Now that our story is done :tear: we thought you, our loyal readers, might be interested in some of the bits in the story that you may have missed. We've tried to add details that will give you at least a few of those "Ah!" moments that J.K. gives us so plentifully. First, we'll begin with a few anagrams, which are Serpent's work:

Fernifendice Indifference

Lubode Ganet Double Agent

Praxmeka Pax (Peace) Maker

By the end, Lubode just seemed like a normal name, didn't it?

Though we cannot show you our diagrams, we did have two fascinating jumbles of X's for the Quidditch match and the Wizard's Duel. Ah yes, and that magical night when we acted out the duel at 3:00 in the morning with a single nameless drunk guy as an audience. Speaking of the duel, there were some spells in there that you would not have recognized most were simple word plays.

Slicera Sabren was a manipulation of "slice" and "saber."

Tripico obviously came from the word "trip."

Elastisus Brasum was made from "elastic" and "bra" which is French for arm.

Stabeni Dagress came from "stab" and "dagger."

Aquatius aqua of course being the base, made a water curse.

Frostensia was the same using frost instead.

Pedifus Adherus came from "ped," meaning foot, and "adhere."

Capitum Unhingify came from "capit," which means head, and, well, unhingify.

Digitus Dismemberment used "digit," as in finger and the real word dismemberment.

Sans Mercia came from "sans," meaning without, and the word mercy.

Paladin Sumus used "paladin," a white knight, and a manipulation of "summon."

One of our other scenes that was filled with new words was the group punishment forbidden forest scene. Most of the word there were from other languages, though not proper translations, but rather mutations like the above English words.

Leder Utfra Sopprod. It's Norwegian stemming from "head of a red fungus"

Fioritura Inferiorevena. It's Italian stemming from "low veined flowers"

Nidoeuf Delarbabit. It's French stemming from "egg from the nest of a tree dweller"

Nem Igazmag Cucca Csira. It's Hungarian stemming from "false stone- blue seed"

Some of you wonderful Snape fans might be curious as to the title of his potion, "Sospes Mentis" …it is Latin (Snape would use no less to name his potion) "Sospes" means Saviour and "Mentis" means mind.

Through our countless hours together brainstorming and writing, and for some people rewriting, whatever, we had some pretty funny moments. These are a couple of our favorite quotes said yours truly.

"There will be no squealing."

"I'm a Gryffindor- we squeal."

"No one can be JKR, that is why she is she and we are we."

"Insert excellent awe-inspiring speech from our beloved Potions Professor- possibly a motivational speech full of optimism."

"Snape's captivating fantabulous speech that will make everybody finally give him the love and acceptance he never got from his death eater father. Damn him."

There were several more that we wrote in the margins the two and half composition notebooks it required to compose this story. But you know how it is, you had to be there.

Some of you may have been wondering what the hell happened to Mark Evans. We put him in the story back when everyone still thought he was important. Then J.K. posted her message that basically said… "Oops." So we said a collective "O hell" and dropped him…Oops.

As for the Potion of Fernifendice itself, well, we originally conceived the effects as similar to a Dementor's kiss. We also considered making it more like the Imperius curse, but realised that really left us with …er… no plot. So we finally decided to go with indifference.

We just wanted to thank everyone once again for sticking with this story, your review really made our day and we felt like some you were old personal friends. Yes there will be a sequel but we need to work out a few detail first (like a plot). But we have some other stories we'll posting shortly. –TheSerpentAndTheLion