long to finish this next chapter. Ok Stella, here are your answers. Yes, the trollocs were linked to the fade; Kamar didn't know it for sure, that's why she said that they MIGHT get confused and run away. But a link doesn't mean that they will die when it is broken, I believe in the story, that when a fade was killed, in one other instance, they didn't die, but turned on each other instead; so this is what I decided to do as well. And yes, since they were linked, they HAD to obey the Fade and they were ordered to wait before killing. And as to this: -We must protect our wolf sister, only one of her kind since the time when all of man ran with wolves.There's Perrin and Elyas and the crazy guy in one of the books. Yes they were there, but they were not wolf SISTERS now were they? I didn't think so. And with the: isn't the horse a stallion, not a she question, It was originally going to be a she, but I changed my mind and changed it. I must have accidentally skipped one of the she's when changing them to he's, sorry about that; I have since changed that little mistake. And no, all your questions weren't annoying; probably many others would have had the exact same questions. Throughout this story, I am trying to copy Robert Jordan's style and make you think of answers on your own, so you can have the satisfaction of figuring it out for yourself. I apologize if I am making this too difficult for the reader, as the author I know what is going on and what will happen, and sometimes I just expect the reader to as well. I hope that answered all of the questions you may have had. Hey, to all my fans: thanks for all the reviews!!! You guys are the best! Especially my one constant fan: ckk, will I ever know who you are? ;) Anyway, without further ado, on with the story!

Back at camp, Perrin glared down at Kamar with distaste. "I'm this close to getting my Faile back, and now this! Just what do you think you are doing, Aes Sedai? Do you realize what you've done? You just delayed the rescue even further! Now she may be dead by the time I reach her! What do you want?" he spat at her, as he began muttering curses under his breath and pacing the tent as he glared at her.

Kamar stared back in defiance, using all the Aes Sedai confidence she could muster. She stood up straight and even though she was shorter, she somehow stared down at Perrin in a semblance of Aes Sedai serenity. She was impressed with the boy's ability to approach an Aes Sedai so boldly, but still, he had to learn his place, the foolish boy! "I've come to ask for your help, Perrin Goldeneyes. If you hadn't noticed, I have the wolves' eyes as well. Now, I need to know how you kept yourself sane and didn't loose yourself to the wolves; and you are going to tell me. And you will explain exactly how you appeared out of nowhere before me on the hillside back there. I will not leave until I am satisfied." She gave a curt nod as if to reassure herself before she took a stool by the door to the tent and placed herself right in front of the entrance, so he couldn't leave.

Perrin gripped his axe tightly and started advancing towards her, growling deep in the back of his throat. He was stopped short however, as Kamar embraced the saidar and held him in place with flows of air. The other Aes Sedai standing behind him did nothing to stop her however, but instead gave approving nods; Perrin deserved this, after dragging them with him this far in his quest to save his beloved wife. It served him right.

Angrily, Perrin started to open his mouth, most likely to call his guards, but before he could utter a word, Kamar stuffed a gag of air into his mouth and sniffed down at him.

"Really, Perrin!" she scolded. "Do you expect me to give up so easily? Now, I will release you from my gag under one condition," Kamar held up a finger for emphasis, "You must tell me what I want to know. Talk in a civilized language too, I won't tolerate any yelling. You can start by telling me how you came to be here. And don't come at me with that thing again, do you hear me?" It was more of a command than a question, and she said it while frowning down at Perrin's axe.

She undid the air flows from around his head, leaving the gag in his mouth. After giving Kamar a look to curdle milk, Perrin nodded slowly. It could hardly be called a nod, for it was just the shortest jerk of the head, yet Kamar took it as such. After Kamar had removed the rest of the air flows from around Perrin, he sat down on the tent floor, looking like a cornered wolf about to pounce, all the while watching his opponents every move.

She paced impatiently up and down the floor in front of Perrin. Most ungrateful wretch! He doesn't even have a clue about Aes Sedai!!! Why doesn't he show the proper respect? "Everyone else leave. I need some time to question the boy, and don't try to stop me less you want to be tied up in flows of air as well!" she barked at the servants and standing Aes Sedai. Everyone went scrambling to the door as quickly as they could Aes Sedai included. They knew that Kamar had greater strength in the power, and didn't want to provoke her into testing her strength on them. After all had departed, she looked intently at Perrin and waited.

Finally, the boy spoke in a rather irritated voice. "For your information, Aes Sedai," he snarled. "We got here by traveling. Something you so called Aes Sedai used to be able to do.

"How would you know about that boy? You know nothing of us." It couldn't be! How could he? And if so, who was it who had re-discovered the talent? It was lost after the age of legends; after the breaking of the world. This boy claims the impossible. It couldn't be. And yet…

"I know a great deal more than I would like, and more than you think. How can this be you ask? Who was it who re-discovered it?" He looked up slightly amused at this and flatly stated "Don't act so shocked Aes Sedai, I can tell you are uneasy. Even if your perfect Aes Sedai face looks serious and questioning, I can tell how you really feel. You don't even realize when you are speaking to wolves or wolf brothers through your thoughts. And I can tell everyone's feelings around me, not just yours, so you can't hide anything from me."

A shocked silence followed as Kamar waited for him to continue. She was shaking inside by what he had said to her so clearly and confidently, yet, she wouldn't let it show. Even now he was looking at her knowingly with a triumphant look in his eyes and twisted grin on his face. He thought he had her down, and he nearly did, but Kamar hadn't been broken by his statements. If it was the one thing that she was capable of, she would not let her emotions show in her face, not to this… this… PERRIN! "And who was it who discovered this talent if you know so much about it all?"

"It was discovered by my friend," he said with contempt. "One that you know. Rand, or as you Aes Sedai like to call him, The Dragon Reborn. Grady was the one who actually preformed the gateway in traveling here. He's one of the Asha'man that Rand sent with me. And no, Rand's not here, and I won't lead you to him. I will never betray my friend; I will never let you control him! And don't you dare try making me you bloody Aes Sedai, I'll have you know I brought a whole army of Rand's Asha'man with me, so don't you even think of it." At that he started laughing bitterly and rocking back and forth on the ground. "You are under their control now Aes Sedai. There is nothing you can do about it. They are stronger than any Aes Sedai, and you stand no chance against them! They are weapons I tell you, Rand's own weapons!"

At this a shudder ran through Kamar from the tip of her fingers down to her toes. Asha'man? Her stomach turned at the thought and clenched in fear. What am I to do?