Basically this is like an introduction (REVAMPED!). If I must say, this is a really shitty chapter. Oh BTW Cyborg has a girlfriend named Sarah so that's who he is paired with! SARAH IS NOT AN OC. SHE IS AN ACTUAL CHARACTER. READ THE COMICS. MEH. SHE IS NOT IN THIS CHAPTER. SHE IS IN THE NEXT CHAPTER. SHE IS MORE STUPID THAN PARIS HILTON. THAT'S UNHEALTHY.

An alien girl was currently on the top of the Titans Tower, feeling the breeze delicately toss her hair. Her mind was drifting about, wondering what the Titans would do today, what would happen if she served the Titans her new recipe of Icklorbian Gurnif, and most of all, where Robin was. For she had a question to ask him. A question that had been on her mind for days. But that question was soon to be answered as she heard her name being called.

"Starfire!" The girl turned around with a smile on her face. The leader of the Teen Titans, Robin, calling her name and wanting her company. Was there anything better than this?

"Hey," he said simply walking upto her and sitting down.

"Hi Robin," she replied, glowing with delight.

"What were you doing up here all alone?" He asked.

"Oh, I was merely reflecting upon the day's past events. Plus Beast Boy is viewing his childish cartoons today since it is Wednesday." She grinned.

"Yeah, he really does like to watch cartoons on Wednesday."

"Yes..." she replied. There was an awkward pause as they both tried to think of something to say.

"Robin?" Starfire asked, hesitantly.


"I have a question. Nobody else would answer it for me and I am unsure why. Will you please answer it for me?" she asked.


"Well......what does.....mating mean?" Robin straightened up and turned to her, his eyebrows raised.

"Uhhhhh...." he had no idea what to say. He could feel his face burning. How could she not know? She had to have some term for it on her planet.

"Starfire maybe we should...g-go look it up in the d-dic...." He stuttered, as Starfire looked at him intently.

"The dick?" she frowned staring at him in confusion.

"D-dear g-god...." Robin squeaked.


"Hey Cy whatcha watching?" A green boy attempted to jump on the sofa, only to have missed his aim for the cushion, and landed instead on Raven's lap.

"Ow," the dark girl stated simply.

"And you......aren't Cyborg," Beast Boy concluded, with a slight blush in his cheeks.

"What was your first clue?" she asked sarcastically.

"Uh....well....." Beast Boy hesitated, his eyes wandering to her chest.

Raven answered this by a mere flash of black energy, sending him crashing into the window and the falling to the ground.

"Ow! Dude, what was that for?" the elf asked, rubbing his neck as he sat up from his fall.

"For being a childish, perverted, idiot."

"Oh….. I swear I thought you were Cyborg!"

"Oh yeah right. And has Cyborg been on steroids and just suddenly sprouted boobs, or did you just want to jump on my lap and attempt to feel me up?" she asked as if this was an entirely normal question.

"What?" asked Beast Boy, flabbergasted.

"That's what I thought," was Raven's only reply.

"Look I'm sorry, maybe I did know you were Cyborg….but I mean…come on….your so warm and fuzzy….."


"Well…..some parts of y…" Before Beast Boy could finish Raven slammed a punch in his face.

"BB being a pervert again?" asked the large metal man Cyborg, as he walked into the room.

"Yep," replied Raven dully, folding her arms across her chest.

"What else is new?" Cyborg asked. He sat down next to Raven while Beast Boy tried to sway up to the sofa, dizzy from the KO Raven had given him.

Cyborg picked up the remote and flipped through the channels.

"Dude Cy! I was watching that!" Beast Boy screeched. Cyborg then changed back to the most recent channel.

"What the ......BB c'mon, this is a joke, right?" Cyborg remarked with wide eyes.

"NO! I happen to like Elmo's World!" He yelled in defense.

"You idiot, this isn't Elmo's World, this is Dora the Explora, which is just as childish," Raven retorted, eyes rolling.

"Oh. Well what I meantto say was I happen to like Dora the Explora!" Beast Boy replied quickly.

"Okay so you watch children's surprise there," Cyborg burst out laughing. Raven chuckled a little bit but stopped abruptly. She didn't want to laugh over something so stupid. It would tarnish her reputation.

"Cyborg! You know I love watching childish cartoons on Wednesday!" Beast Boy frowned, but Cyborg was now rolling on the floor laughing insanely.

"Dude…..maybe he is on steroids!" Beast Boy commented.

"Just what I was about to ask you...." Raven said wide eyed. After staring at Cyborg for about two more minutes, Raven kicked him in the butt, making him come back to reality(whoop theregoes gravity!)with a painful yelp.

"What was that for?" He asked rubbing his injury.

"For being a childish, high, idiot."


"Have you been smoking crack by any chance?" Raven asked him as he got to his feet.

"First of all, you thought I was on Steroids, which just disfigures your physical appearance. And, why are you asking me this?" Cyborg replied pointing towards BB.

"Hola Dora! We did it! We did it! We did it yeah!" Beast Boy sang dancing on the coffee table. Cyborg and Raven bothstared in disbelief.

"Well you know what they say," Cyborg said after a moment of staring.

"Think before you act?" Raven guessed.


"Don't judge a book by it's cover?"


"I give up."

"If you can't beat'em, join'em!" Cyborg grinnedwhom jumped on the table and started to sing and dance with Beast Boy. This didn't last long though, for as soon as Cyborg jumped up and down, the table hadbroke into pieces.

"I'm surrounded by idiots....." Ravenmumbled rolling her eyes. In defeat she sat down and jabbed the remote which changed the channel.

"Ooh! The Real World!" Beast Boy and Cyborg chorused in unison, as they staggered out of the shards of the coffee table.

"Hmmm…" Raven replied, as they both sat down on either side of her. Suddenly the three heard the opening of doors, resulting in them all turning around.

Robin and Star both walked into the main room looking rather queer. Robin's face was flushed from embarrassment, for he certainly wasn't tired from working out or something. He is not the kind of guy who was out of shape . I mean come on! He's a friggin superhero! Starfire, however, looked confused and befuddled. (heh I love that word.)

"What's going on?" asked Beast Boy his head turning back to the TV screen.

"Look where's that book Raven gave Beast Boy as a joke for his Birthday last year?" Robin asked, completely ignoring BB's question.

"You mean, 'The Birds and the Bees'?" Ravenasked incredulously.

"Yeah that one," Robin replied, walking over to the computer area and rummaging through papers. Cyborg laughed.

"Man I remember that day like it was yesterday,"The large metal mangrinned.

"Have a merry day of birth dear friend!" Starfire squealed as she gave Beast Boy a warm friendly hug. Robin laughed at what she had just said, and Cyborg did too, but he was laughing at the scowl on Raven's face as she reluctantly watched Beast Boy receive the embrace. Cyborg leaned over to the quiet girl.

"Why don't you go over there and move things up a level with a hot spicy kiss?" the robot whispered, grinning slyly.

"Over my dead body," Raven hissed back.

"Okay Beast Boy let's open the presents!" Robin suggested.

"The best part dude, the best part," Beast Boy grinned rubbing his hands together, as his eyes wandered across the array of brightly colored paper and ribbon adorned boxes that were spread out around him.

After awhile Beast Boy had opened all of the presents except for one. It was from Raven.

"The best gift of all," Beast Boy grinned winking at the girl, who rolled her eyes. Beast Boy eagerly tore back the paper and stared at what was in front of him.

His mouth fell open and his eyebrows furrowed as he quickly scanned the cover.

Little robins and cardinals and blue jays were all scattered around the sky, taking flight and nestled against each other on tree branches. An array of honeybees was buzzing to and fro to flowers. In gold cursive letters the title simple stated, 'The Birds and The Bees, By Emma Turesex" Beast Boy mouthed what looked similar to the words "what the fuck?!"

Robin and Cyborg howled with laughter and clutched their sides, while Raven stared at him, her arms folded, a smirk on her face. Starfire was still looking at the book, her head tilted in wonderment.

"Oh yeah! That's really funny Raven! Yeah I'm definitely laughing my ass off!" he growled.

"They sure are," she indicated to the two who were now on the floor from laughing so hard. Raven giggled quietly and smiled at Beast Boy. A beautiful smile. Not one of those stupid smug little smiles or 'I pity you Beast Boy' smiles or 'you're an insane psychopath and I want to get away from you' smiles. One of those teeth showing grins that Beast Boy always gave her, but she never returned. Beast Boy felt his heart melt and he couldn't help but laugh too. Starfire was still looking at the book puzzled.

"Why would you want that? I already read it," Beast Boy said as Cyborg laughed to himself, his eyes glazed, apparently in flashback mode.

"You actually read it?" Raven asked incredulously. Beast Boy shifted his glance to her nervously.

"Um…no….I was just…kidding…." He replied unconvincingly. Raven smacked her hand to her forehead.


"Okay amigos! Where is Star and Robin? Tonight is comedy night with my favorite! 'That Seventies Show'!" Beast Boy commented, standing in front of the very large plasma TV.

"Why do you always speak in Spanish?" Raven muttered to herself.

"Last time I saw him he was looking for that book....." said Cyborg.

"I'll go get them," Raven muttered. "I can't take much more of this insanity anyways." Raven then glided out of the room, as Beast Boy and Cyborg started horribly singing, "WE'RE ALL ALRIGHT!!!! WE'RE ALL ALRIGHT!!!!"

Raven looked in Starfire's Room, Robin's Room, The Evidence Room, even the Bathroom...but no sign of them anywhere. Then she decided to check the roof. There she saw the pair leaning over a large book.

"There you are. What are you two doing? 'Quintuplets' is coming on tonight and....." Raven stopped as she examined the strange scene. Starfire was reading the Birds and The Bees while Robin seemed to be redder than a beet.

"Oh! So it means that I have a garden? Raven! I have a garden!" Starfire said, with a rather confused look on her face.

"I know. You've showed me the k'ytal blossoms at least 27 times." She replied dully.

"Yes! But you do to! Every woman has a garden!"

"What?" Raven asked dumbfounded.

"Yes! We all do! And we need a big hose to water it," Starfire said, "Robin said that he has a hose! This means he can help water my k'ytal blossoms!"

Raven stared at them both with wide eyes. Maybe she shouldn't have gotten that book after all.

"Robin? An explanation would help." Raven said a threatening look on her face.