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Rory looked around the party which had been especially thrown for her. Large crowds were socializing in the large ballroom, giving everyone enough space to waltz around. Plain white and simple beige streamers were hung on both sides of the room, making it look just feminine enough to subtly remind everyone that it was indeed her birthday that they were celebrating. Her nineteenth to be exact. These birthday parties had been a tradition ever since her grandma threw her one when she turned sixteen. The only difference from all the other years was, that instead off taken the liberty upon herself to invite all of Rory's Chilton classmates, she had called up all of her friends and invited them to drop by with their children. This would give Rory the opportunity to expand her social circle.

And although Rory had wandered from group to group, keeping the socializing facade up to please both her grandparents, she hadn't collided with anybody interesting enough so far. All conversations she had interrupted had gone about college. And to be honest, she was sick of hearing everyone go on and on about what college they were attending. All her life she had been obsessed with college and that obsession had only increased once she got accepted at Chilton. She had to work even harder for her goal of getting into Harvard. But eventually Harvard turned into Yale and now that she had gotten used to living in a dorm and spending most of her time at the school library, she wished that she had enjoyed life a little more.

Of course she was happy with getting into Yale, but she couldn't help thinking that maybe her will to succeed pushed Dean away and maybe even Jess, although he could match her in almost any way. Unfortunately they had lost touch, until one day he showed up again, carrying a duffelbag and his careless expression, asking Luke if he could give him another chance. And although Luke's soft interior was usually hidden by a hard armor, he had taken Jess in once again, putting a new load of trust and care into him. Rory hadn't gotten the chance to talk to him yet, partly because of the fact that she had been spending less and less time in Stars Hollow and partly, because she had almost gotten used to living without Jess. As she left for Yale, she knew that she would be leaving some part of her behind in Stars Hollow, like Jess. Besides, jumping into the deep end of the ocean right now wasn't her main priority. Yale was, and for tonight this party was.

She looked around the room, not seeing one familiar face. They probably all came for the free food and drinks that were luxuriously stalled out one a few large dining tables. Her eyes rested on the partly devoured cake, which her grandmother had ordered especially for her. White frosting over pure chocolate, decorated with small chocolate roses. The holes, where the nineteen candles had been placed in previously, were still visible. She remembered blowing them out in front of all those strange eyes, after they had finished singing Happy Birthday. It had been a childish yet comforting gesture.

Rory took a glass of white champagne off one of the trays that she passed, before carefully cascading through the still pouring rivers of guests and unnoticeably slipped through an open door. She ended up in the back garden, a colorful maze of flowers. Her heels clicked on the normally bright yellow tiles, their color temporarily taken by the night, as she made her way over to the large oak. She struggled her way through the neatly trimmed grass, not caring if her dress would become stained or not, as she headed over to the set of swings which hung from the two strongest branches of the tree. She and her mom had build them themselves, saying that there had been something missing in this cheerful garden. Although Emily hadn't approved, she didn't removed the swings either. She just reminded them of their presence every chance she got.

Rory sat down on one of the swings, immediately wrapping the fingers of her free hand around one of the worn, but still strong ropes. With the others she tapped against the fragile glass, which still held the sheer and untouched liquid. A small smile accompanied her in this lonely night, as she finally brought the glass to her lips. As the bubbly champagne poured passed her lips, she saw someone approaching. And although she desperately tried to remember the name of the young man, which was coming closer and closer, she knew that she had never seen or met him before.

''If it isn't the birthday girl,'' the young man said, as he sat down on the swing across from her, not bothering to ask permission.

Now that he was sitting right across from her, it gave her the opportunity to take in his appearance. The first thing she noticed was his light brown tan, even the night couldn't shade it from her eyes. Underneath the many stars it had a golden glow, which matched the dark blond streaks in his brown hair, which didn't lose its appeal or color in the darkness.

''Any reason why you're not in there ?'' he asked, with a faint touch of amusement grazing his lips, catching her at her own actions.

Rory looked up at his eyes, not able to make out any other color than black.

''Honestly, I don't know anyone in there. A courtesy of my grandma.''

He nodded as if he understood what she meant, lightly resting his eyes upon her face. ''I don't know anyone either. I'm Joey, the cousin of a friend of a friend.'' He politely smiled at her and held out his hand, which Rory shook. ''I'm Rory Gilmore.''

''We've only exchanged a few words and already we're on last name bases ?'' Joey good-humoredly joked, leaving Rory with no doubt that this was something he had learned from either his parents or grandparents. He slowly pulled his hand back, leaving Rory with a slightly disappointed feeling.


''Excuse me ?''

''Iddon's my last name,'' Joey patiently explained.

Rory sweetly smiled at him. ''Nice to meet you, Joey Iddon.''

''It's a pleasure for me too. I'm afraid I didn't get you anything, for your birthday.''

Rory shrugged, as she stared at her half empty glass. ''The fact that we've never met each other before excuses you.''

''That usually isn't an excuse in my parents' eyes,'' Joey said, as he watched her take another sip of her champagne.

''Neither would it be for my grandparents.''

''They're that bad too ?'' Joey carefully asked.

''They just tend to interfere with my life a lot, mostly on a personal and academic level,'' Rory answered, not worrying about the fact that the words seemed to be leaving her mouth too swiftly.

''What college are you attending, if I may assume that you are attending one ?''

Rory smiled at his deliberate words. ''I go to Yale.''

''On your own free will ?''

''Yeah, it's kind of an ironic story, since my grandfather insisted on showing me the campus a few years ago and now I'm actually attending it. What about you ?'' Rory asked, raising her head and throwing an interested glance in Joey's direction once more.

''Harvard's medical institution.''

''Doctor ?''

''Pharmacist, but since that career is somewhat involved with medicine........''

''I get it,'' Rory said.

''What about you ?''



''Beats studying every kind of medicine ever discovered,'' Rory shot back, thinking that he was mocking her choice of studying Journalism.

''No, no, I think you got me wrong, I wasn't mocking. Journalism really fascinates me. Anything creative really. I can't seem to do anything like that, that's why I look up to people who enjoy doing that, which you do I assume ?'' Joey asked, skillfullyy leading the conversation back on the right track.

''Oh yeah, I'm living my dream.''

''You don't sound too happy,'' he noted.

''It's the environment, and the champagne, this is my third glass, after all. I think you better take it,'' Rory said, as she held out the almost empty glass.

Joey Iddon took it from her just like he was asked, but then again he could never resist a girl this charming, whom's beauty seemed to be pure and honest, just like her soft voice, which hid her shyness underneath its taught confidence. Her eyes mimicked her voice's tones, making it seem as if she was truly interested in every word he uttered. He found her modestly beautiful. Keeping up both her appearance and friendly manors among all these gorgeous strangers, not once tempted by a complementary comment or perfect smile. And unlike most, she had the subtle intelligence to match her flawless beauty, which was just slightly overdone. The light green dress seemed too much, just like the make-up which made her eyes smaller than they really were and the expensive looking earrings seemed too heavy for her small and delicate ears, which listened to his every word. As the wind played with her loose strands, a smile came over him.

Rory had been doing the same thing as him, therefor not noticing the way he had been observing her. She was intrigued by his smile and natural confidence, which he kept hidden behind his words, if he felt he couldn't trust the person he was talking to. He seemed to know exactly where this conversation was going, although no one possibly could.

Joey glanced in the direction of the large manor, when he heard the first notes of his favorite symphony. Normally he dreaded it when people played this kind of music at extravagant parties like this one, but for this moment he was grateful.

He finished the last of Rory's champagne, before leaning forward to place the glass next to him on the ground. When he pulled himself up, his eyes were quicker than his body, therefor he caught her eyes just as she was about to look away. He smiled at her, showing her that there was no need for the faint blush that was slowly spreading itself over her cheeks. Rory turned her head away, trying to hide her face from his observant eyes, which he found sweet.

''So, since I didn't get you a gift, I was hoping that you would do me the honor of dancing with me, just so I won't have to feel guilty about not getting you any thing,'' Joey said, quickly adding the last part as some sort of a reassurance for her.

He noticed the hesitation on her face and he saw by the way she bit her lip that she was struggling with her answer for some reason. But he reached out his hand, risking his own pride if she decided to decline his offer anyway. Rory glanced at his hand and nodded, looking up to meet his eyes, as she placed her hand in his.

''I would like to dance.''

Joey nodded and got up, pulling her up at the same time. He lead her a few feet away from the swings, where the music was just slightly louder, but still faint enough to give it that dreamy affect, that always caused Rory to close her eyes and fall out of reality. He placed her hand on his shoulder, hoping that she would follow his example, which she did, when she placed her other hand on his other shoulder. He politely placed his hands on her hips, a little higher than he normally would, knowing that it would make her more comfortable, which seemed surreal since they had only just met.

''Happy Birthday,'' Joey whispered, just as they started to sway to the music, his warm breath brushing against her skin.

Rory smiled and placed her head on his shoulder, thinking that he probably wouldn't mind, since they were standing so close already. She entwined her fingers at the back of his neck, before closing her eyes and getting lost in the high notes of the song. Only this time she didn't lose herself completely, because there was something to hold on to.

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