Title: Koinu no Ryu (Puppy's Dragon)

Author: Mistress Nika (InuNekoMiko@aol.com)

Rating: okay, okay, PG for some rising passions....quickly moving to PG-13 in a few chapters! *sigh* wonder if I'll reach R... O_o

Couples: Jou/Seto (yeeeesssss, my preeeccciiiooouuusss!!!!!! SEME JOU!! =^-^=) others undecided so far and probably minor or non-existant

Warnings: shounen-ai/two guys in a romantic relationship, WAFF, Fluff, a seme Jounouchi, bishy angst

Disclaimer: don't own, don't sue (Who?? Moo?? O.o)

Chapter One:

"The Long Cold Walk"

Jou looked down at the water pooled on the pavement. The sky was heavy with clouds threatening to spill down more of their heavenly tears onto his already frozen body. 'Just what I need.' he thought despondently. 'More rain. Like sleeping in the alley again tonight won't be bad enough. Now I gotta do it in the pouring rain.' The clouds grew thicker, seemingly mocking his plight by blocking out what was left of the sunlight.

A loud clap of thunder made him jump and pull his coat tighter. 'Well, standing here won't do me any good.' he decided. 'At least the school will be dry.'

He hurried off down the street, hoping to make it before the rain began again. 'What is up with this weather?' he wondered. 'Cold rain? Kinda not what you expect this time of the year.' He huddled farther into his coat and stuck his hands in his sleeves trying to warm them. It wasn't an icy cold. Just the kind of cold that always came with an exceptional lack of sunlight. The kind of cold that made people lose all their energy so that leaving their nice warm blanket and their nice warm chair seemed like an unbearable chore.

'Yeah.' he thought, 'The cold. Maybe I can blame my sleeping in the alley on the cold this time. The cold made him drink. And the cold made him hit me. The cold made him kick me out and tell me never to come back. Yeah, it's all the cold's fault. All the blasted cold rain's fault.'

The sound of an approaching car drew his attention away from his thoughts to the road behind him. 'Please don't let it spray me with water.' he silently prayed. As the engine drew closer he looked back for it, hoping to dodge if it was indeed going to spray him. 'That'd just be my luck. Have to sit through school wet. Then just when I'm getting dry have to go home to my soggy alley. I swear, I'll die of exposure and they'll never find me.'

A black limo came thundering down the road. 'Kaiba.' he thought unenthusiastically. 'I've only seen three other cars this morning and I doubt there's any other limo's prowling the streets in this godforsaken weather.' Normally the blonde, despite his protestations to the contrary, was overjoyed to see the object of his obsession. But now, the handsome dragon only served to remind him what he was missing. A warm house, family who loved him. A lover who'd hold him close and kiss away his pain. All things he longed for and knew he could never have.

Imagine when, to his surprise, the very haunt of his dreams, who ghosted in and out of his every waking thought, pulled up along side him and lowered his window.

Kaiba Seto's piercing blue eyes stared at Jou from inside the comfort of his cushy backseat. Those eyes unnerved Jou. Not because they were frightening; his gaze was anything but. It was because the emotion guiding his lingering gaze was one Jou had never seen directed at him before. Concern. Yes, Kaiba Seto looked at Jou as if he were concerned for him.

"Do you always walk to school an hour before you have to, in the cold and rain?" he asked with an icy tone made warm by the emotion underneath.

Jou scoffed. A fight with Seto was just what he needed to warm himself up, and maybe make his day a little brighter as an added benefit. "Shows what you know, oh great and powerful Oz!" he shot back. "I always leave home early! I just don't see any reason to get to school early. It ain't even that cold out here." he lied.

At that moment a chill wind blew threw the street sending a shiver up his spine and making his teeth chatter.

Seto's icy gaze melted when he saw the puppy shiver and a small smile formed on his lips. "Yes, you're right." he said evenly. "It's almost time to break out the swimsuits."

Jou glared at Seto for a half second before he realized he was actually smiling warmly, at him. 'Whoa.' he thought to himself. 'Creepy. But with that smile he's even more handsome, if that's possible.' He almost smiled back, but managed to catch himself. What if it wasn't a warm smile? What if it was a teasing smile? Or a smile meant to lure him into some trap just to humiliate him? No, he could never smile at him that way and mean it.

"...ride...puppy?" Jou heard breaking him out of his thoughts. "Huh?" he asked dumbly, not quite catching that last sentence.

Seto smiled even more warmly and said, "I said, it's cold. Would you like a ride?" Then he watched the massive confusion run through Jou's head.

After blinking a few times Jou asked, "You're...offering me a ride?" Then he narrowed his eyes suspiciously "What are you up to, Kaiba?" he demanded. "You're never nice to me."

Seto actually looked a bit taken aback by that. As if he had actually wounded him. His eyes flashed a strange emotion before quickly reverting to his normal mask of haughty indifference. "I'm not being nice, puppy." he said. "I just don't want you to freeze to death anytime soon. There's too much fun I can have wi--AT you!" He quickly corrected himself. "At your expense."

Jou grinned at Seto's almost frantic word change. 'Now what brought that on?' he thought sarcastically. 'Oh yeah. The idea that I'm anything but a trained monkey at his every beck and call to do tricks and boost his ego.'

Seto suddenly "Ooff!"ed and a small head of black hair popped up from his lap, followed by the rest of a certain chibi-Kaiba.

"Hi, Jou!" Mokuba greeted cheerfully after jumping into his brother's lap, his eyes twinkling with ever present joy.

Jou couldn't help but smile, despite his foul mood. "Hey, Mokuba." he returned. "Not been kidnapped by psycho's bent on killing your brother and taking over his company this week?"

Mokuba laughed good-naturedly and said, "Nope! They must be on vacation." He gestured out the window and called, "Come on! It's freezing out there and my brother doesn't want his puppy to freeze before they can have fun today!" Then he turned his chibi eyes on Seto. "Right, oniisama?" he questioned innocently.

"That...that's not what I said, Mokuba!" Seto sputtered. His cheeks flushed a bright pink and he actually averted his eyes.

'If I didn't know better,' Jou thought to himself, 'I'd say Kaiba's embarrassed. But...no way. He's just angry at such a suggestive accusation. But he could never take his anger out on his little bro. Who could!? The kid's just too cute! And Seto loves him more than anything else...whoa! Seto? When did I start calling him Seto!? Even in my head! Bad thoughts! Bad thoughts! You're gonna make me slip up!'

There was a full minute of strange behavior: Mokuba being overly cute and innocent, Seto being so beat-red he looked close to crawling in a hole and sprouting roots, and Jou looking down at the pavement trying not to smack his head in an effort to get the thoughts to stop. Afterwards Mokuba grinned devilishly, Seto silently opened the door without looking up, and Jou got in. All without a word. Then they closed the door and drove off.


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