The stench of death clung to everything. Everything she had once known was now tainted with dirty, ugly death.

She had known before she rounded the corner what she would find. Knowing it didn't make the pain any better. It didn't stop the agony tearing its way through her, nor the hollowness filling her from the inside.

Hopelessly, she shook her mother's lifeless form. "Wake up," she moaned. "Wake up."

The corpse did not reply, would not reply, no matter how she shook it. Her mother's eyes stared up at her, beautiful, blank, devoid of life. The girl's mouth trembled, and she resumed her shaking, as if she could shake life back into her. "Wake up," she pleaded desperately, wiping tears from her eyes. "Ma, come on, wake up."

She closed her eyes, biting her lip and struggling to comprehend. "Please, Ma," she whispered. "Please. You can't leave me alone."

Any second, her mother would stir, she was sure of it. Awaken slowly from a deep dream, and smile. Maybe it was a game, albeit not a funny one. Her Ma liked to play games occasionally. She'd just have to wait, that's all. Ma was still alive, she had to be. It would all be over soon, leaving a faded memory in its place. And next time, she wouldn't go. Next time, she wouldn't leave Ma, not even for a second.

She squeezed her lids shut tightly, and then opened them again. Ma still didn't move, now and forevermore lost in an eternal sleep.

It would just take a little longer, that was all. Ma wasn't dead, she wouldn't die. She was all she had. She wouldn't leave her daughter with nothing at all.

The slight brunette crossed her legs, tailor-fashion, and waited.

And waited.

In vain.


whew, it's been a while since you've had any updates :P apologies for the depressing content, I wrote this after there was a gun incident at my school. It was originally in my other fanfic 'yours', but I figured it could be a standalone piece. Let me know what you think? I tried to make it longer, I hope I haven't ruined it :P