Title: Kitsune Delight
Author: Mistress Nika
Rating: R
Couples: Kurama/Kagome, Kouga/InuYasha, Miroku/Sango, Hiei/OC (eventually)
Warnings: shounen-ai, crossover, minor violence, language, sexual humor, sexual situations
Archive: InuYasha: My Will (Any others, ask and ye shall recieve. But please, ask first?)
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha nor Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Uchiha Kair owns the OC Kairi. She gave me permission to use her.

Chapter Sixteen
Season of Romance Part III
Night Out

As the sun set on Sengoku Jidai, a figure in houshi's robes wandered about the woods. A bouquet of flowers wilting in his hand, he looked through the trees with searching violet eyes.

"Oh, Sango-sama?" he called in a sing-song voice into the deepening darkness. "Where are you? Your houshi-sama has a surprise for you."

A gentle breeze blew, causing the leaves to rustle and the houshi shivered. Not from cold. No. What caused him to shiver was what a miko from the future called his 'Spidy Sense'." His holy powers were telling him clearly that a demon was sneaking up on his rear. His thoughts clear, he spun about just as it was close enough to attack and brought his staff down upon it's head, sending it crashing into the forest floor.


"Oops. Sorry InuYasha."

InuYasha glared angrily up at the houshi. Leaping to his feet, he grabbed Miroku's staff and promptly bopped him on the head with it.

"Gyah!" As the metal collided with his skull, Miroku fell to the ground swirly-eyed.

Throwing the staff down upon the houshi's prone body, InuYasha asked angrily, "What the hell are you doing wandering around out here!? I've been looking for you!"

Sitting up, Miroku rubbed the lump on his head. "I was looking for my lovely Sango-sama, of course. Why were you searching for me?"

InuYasha crossed his arms and huffed. This was wasting valuable time. "Baka houshi. She went to Kagome's time. I was looking for you because Kagome asked me to tell you." Turning away, he continued, "I'm leaving for a while and I thought you should know before I left."

Managing to stand as the pounding in his head subsided, Miroku asked curiously, "Why did Sango go to Kagome-sama's time?"

"I don't know!" InuYasha replied, growing irritated. He should have already been far away by now.

"Where are you going?" Miroku questioned almost innocently. His hanyou friend was going off again. This could be his only chance to find out where he disappeared to. And why his absences coincided with Kouga's appearances. He had his suspicions, but he had to be sure.

InuYasha angrily spun about to face the smiling houshi. Baring his fangs, he growled, "It's none of your business, houshi!!" He didn't have time for this!

Miroku continued to smile. "Well, if it isn't that important, could you please help me to cross to Kagome-sama's time? I have something very important to discuss with Sango-sama." If he could delay InuYasha from leaving long enough, perhaps there would be a run-in with the wolf prince. Preferably somewhere with a lot of witnesses. Plus, he really did want to see Sango. He had gone through a lot of trouble to get time alone with her and didn't want to see it ruined simply because they were separated by several centuries.

"Feh." InuYasha responded. "I guess I could try. But I make no promises that it'll work and if I get caught in the rain I'm coming after you!"

"Rain?" Miroku asked.

Sniffing the air, InuYasha replied, "I smell rain on the wind. I wanna get somewhere dry before it starts up."

A smirk crossed Miroku's lips. "You know, Kaede-sama would probably let you stay in her hut til it stopped."

"Shut up!"

Twenty minutes later, Miroku was left standing in the middle of a modern day shrine by the hanyou and wondering what in the hell to do now.


Kagome smiled and adjusted her grip on her date's hand. Dinner had been wonderful. It had been a while since she had enjoyed a night of non giggling schoolgirl company and more sophisticated entertainment than a cheesy romance flick. Sometimes she forgot what it was like to act her age. She had been in the guise of a human teenager for so long she often wondered if perhaps she had forgotten that she wasn't just that. But being with Kurama made her realize that, no matter how she may pretend to be otherwise, she was a grown youkai woman. Being in his company brought out the inner her.

Kurama felt a weight settle against his shoulder and glanced over at his companion. He smiled at seeing Kagome resting her head upon him with a content expression. Dinner had left him with the same contentedness that was showing in her smile. They had talked pleasantly about everything they could think of. At first, Kurama had been reluctant to tell Kagome about his past as Youko, even though he was sure the stories she had heard were bad enough. She seemed to sense this and instead told him stories of her own to put him at ease. His innocent Kagome, he learned, was actually far from it.

She told him about her life before her family decided to pretend to be humans. But what shocked Kurama was her tales of what she termed her 'wild teenage years'. Apparently, she had been less than choosy about her lovers and had an angry, violent bloodlust. A bloodlust that her father had quickly put a stop to by threatening to send her to the lord of Amado for Taming.

Taming was something most youkai feared. It would strip them of all their powers, leaving them a defenseless human. The Tamed were outcasts in youkai society and the idea of such happening to her had been enough to set her straight.

After hearing her story and noting certain similarities to his, he had recounted a few tales of his own. And now they were on their way to the Tenko Myobu, a kitsune-owned club for humans, where they planned to round out their night of dinner and dancing.

Approaching the club, they both noticed a long line stretching halfway down the block, a lot of irate people and two very pissed off looking bouncers guarding the entrance.

Kagome looked up at her date and pouted cutely. "Looks like we're gonna have a long wait."

Kurama smiled back at her and winked. "Not necessarily."

Bypassing the line of people who glared at them as they passed, they went straight to the front of the line where Kurama flashed one of the bouncers a dashing smile. The large man just glared back undaunted.

"We're on the list." Kurama spoke.

"Name?" the man asked gruffly while pulling out a clipboard.

With a smug smirk, Kurama leaned closer, his eyes flashed to gold and he said in a dangerously low voice, "Youko Kurama."

In a heartbeat the man's attitude changed. His eyes went wide. He started stuttering nervously and stumbled over his words as he quickly unhooked the rope baring the door and ushered them inside. As the two harmless looking humans passed by, the man sighed and sagged against the wall. 'Close call.' he thought to himself. 'I don't feel like seeing my intestines tonight.'

"Thank you." a kind voice said over his shoulder as red hair and smiling green eyes filled his vision once more.

"AAAHHHH!!!" the man shrieked as Kurama giggled mischievously and ducked back inside the door.

Clutching his chest, the man fell to the ground in a dead faint.


Kagome giggled as Kurama led her farther into the club. "That poor man." she laughed and gently prodded him in the side, ignoring the masses of people crowding about. "Someone's in a playful mood tonight."

Kurama grinned wolfishly and pulled her close, wrapping an arm around her waist. Leaning down, he whispered in her ear, "What if I am? What would you say then?"

Grinning her own version of his smile, she responded, "I'd say it's a school night and you're a teenager."

Laughing, he bent down and secured a hand under her legs and proceeded to literally sweep her off her feet. As he hoisted her up into his arms. she laughed and threw her arms around his neck. "Watch it, ojouchan!" he teased playfully. "I've got a good five centuries on you!"

"Oooh!" she exclaimed while smiling brightly, "We're gonna play that game! In that case, should I call you ojiichan?"

Maneuvering his head to nip at her earlobe, he responded, "I'd much prefer papa."

"Oooh, kinky." she responded breathily.

"Oi! Knock it off, you two!" a loud, familiar voice called.

Both of the kitsune whipped their heads up to stare at the intruder. Yusuke was trotting across the room with a smile plastered on his face, a grinning Keiko in tow. Kagome had the decency to blush as Kurama lowered her back to her feet and she turned to face the two. Kurama moved to stand beside her and kept an arm possessively around her waist.

"At least take it somewhere private!" Yusuke continued, coming to a stop in front of them.

"Yusuke." Kurama greeted with a false smile. 'My precious plans, foiled!' he mentally sobbed as Youko cackled maniacally in the background.

"Yusuke-kun! Keiko-chan!" Kagome greeted them with a real smile, her blush starting to disappear. "I didn't know you would be here!"

Keiko nodded, also smiling and blushing at what she had just seen. "Yes. Yusuke got rid of some really nasty demon thingys that had been using a back room of this club for a hideout and the owner gave him a VIP pass in gratitude. So we decided to check it out."

"That's great!" Kagome exclaimed happily. "We can make it a double date."

"Yes, that would be wonderful." Keiko responded cheerily.

In actuality, Kagome was not as happy as she appeared. As previously stated, she was enjoying being herself and being around more mature company. She also had plans involving a certain male and a little more than cute hand holding and polite slow dancing. But she couldn't very well tell Keiko to bug off, that she wanted to get frisky with her boy toy. So, she resigned herself to finishing the evening with teenage human company.

"Y'know?" Yusuke grinned, "It's bad enough thinking about what you two do when you're alone. I really don't need to see it every time I open my eyes."

'Or maybe not.' Kagome thought deviously. 'Maybe we can get rid of them without insulting them.'

Glancing at Kurama, she saw that he most likely had the same idea as she if the gleam in his eyes was anything to go by. Kurama smirked and moved to stand behind Kagome. Wrapping both arms around her, he pulled her close against him and leaned his chin on her shoulder. Kagome let her body mold to his and ran one hand up his thigh to rest teasingly on his butt.

"Why Yusuke," she purred rather provocatively, startling poor Keiko, "I didn't know you thought about us that way."

"Yes, Yusuke." Kurama crooned, enjoying this game and even more so that Kagome was in a mood to play too, "Such thoughts." Moving his hand lower on her body to fall on her upper thigh, he murmured, "One would think you want to play with us." After a pause in which the two shared a passionate kiss, he continued with his gaze fixed on Yusuke, "I wouldn't mind if you did, you know. The more the merrier."

Kagome cackled in her head. Both Yusuke and Keiko's eyes had gone wide and Yusuke started to stutter out a denial, but was cut short when Kurama licked Kagome's neck seductively. It was her turn now.

Turning her eyes from Yusuke to Keiko, Kagome tilted her head back a bit to assist Kurama's ministrations and said, "Maybe Keiko-chan would like to play with us too?"

"But...but..." Keiko stuttered, her eyes locked onto what Kurama was doing to the pale flesh of her friend. "It's not right." she finally managed to breathe.

"Oh, but Keiko-chan," Kagome responded with a moan as her date found a particularly sensitive spot. "Youkai don't share the same social taboos as ningens. Especially not kitsune."

All Yusuke could do was stare in shock. Never had he known Kurama to act this way. And Kagome definitely didn't seem the type!

"What the hell's gotten into you two!?" he demanded.

Dragging his tongue across Kagome's pulse point, Kurama fixed a smoldering emerald gaze on his friend. His words seemed to drip sex as he replied, "Kitsune are very sexual creatures, Yusuke. We, of course, have to temper it in the Ningenkai, but it doesn't stop us from being who we are. Why don't you two play with us and find out what's really under these human guises?"

Finally managing to gather his wits, Yusuke grabbed Keiko by the arm and exclaimed, "You two are acting weird! We're outta here!" And with that, he stormed off dragging a still stunned Keiko after him.

Kagome and Kurama fell into a laughing heap as they watched them leave.

"I think I scarred poor Keiko-chan for life with my comment about her!" Kagome laughed heartily.

"She'll be fine." Kurama responded with chuckles of his own. Standing, he offered her his hand with a smile. "Now let's dance."


The large bouncer from the front entrance sat on a crate in a back alley as music thumped rhythmically from the building behind him and his girlfriend tried, without success, to calm him. He still hadn't managed to stop shaking and his eyes were wide with terror.

"I'm telling you, Maxine." he all but whispered, "I thought he was gonna feed me my own heart!"

The woman rolled her eyes as she handed him a Prozac. "Honestly, Jake. How do you even know it was really him? Ever since word spread about Youko Kurama-san's return, there's been people popping up left and right pretending to be him."

"Nuh-uh, Maxxy." he replied. "I didn't recognize him right away cause there were so many people, but it was him! Remember I worked security at the Tournament? I saw him there." His eyes darted back and forth as if searching for someone who could be listening and wet his lips before continuing. "We all thought he was just some weakling human trying to use the name of a legendary demon to make himself seem cool. Everyone was rooting for his opponent. But then...he changed!!" he cried dramatically.

The woman rolled her eyes again, but he stopped her with a fierce stare. "Look, there ain't but one man who is a Jikan Kitsune and goes by the name of Kurama! And at this very moment he's tearing up the dance floor in that club," he gestured wildly to the building behind him, "in human form with some female I can only guess is that mate of his that I've been hearing about! And nobody but me knows it's him!!"

The man panted in a mixture of shock, fear and anger at her disbelief. She merely shook her head, rolled her eyes and patted him placatingly on the head. "Of course, dear. I believe you."


"Houshi-sama, I don't think you should get too close right away. He doesn't recognize your scent."

"Don't be silly, Sango. Children love me! OWW!!! HE BIT ME!!!"
"Be careful, houshi-sama." Sango warned as Miroku playfully dangled his staff for a giggling Yukito. "He has a tendency to chew on ri--... Nevermind."

Miroku sweatdropped as he attempted to extract his holy staff from the mouth of the beast.
Miroku shuddered as a blob of vomit rolled off his shoulder and hit the floor. This was not the romantic evening he had in mind. Who knew a simple game of "fly like a bird" could go so horribly wrong?
"Get it off! Get it off!"

Sango shuddered as she watched Miroku dance around the room with a dirty diaper stuck to his back. Maybe she should have warned him before he went to change the diaper that Yukito liked to throw things at people? Hey, at least it wasn't on his head.
"Hey! What's this!?" Souta exclaimed as he picked up Miroku's discarded staff. The monk was currently locked in the bathroom washing himself repeatedly.

"Oh, cool!" Shippou exclaimed. "That's Miroku's staff! He uses it to fight youkai!"

"Really!?" Souta asked starry-eyed. Shippou nodded. Souta looked thoughtful. "Let's go find Buyo!!" The two boys frolicked off happily. Light jingling could be heard from the living room. "Oh, Buuuuuyo." Souta singsonged. A loud thwack, a high-pitched screech and one very angry demon slayer later the two boys were in separate corners of the room with their noses to the wall.
"Sango, what's a playboy bunny?" Miroku asked, sticking his head into the kitchen. Sango was watching Yukito while he entertained the two older boys.

"I don't know, houshi-sama." she replied. "Why?"

"Because the boys want to watch one on that metal box. Should I let them?"

"I guess so. It's just a bunny."
"By all that is holy! WHAT is THAT!?!? That's not right!! Make it go away!!"

"Oh come on, houshi-san! It's just getting good! Look!!"

"My eyes!! They burn!! SAAAANGOOOOO!!!!!!"

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