Title: Koinu no Ryu (Puppy's Dragon)
Author: Mistress Nika (nikasama1480yahoo.com)
Rating: PG for some rising passions....quickly moving to PG-13 in a few chapters! sigh wonder if I'll reach R... O.o
Couples: Jou/Seto (yeeeesssss, my preeeccciiiooouuusss!!!!!! SEME JOU!!) Yami/Yuugi
Category: Romance/Angst/Humor
Warnings: shounen-ai/two guys in a romantic relationship, waff, fluff, a seme Jounouchi, bishy angst
Disclaimer: don't own, don't sue (Who?? Moo?? O.o)

Chapter Five:

The three boys emerged from the classroom to find the hall crowded with not just the normal students going about their business, but also with hordes of searching teenage girls. Jou grinned as he pulled a reluctant Otogi out of the room, arm still draped over his shoulders.

One of the searching fangirls spotted them and shrieked in over-enthusiastic joy. She pointed at Otogi and screamed "There he is!!!"

The entire hall froze. The regular students watched the scene unfold as the dozens of seemingly normal, if a bit lost looking, girls turned into a thunderous herd of the most dangerous creature on the planet. Rabid fangirls.

Otogi tried to take a step back in fear as the girls advanced on him, but Jou held him firmly in place, not allowing him to escape.

Just as it seemed they were doomed, rabid fangirls not five feet away and advancing quickly, Seto calmly stepped in front of the two boys. With crossed arms and a scowl on his face, he stopped the fangirls dead in their tracks. He glared ominously at them and they took a fearful step back.

"Kowaii." one whimpered as she hid behind another.

Jou grinned even wider and cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the girls who weren't too busy cowering in fear.

"Now, girls." he said playfully. "I really must insist you stop chasing Otogi-kun. As much as I love seeing him drenched in sweat with half his clothes torn off, you may injure something important." He paused to wink at them and continued, "And besides, I think I can manage to get him half-dressed and covered in sweat myself."

The girls' mouths' dropped open as Jou leaned into a completely stunned Otogi and dropped a chaste kiss on his cheek.

For a moment no one moved, except Seto who had shifted slightly upon hearing Jou's words. He was looking even less pleased than before, especially since his previous displeasure had been an act. Seto was almost to his breaking point. He didn't know what his puppy had just done, but from the stunned silence the girls had been shocked into, it had to be something major.

Suddenly the silence was broken as a fangirl with red hair, wearing a silver neko-eared headband, pushed her way through the others to the front. She kicked several in the butt as she made her way forward and then grabbed two by their arms and shook hard to jolt them out of their stupor. She growled angrily, "Livi! Billie! Avery! Kylio! Star! Owl! HikariChang! Lisa! Beady! What are you doing!? Don't just stand there!" She threw her arm out in front of her and pointed at all three of the bishys with a wild feral gleam in her eye. "This Hakura says, GET 'UM!!!"

Hell then proceeded to freeze over, because Kaiba Seto shivered. And then he took a step back, bumping into the two behind him. Risking a glance over his shoulder, he saw that both Jou and Otogi looked even more terrified than Otogi had before.

Jou looked him in the eye and whispered softly, "S...Seto?" Then he pointed with a shaking hand in the direction of the fangirls.

Seto snapped his head back around just in time to dodge as one of them launched herself at him in a silent attack glomp. She skidded past on her belly a few feet down the hall before coming to rest. Looking sadly back over her shoulder at the red-haired neko-eared one, she pouted.

The apparent leader rolled her eyes and sighed.

"No, no." she scolded. "That's not how it's done, Billie-chan." She then dropped into a ready crouch and raised her hands in an attacking pose. "Like THIS!!" she exclaimed and then leaped off the ground in a fangirl blur.

Seto began to panic as he found himself unable to dodge the swift attack, leaving him with a fangirl clinging to his waist happily.

"HOLY CRAP!!" Jou cried. "They're not afraid of Seto!!"

Otogi, being familiar with the 'run-for-your-life' routine, had already disappeared down the hallway and was turning a corner.

Seto frantically pulled at the girl around his waist and finally managed to pry her loose, at just the right moment. The crowd of girls seemed to move as one and advanced quickly. Leaping away from the grasping-groping fangirls, he grabbed Jou by the hand and bolted.

The two dashed down hallway after hallway with the fangirls hot on their heels. The pounding of feet and female squeals was their chase music. They caught up to Otogi two hallways and one set of stairs later and the three ran as if the hounds of hell were chasing them, which was very close to the truth.

The students of the school going to and fro stopped in their morning routines to watch the strange site. Otogi running flat out. Seto and Jou, hands locked firmly together, running along behind him with scared bunny looks. A mass of female flesh and high-pitched screams chasing them. Somehow, in their terror, the three managed to find themselves at a dead end. The only way out was by means of a conveniently locked door. All three spun around to valiantly face their attackers.

Seeing that their prey was cornered, the fangirls changed to a slow predatory stalk. They closed in slowly, carefully sizing up the three caught in their sights. Jou pressed his back against the wall as one particularly insane looking one sized him up. Then... she attacked! Jou didn't have time to dodge as the girl threw herself at him in an attack glomp! He thought for certain his life was over. But suddenly a male cry rang out and Jou found himself staring into a pair of gorgeous blue eyes.

"No!" Seto cried as he threw himself between Jou and the rabid fangirl with his back facing her. He felt the breath expel from his lungs as she collided with him, pushing him forward and flush against the surprised puppy. Their bodies crushed together, Seto was forced to brace himself with both hands flat against the wall on either side of Jou's head. The dragon suddenly found himself staring into a mop of blonde hair as his head was thrust forward.

Jou couldn't do anything but stare as he suddenly found himself with a certain wet dream made flesh pressed up against him. Seto sucked in a deep breath as his lungs expanded again, then exhaled deeply. Jou felt Seto's hot breath play across his cheek, causing his entire body to tingle. He couldn't help but raise his hands to casually rest on the dragon's hips. He would have taken full advantage of their situation, if their situation hadn't been staring him in the face. Over Seto's shoulder he could see the horde of rabid fangirls staring at them, half in shock and half in joy.

The girl who had attacked him, in her shock, fell to the floor.

"Beady!!" the leader cried. "OMG!!! You killed Beady!!"

The girl, Beady, lay stunned on the floor with swirly eyes. "Ooohhh" she murmured, "Yaoiness ish good beans."

Hakura fell to her knees beside Beady, threw up her hands in mock despair and cried dramatically, "Beady! No!! You can't leave us!!"

The other fangirls suddenly took up the cry, dropping to their knees and pleading as one, "No! Don't leave us!"


Jou looked over to find Otogi motioning to them from the previously locked door.

"If you two are done making out for the fangirls," he whispered urgently, "get in here!!"

Seto regained his balance and puled back to look Jou in the eyes. The two locked heated gazes for a few seconds, an unspoken communication passing between them, before drawing hesitantly away from each other. Silently and quickly, they made their way over to Otogi and jumped in the door. Otogi closed the door behind them and locked it back.

"Thank Kami for janitor's closets." Otogi muttered before sticking the key back in his pocket. He turned to face the other two and said, "I had an extra master key made after my first mad dash from fangirls left me at a dead end. We'll just hide in here until they go away."

Jou looked confused. "But, won't they just assume we're in here and like... break down the door or something?" he asked. "I mean, they are fangirls!"

Otogi rolled his eyes at the blonde's stupidity. "Exactly!" he said. "They're fangirls! And while each and every one of them may be a genius alone, together they are nothing but a bunch of simple minded fools with only one thought on their brain. Find and molest guys! Baka."

"Hey!" Jou growled, brandishing his fist at Otogi. "Excuse me for not realizing! I've never been chased by fangirls before!!"

Otogi just smirked at him. "That's obvious. Who'd chase you?!"

"Them apparently!!" Jou cried, gesturing wildly towards the closed door.

Otogi glared at him angrily. "And why did they do that, you idiot!? Because you kissed me!! That's why!! Why the hell'd you do THAT!?!?"

"He what?" Seto asked quietly in shock. Neither of the other two heard him however as they were too wrapped up in their own argument. In fact, they both seemed to have completely forgotten he was even there. No small feat.

"I did it," Jou explained forcefully, "Because I thought they'd leave you alone after that!" He paused before saying softly, "Not to mention ruin your rep." Then he continued yelling. "How was I supposed to know they were YAOI fangirls!?!?"

"You moron!!" Otogi nearly screamed back, "What other kind of fangirl travel in packs that size and chase you for that long!?"

Finally having enough, Seto decided to play referee. Stepping between them, he held out his hands and said calmly, "Silence! Both of you! If you continue arguing like this then they will hear you. I personally don't want to spend the rest of my day running from them. I suggest we all just sit far away from each other and keep our mouths shut until they go away." And with that said, Seto went over to a far wall and sat down against it.

Jou and Otogi stared at him in silence for a few minutes before sparing each other one last glare and then did just as he said.

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