Kitsune Delight

by Mistress Nika

Rated PG-13 for bad language. Lot's of it. Don't know what'll come up next either.

Summary: InuYasha chooses Kikyou and she joins the group. Kagome has a secret. Kikyou is unable to sense the shards anymore. Kagome is different; happy and playful. But has she really gotten over InuYasha so quick? CROSSOVER

Chapter One:

"InuYasha no Baka!"


(Welcome to the first chapter of Kitsune Delight. My name is Mistress Nika and I will be serving you today. How may I entertain you?)


'Three blissful weeks!' Kagome thought to herself. Stretching like a cat, she awoke from her peaceful slumber. She turned her head to the side and looked out the window next to her bed. The early morning sun shined in, blanketing her in it's warmth and causing her to squint slightly. 'I can't believe I've had three weeks of no InuYasha and lots of catching up at school.' Her face became contorted at the thought of the hanyou. 'That baka! He actually thought I'd stay after he let Kikyou join us!? Baka! Baka! Baka!! In fact, that's his new name...BAKA!!!'

Her silent rant was cut short as she saw a flash of red outside her window.

"Oh it couldn't be!" she groaned.

No sooner did she speak than two fuzzy silver ears popped up under her window sill, followed by silver hair and two searching golden eyes. 'No doubt he expects me to be up at such an early hour!'

Waisting no time she cried, "OSUWARI!!!" which was followed by a breaking tree limb, a loud thump into the flowerbed beneath her window and several foul words.

A smirk played over her lips as she jumped up and quickly dressed in her green-and-white school uniform. It wouldn't take him long to recover and the last thing she wanted was an angry hanyou to barge into her bedroom with her half dressed!

She knew she would eventually have to go back. It was her duty to complete the Shikon no Tama. Afterall, she was the one who shattered it. And like hell was she going to let Kikyou have it! It had come from her body! That made HER it's guardian! Not Kikyou. Not anymore. It didn't belong five hundred years in the past. It belonged here, in her time and in her hands.

But that didn't mean she couldn't have fun while gathering it. True, she wasn't too happy about traveling with Kikyou. She didn't trust the woman. But she was determined to make InuYasha's life one long string of painful sits. She had to admit, causing him pain seemed very appealing after what he had done to her. And as for Kikyou...she still possessed part of Kagome's soul. So that would mean that eventually, she would have to die. And that also meant that in order for her to live, she would eventually attack Kagome for the rest of their shared soul.

'Hmph! Let her try.' Kagome thought. 'I'm growing tired of this game anyway. It's about time for me to move on to bigger things and better people.'

She had decided yesterday that when she returned to the Sengoku Jidai, things would be different. She didn't have to worry about pushing InuYasha away anymore. She could be herself. She growled to herself. 'If the baka had waited another week I would have told him! I can't believe I was so stupid!'

Yes, Higurashi Kagome had a secret. One of many. But this secret she kept from everyone except her family. Her mother, her little brother and herself were youkai. Kitsune to be exact. Her time was full of them. Kitsune like herself were one of the only species of youkai left in the human world. The rest had fled to the Makai It was because of their natural talent for illusions that they were able to remain. They pretended to be humans and led normal human lives. All in all, it was much more peaceful in the Ningenkai and kitsune weren't by nature warriors. They prefered to have peace rather than battle.

However, she had told her adopted son the truth around a year ago. And just over two months ago two of her friends had discovered her secret.

She, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, InuYasha and Kirara had been off looking for shards again. That night they made camp and eventually everyone fell asleep. During the night they had been attacked by a giant youkai with two shards of the Shikon. After looking around for InuYasha and finding him gone, everyone began fighting the youkai. Unfortunately it was too strong due to the power of the shards and they were losing bad. Kagome was knocked unconscious and accidentally transformed into her true form. Sango managed to knock the shards out of the youkai's body with Hiraikotsu and Miroku sucked it into his kazaana. Kagome awoke and quickly purified the shards which lay near her before turning to her friends. She had been ready for almost any reaction, but not the one she recieved.

Sango had glomped her and begged to touch the silver ears atop her head which Sango quickly dubbed 'kawaii-er than InuYasha's'. Miroku was staring at her stary-eyed and wondering if he should ask her to bare his child...again.

In the end she had explained to them and they agreed not to tell InuYasha. When he returned, they told him that they had defeated the youkai, who's body now lay decomposing in their campsite, and Kagome had purified the shards. They didn't, however, question where he had been. Kagome told them before she changed back that she had smelled earth and bones nearby. He had been with Kikyou.

"Oi!!" InuYasha shouted from his newly reaquired perch outside her window. "What'd you do that for!?"

Kagome just huffed and turned her back on him. "For peeking in a girl's bedroom window at seven in the morning on a weekend! That's what!" She bent down and picked up the huge yellow bag she had packed the night before, tossing the supposedly very heavy bag on her back with ease. "Oh, and InuYasha?"

InuYasha recognized that tone. His ears lay back against his head, trying to shut out the sound of the next word out of her mouth. But it was in vain.


'WHAM!!' He hit the ground again for the second time in under five minutes.

Racing down the stairs, Kagome heard her mother call to her from the kitchen.

"Does that crash I heard mean InuYasha's here?" her mother asked with a kind smile.

Entering the kitchen, Kagome sat her bag down in a chair and grabbed a piece of the toast her mother had made. Popping it in her mouth, she mumbled, "Umph-hmph. Heef hwer to tak mwe baf."

Her mother paused and raised an eyebrow. "Kagome, don't talk with food in your mouth."

Kagome just smiled and finished the toast in under a second. With a loud gulp she said, "Sorry. Yeah. He's here to take me back."

Her mother nodded once before asking, "Are you going now?" Kagome nodded before picking her bag up again. "So, are you going to tell him?" her mother asked cautiously. Kagome told her mother everything that had happened and she was afraid her daughter was in for major heartache if she insisted on continuing her game. As far as the woman was concerned, her daughter had two serious faults. One, very deep emotionss that often caused her more grief than anything else. And two, her love of games.

All kitsune loved games. Kagome was no different. But she had a habit of taking them too far. Her mother had advised her to end her charade of being human, while in the past, more than once. There were too many things that could seriously harm her without the aid of her youkai powers. But she insisted that it was all too fun to stop now. And that InuYasha would always protect her.

But now that had changed. Two years had passed and she could tell the strain of keeping the truth a secret was weighing on her daughter. She could also tell Kagome was getting bored. And a bored Kagome was a danger the world could never face and survive.

"Hell no!" Kagome shouted, which earned her a disapproving look. Ducking her head she said quieter, "I mean, no okaasan. I'm not hiding myself anymore, other than my true form, so if he wants to know why I'm suddenly a lot stronger and have youkai powers, he's gonna have to figure it out for himself! I'm not telling him, unless he comes right out and asks me."

Her mother nodded. So she had found a new game already. But it was doubtful this game would last too long. The hanyou would get suspicious almost immediately. And with his blunt nature he would probably ask her straight out.

Kagome took her mother's nod as her cue that it was alright to leave. Rushing out the front door she almost collided with InuYasha who had placed himself in her way.

"You're not going to that 'skool', wench!" he shouted. "You're coming back and that's final!"

"Osuwari!" she cried, sending him to the ground for the third time that morning. 'This really is fun.' she chuckled to herself. Dancing around InuYasha's prone body on her way to the well house she said, "And why should I? Don't you have Kikyou to find the shards now?"

She heard InuYasha mumble something uninteligible into the dirt and stopped. "What?" she giggled, "InuYasha, speak up. I'm not a worm in that dirt. I'm over here."

He grumbled again but finally said, "Kikyou can't sense the shards anymore."

"What!?" Kagome gasped astonished. "Why can't she!?"

"I don't know." he muttered. "She says it's because your half of her...uh...your...the soul is becoming stronger and leeching power from her. She're getting stronger while she's getting weaker...spirit wise."

Kagome laughed out loud, causing InuYasha to raise himself out of the dirt and look at her with a confused expression.

"Well!" Kagome laughed. "Isn't that fun!?" At InuYasha's silence she continued on her way to the well house. "Well, it may not be fun to you, but I know several people who'll agree with me! Shall we see what Sango and Miroku think?"

"Wait!" he stuttered. "You mean, you're going back?"

Kagome leaped over the side of the well with InuYasha right behind her. "Follow me and see!" she said before she was consumed by the magic of the well.


(A/N) Okay, I've already gotten the second chapter written and ready to go. Also some of the fourth. Missing the third...and I haven't a clue what'll happen in the fifth on. Yes, it is a crossover. I don't wanna give anything away yet though, so when it gets to the crossover bit feel free to either ask me who the hell these people are...or, Kami forbid, stop reading. Just so you know, I've seen a lot...and I mean a LOT...of crossovers of these two series! Also, I have a yami named Alice who'll probably take over this fic at some point. She'll also make random appearances and terrify random people in random ways. If you've seen Yugioh you know what a yami is. If not, just think of this as me going insane.