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Bumble Bee walked up to the large cedar doors of the Sims's mansion and knocked three times. The Titans East had been notified to meet the other Titans to help plan the party in their honor. According to Sarah, a big suprise for the girls was in store. Whatever in god's name that means.

"Are you sure this is where were supposed to meet the Titans?" asked Speedy raising an eyebrow.

"Positive, that's what Starfire said in her message." replied Bumble Bee as she waited for someone to answer.

"Starfire..." Speedy trailed off slowly staring blankly at Bumble Bee. Bumble Bee looked back at him blinking.

"What? She's nice..." She replied slowly.

"She's also partly retarded," said Speedy. Bumble Bee punched him in the arm.



"Si senor, we told her that they warmed your buns!" chuckled Mas in his full throttle Mexican Spanish god knows what accent.

"But Mas, wouldn't that be an oven?" asked Menos, as the twins walked up the stairs to join their fellow titans at the door.

"Go away, no one likes you," Said Bumble Bee to the Mexican midgets. But they continued to chuckle. Annoyingly. And they never went away. Annoyingly.




The doors opened to reveal Collette, the hot lesbian French maid that Beast Boy wanted to fuck Raven, but never ended up happening. So far.

"Well hello there," She said to Bumble Bee, scanning her from head to toe more than a few times.

"Uh...where are..." asked Bumble Bee, starting to feel a tad awkward.

"Right this way!" said Collette, curtseying as she welcomed the pseudo Titans in.


Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg were sprawled around the large plasma screen TV in the Sims's den "planning the guest list for the party" or in other words watching America's Next Top Model.

"Sakesha! Don't let Sakesha go! Tyra come on snap out of it she's beautiful!" Cyborg whined at the TV, gripping the edges of his leather armchair.

"It's all god damn Monique's fault for having that stupid cock eye. They think that it's unique and artistic. You know what I see? Ostrich." Beast Boy grumbled shaking his head.

"Man I would so bang that Asian chick," Robin added, glued to the TV.

"Robin you know that's a dude right..." said Beast Boy.


"WHATS UP GUYS?" Speedy busted through the doorway making a grand entrance. Cyborg fumbled for the remote and instinctively changed the channel.

"TOUCH DOWN!!!" He yelled jumping out of his seat, arms above his head.

"SPEEDY MCSEEDY!" cried Beast Boy running to give the man a high five.

"What did you just call me???"

"Speeeeeeedy, how's it going man?" asked Robin, patting the spot next to him on the leather sofa for him to sit down.

"Going well Robin, how bout you guys?" Grinned Speedy, taking his spot next to Robin on the sofa. But before anyone could continue, the two Mexican midgets Mas and Menos (Oh Oh Oh excuse me excuse me I'm so so so sorry...MAS Y MENOS….you know what…we're just calling them the m & m's from now on.) bolted through the doorway and skidded to a halt at the bearskin rug, resulting in it wrapping around them in a bearskin rug burrito.

"Hola Chicos!" chirped Mas, currently stacked on top of Menos.

"Como Estan?" asked Menos below Mas.

"Go away, no one likes you," Said Beast Boy. But they remained rolled up in the bearskin burrito. Annoyingly. And they didn't go away. Annoyingly.

"So Speedy, where's my Aquaman?" asked Cyborg.

"Oh he's..."

But before Speedy could continue, a choir of angels and trumpets sounded.

"He's here!" hissed Speedy. "This always happens whenever he shows up!"

"That's because he's so very incredibly good looking," replied Beastboy in a matter of fact tone. Speedy, Robin, Cyborg, and the M & M's all nodded in agreement as the silhouette of Aqualad materialized in the doorway.

"A face chiseled by the gods," whispered Cyborg faintly.

"Hair softer than an angel's," murmured Robin.

"The physique of Antonio Banderas," muttered Menos.

"But even better," said Mas.

"We most certainly are not homosexual," added Beast Boy. The choir and trumpets ceased as Aqualad stepped through the doorframe in his fully fledged aqua glory.

"Hey guys," said Aqualad.

"Hey," replied the fellow awestruck dumbstruck envy struck (word?) male titans in unison.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to do a photo shoot for Pretty Boy magazine, the third one this year actually. They just can't seem to get enough of me, but hey, I'm not complaining you gotta do what you gotta do right? Plus it keeps me occupied every day of the week, if you old boys know what I mean. It's kind of like that song by Weezer called Tired of Sex. I'm sure most of you guys don't know it, you were most likely in the womb when it came out. I on the other hand was post womb stage and able to hear the words, and true to the lyrics, Monday night I am making Jen, Tuesday night I'm making Lyn, Wednesday night I'm making Raven, but I don't give a fuck if I'm making love come true! So anyways what's up with you guys? Want anything to drink? Vodka? Tequila? Juicy Juice? Whiskey? Let me get you boys something to down and we can swap manly stories next to the fireplace," said Aqualad smiling, his naturally white teeth grinning in such a way that makes girls peel their clothing off in his presence. But these are boys and that would completely change the story so were just not going to go there, okay?

Beast Boy and Cyborg shielded their eyes.

"His teeth...are so...white...blinding…." Cyborg muttered.

"I can't...see...must…..stop...smiling...aaaaaah..." Beast Boy groaned, his eyes squinted slits. Finally Aqualad finished his smile and the boy's torture receded with a mutual sigh of relief.


The girls all sat around Sarah Sims's room waiting for their fourth companion to join them so Sarah could reveal the big 'surprise'.

"Sarah…" started Raven.


"How do you witness so much pink everyday without dying?" asked Raven casually as she scanned the perimeter of Sarah's room, or planet pink.

"Well…..with my faith in god and support from my family…" Sarah grasped Raven's hand. "I get by. Every day is a step. But I cope. I cope…."

But everyone knows that secretly, Sarah's secret was that she was secretly Sailor Pink and pink gave her power to beat the evil people who didn't support pink. Secretly. So from the pink energy emanating from the pink things in her room, the radiating pinkness contributes to Sailor Pink's pink power, stored in the pink crystal, enabling her to banish all colorblind evil with the aid of the god damn most ass kicking color in the world.

At least, according to Sarah Sims (also known as Sailor Pink, in case you dumb people didn't pick up on that.)

"Bumble Bee!" squealed Starfire as she flew over to embrace her winged friend who had just entered Sarah's room.

"Here we are Sweetie Bee," smiled Collette, gesturing towards the room.

"Thank Said Bumble Bee awkwardly to the hot lesbian French maid that Beast Boy wanted to fuck Raven, but never ended up happening. So far… (Keep on dreaming, you fucking dreamers.)

"Oh please," Smiled Collette, turning on her heel. "Call me sugarmuffin," she muttered under her breath in a sexy voice before strutting off to dust things or whatever maids do. After an awkward silence, the story continued.

"What's up Star?" asked Bumble Bee.

"I am!" Snickered Starfire. The three girls stared in shock.

"What did you say?" asked Sarah.

Starfire giggled to herself again and then replied, snorting, "I AM."

The girls all stared at her in confusion. After a hysterical fit of levitating laughter, Starfire picked up on the girls' baffled staring and started to explain.

"Well the last time I asked the question of what is up to Beast Boy, he replied with "I am". He then told me that that was the hilarious response. Is this not the hilarious response one would say? Am I not completely hilarious?" questioned the alien as she floated back down to the ground, as if she was the biggest fucking hilarity on the planet since Adam Sandler.

"If you're a boy…." Said Raven slowly.

"Why a boy?" asked the befuddled alien.

"Because…" explained Bumble Bee.

"EEEEEW! We girlth are NOT going to talk about penitheth in thith houthehold! Boyth are ICKY!" a familiar voice came from within the depths of planet pink.

"I know that voice anywhere," mumbled Raven.

"JUTH KIDDING!" yelled Sammy as he popped out of a pile of stuffed animals, adorned in a pink teddy bear suit, arms above his head. "BOYTH ARE GREAT!"

"SAMMY!!!" squealed Sarah.

"What the…" Bumble Bee started.

"Yo Bumble Bee, ith me, Thammy, your danth inthructor for the remainder of the evening! Aren't you juth the cuteth thing!! Mhmmmm yeth you are!" cooed Sammy, taking in the new girl titan as he pinched her cheeks.

"Bitch, PLEASE," said Bumble Bee, taking a step back and removing Sammy's pinchers from her face.

"Why are you in a pink bear costume?" asked Raven.

"Why ith your hair purple?" replied Sammy coolly.

"Touche," said Raven, putting her hand up in defeat.

Sarah spun around excitedly to reveal the suprise.

"Girls, Sammy is teaching us a routine for the opening of the party! WERE PERFORMING!!" squealed Sarah. Because she never does that.

"WHAT!?" chorused Raven and Bumble Bee, while Starfire just stood there with her mouth in a wide open stupid smile, turning her head from Sarah to Sammy and then back to Sarah, obviously with no idea what Sarah meant.

"Oh we are in for a fun night, let me tell you girlth," smiled Sammy eyeing his new dance students.


"So then Starfire is all hungry, and she rips off Speedy's boxers and says, "How do I make the toast?"" laughed Aqualad. Everyone except Speedy howled with laughter. Speedy turned to the guffawing (and burritoed) M & M's.

"I fucking hate you." He stated blandly to the Mexican twins. But they continued to laugh. Annoyingly. And they still hadn't gone away. Annoyingly.

"Now you want to see humor," said Robin, leaning back in his seat and taking a sip of his 'adult beverage' thanks to the Sims's abundant alcohol cabinet, "you need to come to our place for a day and check out BB and Rae."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA," Cyborg died laughing, although this could also be the result of his third shot.

"Cyborg..…you do realize that all of this is your fault, right?" asked Robin. There was a moment of silence as Cyborg reflected. Then he and Robin exchanged glances and broke out into obnoxious laughter, much to Beast Boy's reluctance.

"What happens?" asked Speedy curiously.

"What doesn't happen?" replied Cyborg, grinning like an idiot.

"You banged Raven? Right on Beast Boy, same here!" cheered Aqualad, holding his hand up for Beast Boy to high five.

"Well, I haven't exactly……..WAIT WHAT!?" exclaimed Beast Boy incredulously, "YOU HAD SEX WITH RAVEN!?"

"Ahahahhahaa…..haha….ha…." Aqualad looked around and noticed all eyes we're glued on him. Even the bear head on the bearskin rug constricting the M & M's seemed to be eyeing him suspiciously "Uh….so this juicy juice tastes amazing…."

"DUDE! TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO RAVEN RIGHT NOW!" yelled Beast Boy rising from his seat.

"Okay , how many beers has Beast Boy had, he is completely hammered," asked Speedy. Cyborg took note of the number of drinks residing by the green imp.

"I'd say roughly….one and a half."

"BEAST BOY!" Robin said in exasperation. "Somebody cut him off, that is way too much. One and a half beers! We might as well have given a monkey a loaded gun!"

"Why does that sound so familiar…" trailed off Cyborg.

"Mhmm, agreed, giving Beast Boy more than one beer is complete suicide," nodded Aqualad while downing his fourth glass of wine.

"What did you do to her!?" Beast Boy growled, still standing.

"Uh…..I…did her?" Aqualad suggested.

"How was it?" Asked Speedy.

"Nice," said Aqualad.

"Nice," congratulated Speedy.

"Nice," agreed Robin. He then looked over to see the raging face of Beast Boy.

"Uh….I mean……Aqualad what the fuck how can you do that to Beast Boy?" Then making sure no one could see, he leaned in and muttered under his breath, "Seriously though, how was it?"

"Nice," winked Aqualad.

"Ni-hi-hiiiiice," grinned Robin, with the thumbs up.

"Yeah Starfire was pretty good too," nodded Aqualad.

"SWEET MOTHER OF SUSAN, WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" screamed Robin jumping to his feat.

"I mean it wasn't that hard I just told her If she was hungry I had a toaster…." Said Aqualad. Speedy had to restrain Robin from completely murdering Aqualad.

"Oh and I did Sarah," recalled Aqualad now looking up to the ceiling and counting girls off on his fingers.

Everyone turned to see Cyborg's reaction. He merely shrugged.

"Yeah, she's a whore," he nodded in agreement.

"Actually, I did all three of them at the same time. In my pimp lair. On the rotating water bed. It was nice."

"Nice," said Mas and Menos in unison still stacked on top of each other.

"Nice," nodded Cyborg.


"Okay so because he did my girlfriend, I'm supposed to ignore the fact that a rotating water bed is not the crunkest thing you've seen since the word crunk came out?" asked Cyborg.

"Cyborg…man….why do you have to say crunk?" asked Speedy a wincing expression on his face, shaking his head.

"Because I'm black," explained Cyborg.

"Yeah but… god…."

"ON WITH THE STORY…" growled Beast Boy, punching his fist into his open palm, while Robin struggled to get free of Speedy's clutches.

"Well we were all at the carnival last year, and I had won a free toaster from some darts game…"

"A toaster!??" interjected Beast Boy "Since when do they give out toasters as carnival prizes!?"

"You just told him to continue the story," said Cyborg, rolling his eyes and throwing up his hands in exasperation.

"It was national win a free kitchen appliance day," explained Aqualad.

"Oh," nodded Beast Boy in comprehension. "Continue."

"So then Starfire comes up to me and, finally, after completely fawning all over me, said 'I could sure use a toaster right now.' And I said 'baby, I've got an even better toaster than this one somewhere else…"

"THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!!" shouted Robin.

"AHEM WHO'S TELLING THE STORY ROBIN?" asked Aqualad. Robin scowled.

"Yeah that's what I thought…anyways, I'm escorting Starfire and I see Raven at the whack a mole game….I started whacking the moles, and of course, naturally, after whacking each and every one with complete accuracy and winning a mini fridge, Raven says, 'If you take me back to your place, I'll let you whack my mole.' So I said, 'Hell if it's a mole worth whacking then I'm there.'"

"HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT RAVENS REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS THAT WAY!?" growled Beast Boy. Now Cyborg had to grab hold of Beast Boy to prevent him from slashing Aqualad's face.

"And then, with both girls on either side of me holding the mini fridge and the toaster, we walked over to the Ferris wheel for what would be the pre party of the shebang bang that was going to go down at my place later, until we came across Sarah. And I said 'Hey babe what's shaking?' and she was all like, 'Oh I'm shaking. I just get so nervous around you, like a nest of infant rattlesnakes is in my stomach and I'm about to throw up the taco bell cheesy gordita crunch I just had as a result of your insanely good looking looks.'"

"Was that supposed to be romantic...?" Asked Speedy.

"Honestly I don't know," paused Aqualad, furrowing his eyebrows and scratching his chin. "Anyhow, then I said, 'Let's make a bet. If I win an oven over there from the squirt gun game, you can….'"

"Whoa whoa whoa man wait just a minute…this all went down on win a free kitchen appliance day?" asked Cyborg.

"Uh yeah, hence the toaster..." replied Aqualad cheekily as he drank another sip of wine.

"There's no way you could have seen Star and Rae, because on that day we all fought the creators of Ben 10 for creating such a lame ass show and as a reward got 5 free refrigerators from the Teen Titans fans," recalled Cyborg.

"5 fridges? That can't be right we don't have five," said Robin, completely disregarding his fleeting fit of rage.

"Well we did have five. Now we just have two. One of them is for food, one of them is for beer that Beast Boy won fighting a bear, and the other three Raven threw at Beast Boy when he walked in on her changing."

"Ooooohhhh yeaaaaaah, I remember that," said Robin.

"I don't!" shouted Beast boy completely confused.

"That's because she threw it at your head, BB," replied Cyborg, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I don't remember that at all!" Beast Boy exclaimed confused.

"The concussion resulted in memory loss for a week," said Robin. "Oh what a week you missed…"

"Was that the week when…" Speedy trailed off grinning.

"Oh yeah," Robin laughed.

"Ah man that week….what a week…." Cyborg whistled.

"I've just got two words to say about that week….." said Aqualad. "Bologna. Sandwich."

Robin, Cyborg and Speedy (and the M & M's who don't really matter so they are put into parenthesis) burst into laughter.

"Hey HEY. Knock it off. You don't even know what we're talking about," growled Robin annoyed at the twins. But they didn't knock it off. Annoyingly. And they still hadn't gone away. Annoyingly.

"Wait so Aqualad if the girls were with these guys, then who was really at the carnival?" asked Speedy.

"Oh…hmmm. Oh yeah my bad… that was Plasmus and Cinderblock. Sorry I got them confused."

"How can you confuse Plasmas and Cinderblock with Raven and Starfire.….." Robin trailed off completely baffled.

"Now guys," began Beast Boy, "Don't forget he's had four glasses of wine, he's probably incredibly tipsy and…."

"Actually that really did happen," recalled Speedy. Beast Boy stared at Speedy mouth agape.

"Yeah….Sarah came back to the tower with me after the carnival," said Aqualad casually, finishing off his wine. All of the other guys looked at Cyborg after this statement. He merely shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, she's a slut." Agreed Cyborg.

"But what about Plasmus and Cinderblock?" asked Beast Boy.

Aqualad paused.

"Uh….so this juicy juice tastes amazing….."

Before anymore ongoing conversation could continue, Collette entered the door. All boys stopped talking and stared.

"Miss Sims has requested that I notify you that the guest list…."

Beast Boy and Cyborg exchanged looks.

"I'm thinking it's time to payback Raven for what she did to me earlier," Cyborg muttered quietly to Beast Boy behind his hand as Collette continued talking, which none of the boys took note of, instead choosing to focus on the French lesbian maid hotness she exuded. Beast Boy's ears perked as soon as he heard the word Raven. He leaned in with a devious grin and a raised eyebrow.

"I'm thinking it's time for a good jack off," Beast Boy whispered back. Cyborg stiffened in his seat and raised an eyebrow.

"Say what?"

"I said 'I agree'," said Beast Boy, his expression unchanged.

"Oh cause for a minute I thought you said…"

"Hey Maid!" yelled Beast Boy.

"Actually my name…."

"Yeah so we were wondering if you'd be interested in ….….a negotiation," Beast Boy said slowly.

"Yeah…" Cyborg grinned. The fellow Titans stared in a state of curiosity and drunkenness, wondering what the dynamic demented drunken duo had in store. "We were thinking…"

"WE CAN GIVE YOU SOMETHING AND IN EXCHANGE YOU CAN MAKE A MOVE ON RAVEN!" Beast Boy blurted out quickly and then sighed. Cyborg blinked wide eyed.

"Man, I was just going to say tell her that I died from the serious injury she caused me, but that is a much better idea!" grinned Cyborg enthusiastically.

"Alright Beast Boy!" said Robin clapping.

"Good thinking!" approved Aqualad.

"THAT IS THE BEST IDEA SINCE DISNEYLAND!" cried Speedy, ecstatic and arms in the air.

"Senor es…"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP," screamed Aqualad. And by some miracle, they did. And their small hearts grew three sizes that day.

"Maybe Mas," said Menos, "Maybe shutting the fuck up isn't so bad after all." So they both refrained from speaking annoyingly after all. And all the who's down in Whoville okay we are done here. On with the story.

"So Collette, would you do that?" asked Cyborg hopefully, "and in exchange…"

"I AM SO THERE," squealed Collette running out the door to find her sweetie. Or tartie, since we're talking about Raven here.

"TITANS GO!" yelled Robin. All the Titans sprang from their positions, abandoning their empty alcoholic beverages and the burritoed M & M's to catch a glimpse of what would be an interesting night.




Sarah wailed. Raven folded her arms and stared at the ceiling. Starfire made dust bunny angels on the dance room's wooden floor (yes the Sim's had a dance studio). They had been continuing these activities the past three hours, and in no way shape or form is that sad.

Suddenly the door opened and Collette emerged into the dance studio.

All four girls turned to stare, while Sammy continued to dance in front of the mirrors to some European dance beat.

"Miss Raven, may I please see you in the hall for a moment?" asked Collette.

"Um….I guess," she replied slowly getting to her feet and walking to the hallway. The two stood in the hallway.

Collette inhaled a deep breath, "Miss Raven…It has come to my attention that you are very attractive…"

Raven stood there arms crossed and expressionless. She wasn't an idiot. She knew something was going on. Or maybe Zinthos caused immunity to being hit on by lesbians.


"Do it!" Raven and Collette turned to hear a voice coming from behind a plant. Raven's eyebrows furrowed.

"They can't be…." She walked over to the plant and kicked it over to reveal Beast Boy.

"YOU LITTLE!" Raven snarled baring her teeth. Beast Boy scampered down the hall where Raven discovered four other suspicious looking plants looking incredibly out of place.

"SHOW'S OVER!" Raven growled raising her hands up, causing the four potted plants to explode in black energy, revealing Cyborg, Robin, Aqualad, and Speedy.


"Hey Raven," smiled Aqualad winking.

"Hey….." she smiled back dreamily then continued, "BACK STABBING PERVERTED…MPPPPH!"

Before she could finish Collette had grabbed Raven and planted her lips onto hers. Starfire, Sarah, Bumble Bee, and Sammy all ran to the doorway. Even the M & M's had decided to randomly roll their burritoed way to witness the scene, to make it all the more mortifying. And every single person at the crazy incident had the same look upon their face: SWEET MOTHER OF SUSAN.

"Nice," said Beast Boy.

"DITHGUTHING!" screamed Sammy covering his eyes.

Raven finally struggled free and fell to the ground. Before she could kill anybody and destroy the world and all existence in a fit of rage, however, she looked up to see a blinding light envelop Collette. And the result was completely mindboggling. Yes, mindboggling.

"TERRA!?" chorused the entire Titan Team. And there was Terra. The French braid, maid outfit, and huge boobs were gone, but other than that there was no mistake Terra was standing right in front of them.

"We thought you we're dead!" said Robin in disbelief.

"I thought I was too!" said Terra, in equal disbelief.

"Wait, what?" said Cyborg. She then turned to the stunned Raven on the ground.

"Raven…thank you so much…whatever you did you set me free from my false life of…."


"Hey Terra," smiled Aqualad winking.

"Hey…." she smiled back dreamily.


"Yeah I don't know how it happened, I thought for sure when I was a victim of Slade he would have just killed me, but I guess he's a pervert like every other guy in this story."

"Nice," said all the guys in unison.

"GROTH," said Sammy, by himself.

"Raven broke the spell though! And now," said Terra hands on her hips, turning to Beast Boy. "It's time Beast Boy. You have to choose. Date me….or" Terra looked down to see Raven still on the ground blowing a strand of hair out of her face, "Raven."

"Uhhhhh……can you guys just date each other?"

"Nice," said Starfire. Everyone looked at her strangely, but then pretended it never happened because things were already too emotionally unsettling.

"NO," chorused Terra and Raven in unison.

"No I think I'm going to pick that option," nodded Beast Boy.

"But that's…you can't……why would…..uuuuughhh!" Terra threw her hands up in despair and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. "Is he always like this!?"

"All the time," replied Raven, now sitting cross legged on the floor with her arms folded as if she hadn't just made out with her sworn enemy.

"Beast Boy, you have to choose," said Terra.

"No, you can date," he replied.


"I'm good actually."


"Nah, that's okay."


"Make out again?"


"Hey Terra…even though you've like 'rediscovered yourself' and whatnot are you still going to be my pastry chef? Cause like, I really like those cream puffs and technically you can't leave because Daddy hired you and…."

"Actually Terra, she has a point," Said Robin.


"You can't rejoin us. You are employed as a pastry chef here."

"I can quit…"

"Actually," came a voice out of nowhere, "you can't." Mr. Simms, the mayor of the City and Sarah's father walked out of the shadows of the corridor.

"SLADE!?" Robin yelled, getting into fighting position.

"Rudolph?" offered Mr. Sims.

"Daddy!" Sarah smiled.

"Hello Titans! I presume you have the guest list ready for tomorrow's party? I need it now…"

The girls all turned and stared at the boys. Who, instead of making a guest list, argued over toasters and drank wine and vodka while watching America's Next Top Model. Productive. Speedy, grabbing a post it note out of his pocket, scrawled names on it and then presented it to the mayor.

"Here you go, Mr. Sims," he smiled weakly. Mr. Sims took the paper and scanned it.

"Excellent choices! I am most excited to meet Hannah Montana!"

"Who did you…." Cyborg began turning to Speedy.

"HELLO? Can we refocus? Why can't I rejoin!?" asked Terra annoyed.

"Oh! Well because, in any normal occupation you have the alternative to quit, unless you work for me," explained Mr. Sims.

"Why?" asked Terra.

"Well," he chuckled, "Because I'm Mr. Sims!"

"But that doesn't……"

"Well off we go Collette, you've got quite a few pastries to make," he chortled merrily (Santa?), and with that, took Terra's hand and dragged her with him down the hallway. "Ta ta for now Titans!" He called back.

"That was really weird," Said Bumble Bee.

"So… what?" asked Starfire.

"Now?" repeated Sarah, turning to face all the Titans.


Well...that was certainly some effective planning.

I don't know how long it's been since I last wrote but I started this story when I was 13…explaining why it sucks so bad. I'm a lot older now. Legal! Yay. So for all of my loyal readers (do any of you guys still read this?) this is for you! Let me know because I do read every single review and I do remember my fans. In fact I didn't study for three tests tommorow because I felt so guilty reading your comments..plz forgive me ):