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Kagome Higurashi and Naraku Higurashi are brothers and sisters, separated when their parents divorced. Kagome went with her mother who soon remarried and Naraku stayed with his father. Years pass and Kagome's mother died and
her father has custody over her, but when he and Naraku go and get her, what they find and hear will shock them. Kagome must try to live with the
scars of her secret, but on the way she meets a boy who will help her
through it all.......


Kagome Higurashi – 5 years old, long raven hair, piercing blood red eyes, floppy dog/cat ears [her dad is dog demon and her mom is cat demon, no wonder it didn't work.] long claws, and is full demon, but looks half.

Naraku Higurashi – 7 years old, long wavy blackish purplish hair, blood red eyes, cant see his ears behind his hair, claws and is full demon.

Mr. Higurashi – Around his 20's, raven black hair, red eyes, and is a dog demon.

Mrs. Higurashi – Around her 20's, long wavy red hair, blue eyes, and is a cat demon.


A little girl with long raven hair with natural red tips and piercing blood red eyes sat in a room with a boy that had long wavy black hair and blood red eyes as the two drew pictures.

Loud yelling could be heard downstairs as the two kids kept drawing, it was like a natural thing for them and like they didn't care. The little girl's face showed no emotions whatsoever to the sound from downstairs as the boy would wince as he covered his ears from the yelling.



Loud foot steps are heard as the little girl looked up and stared at the door as she tilted her head to the side.

The door was suddenly pushed open with a strong force as two adults walked into the room arguing.


The little girl just sat there as she continued drawing pictured of a field filled with blood.


Kagome looked up as her red eyes stared at the woman who was talking to her, "Why?"

The women seemed raged as she reached out and grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her out the room.

Kagome kicked and pulled away from the women's grasp as she cried in pain as her nails dug into her flesh.


The women stopped as she looked at the girl.

"Y-You're hurting me." Kagome whispered as she pulled away, "AND I DON'T WANT TO GO WITH YOU!"

Her mother took a step back, "WELL YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!"

The man from before ran and pulled Kagome away, "Kagome's staying here!"

"She's COMING with ME!"

Kagome cried as she felt her arms being pulled as she felt her father wrap his arm around her tiny body, not pulling her arm anymore.

"YOU'RE HURTING HER!" He yelled.

The little boy from the room ran towards the little girl as he pulled her up and ran upstairs with her.


The two ran up hand in hand as they shut the door and locked it.

The two stood there, hearing arguing and banging on the door as the girl's face hardened and she smiled as she turned to the boy, "Naraku, I guess we have to say good bye."

The boy Naraku stared at the girl, "B-But sis, no, you cant leave."

"Mommy wants me to go away with her."

"SO! She hurts you!"

Kagome smiled as she hugged her brother, "Bye, Naraku."

The door swung open as Kagome's mother walked in and pulled the two apart as she pulled Kagome out the room down the stairs and grabbed their things and walked out into the cold windy night.

"PLEASE! NO!" Kagome screamed as she kicked and pulled, "LET ME SAY GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kagome's mother let go as she put the things in the car and Kagome ran towards her father and her brother.

Kagome's face was dripping of tears as she launched herself at her father.

"Papa." Kagome sobbed, "I love you."

"I love you too darling."

"I don't want to go Papa."

"Be strong honey."

"Kagome." Came Naraku's voice.

Kagome pulled away as she stared at her brother, "Naraku, I'll miss you." Kagome whispered as she walked over and wrapped her arms around her older brother's neck, "I love you too."

"I love you too Kagome."

Kagome smiled as she pulled away, seeing tears in her brother's eyes, "Don't cry Naraku, you're a boy." Kagome giggled as she whipped her brother's tears away.


Kagome turned to her mother who was now getting impatient.

"Bye." Kagome whispered as she kissed her brother and her father and ran towards the car with tiny little steps.

Kagome was pushed into the car as she straightened and stared out the window at her brother and father who were crying.

Kagome mouthed a 'good bye' and soon the sight turned into tiny dots and she fell asleep.


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