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All That She Wants

Chapter 1—Once Upon A Dream

Harry Potter, along with his good friend and occasional fling Blaise Zabini stepped aboard the Hogwarts Express chatting about their summer. Blaise had spent her summer in the South of France. She was currently sharing about all the fun she had with her friend.

"Then I told him he should owl me whenever he wanted," she said with a smile while flipping her long copper colored hair behind her.  Her finely manicured fingernails traced the soft silk of her shirt, "You don't think I was too forward do you?"

Harry smiled, "Not at all. I think you did the right thing. Usually first instincts are the right ones."

Blaise nodded, "I'm sorry I didn't owl you very much."

"Ah, it's fine.  You were having a good time don't worry about it too much."

"Tell me who's on the famous Harry Potter date list this year?"

Harry sighed with a smile, "Well anyone from fifth year and up, I have to wait and see who will fall for my charm this year," he said with a flashy grin of his perfect white teeth.

"Oh who wouldn't fall for your charm? You are quite a guy," she said with a smile.  "So how does it feel to be Head Boy? You get your own dorm, room and everything."

"I think it's gonna be really great," Harry said with a smile.

They found the Head Boy and Girl compartment. A group of young girls passed by the open compartment and looked in, they giggled and waved.  Harry smiled and waved back. The girls took off laughing and giggling to go tell their other friends that Harry Potter waved and smiled at them.

Blaise shook her head with amusement, "You are quite a guy to humor little girls like that Harry."

Harry smiled sincerely, "Well I am a nice guy you know, Sure, most of my dates end with togetherness but I'm still very respectful of the lady.

Blaise nodded, "That is so true," she smiled. "Do you have an idea who Head Girl is?" Blaise asked.

"Well I have an idea who it could be."

*     *     *     *     *

Hermione Granger hugged her mom and dad good bye. "I'll owl you soon," she said. Then she kissed her mother on the cheek.  She grabbed the handle of her cart which held her trunk and her cat carrier and ran through the barrier onto Platform 9¾.  She sighed with delight as the train was reveled before her.

She was ready for her seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Hermione glanced down briefly at her shiny silver head girl badge; she had worked hard to earn this.  Hermione was in the top of her class. In fact she was probably the smartest witch to come to Hogwarts in over a century.  It was true she didn't have much time for friends and partying at school. She felt school was for learning, not for playing. In her whole school career she probably had only one date, and it really wasn't a date.

Her life was more like hey, if you do my homework I'll take pity on you and ask you out. Maybe if you're lucky I might even kiss you, but you would have to put a paper bag over your head with a hole for your mouth so I wouldn't have to look at you. She certainly didn't need that kind of pity, especially from the likes of Ronald Weasley who did offer her that a few years ago.  She hated him and he hated her and they liked to keep it that way. 

 Now Hermione was not an ugly or homely girl, in fact far from it.  She was one of the most attractive girls in the school.  It was just that she would rather spend her time studying then worrying about her frizzy out of control hair.  She did have big teeth at one point, of course thanks to her enemy once again Ronald Weasley who had cast a spell on her which made her teeth grow ten times bigger, she had to get them repaired by the school nurse. She had just let the witch continue to shrink it to where Hermione wanted them. At least now she wouldn't have to get Muggle braces.

Last night Hermione had woken from a dream about her and some young man dancing the night away, only she never got to see his face. He would come closer to her, but as soon as she would look up into his eyes he would be far away and she couldn't tell who it was. It would always end with him saying 'I think we should be more.'   She hated dreams like that, she had been having them for a few nights now. She had the distinct feeling that she knew him or that she really wanted to get to know him. 

Hermione knew only two boys at school. One was a little friendly to her than most, and the other one barley knew who she was but he still did often give her small wave and a polite smile. Just as she lifted her head she saw two Hufflepuff boys, Draco Malfoy and Justin Finch Fletchley, walking in her direction. She watched Justin look up and give her a polite smile and a wave as the boys came closer. The boys passed her without talking to her. Justin was in the middle of a conversation with Draco. Just then she heard him say "I think we should be more." The boy in her dream was Justin, it had to be.  It was the only logical explanation.  Her head snapped around watching him. It had to be Justin, it made perfect sense. 

Hermione managed to get her trunk onto the train and headed back towards the Head Boy and Girl compartment. She saw Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin girl leaving the compartment.  Hermione wondered what she was doing in there. That was the Head Boy and Girl compartment.  She shrugged her shoulders. 'O well' she thought.  Hermione opened the door to the compartment and was just a bit startled to see the only other boy that was nice to her; The Boy Who Lived, the one who defeated You-Know-Who when he was only fifteen, The Slytherin house Hottie, the one, the only… Harry Potter.  "What are you doing in here?" Hermione asked somewhat confused.

Harry glanced up at her from his book, "I thought you were supposed to be a genius?" he teased with a smile, "Why would I be sitting in this compartment? Thanks to you and your wonderful brain helping me all through school, I am Head Boy."

Hermione rolled her eyes and sat down across from him, "That's right you should be thanking me.  Remember without me, you're nothing."

A small chuckle found its way out of Harry, "Sure Herms. Whatever you say," He was being sarcastic.

"Don't call me that, you know I hate it," Hermione said as she turned towards the window and watched the scenery start to breeze by.

The lady with the cart soon passed by the open compartment doors, and stopped, "Anything from the cart dears?" she asked with a smile.

Harry stood up and looked at the selections on the cart, he purchased a Cherry Fizzy and turned back to Hermione, "Would you like anything?" 

She shook her head, saying she wasn't in the mood for anything to eat or drink.

Harry watched as the lady with the cart continued on down the train to the next compartment, and then closed the compartment doors.

Hermione nestled into the cushion more; she was finally on her way to school. 

"So how was your summer?" she asked looking over at him.

"Well, it was pretty good. Sirius and I went to Virgin Islands. Let's just say that there aren't too many virgins left cause no one can resist the great Harry Potter," Harry said while wiggling his eyebrows a bit.

Hermione laughed a little, "You are so full of yourself." She glanced towards the window of the compartment doors.  Justin was standing there talking to a sixth year witch.  She sighed while watching him.  She promptly forgot about Harry and his conversation, which he was still involved in.

Harry noticed that she was staring out the door, instead of listening to his grand tale of his summer vacation.  "Hermione?" no answer, "Hermione?" he said a little louder. No response, not even a flinch.  "Earth to Hermione Granger," he said, and again he was being ignored.  He smirked with an idea, "I heard that Ronald Weasley said he was in love with you." He watched her head snap around and watched a look of pure disgust form on her face.

"What?!" she asked shocked out of her mind. 

"No, not really, I just had to get your attention somehow, you were zoning out into space," Harry said with a grin.

Hermione sighed, "No I wasn't." She pointed to the compartment window, "There he is."

"Who is?" he looked to where she was pointing feeling slightly confused, "It's only Finch Fletchley."

She sighed again, "I know." Hermione stared longingly out the window.

Harry started laughing a bit; he could tell when girls had crushes considering they had them on him all the time.  He knew the signs and what to look for.  "Don't tell me you have a thing for Finch Fletchley?!"

"Alright, I won't tell you," she said glancing down into her lap. She heard Harry laughing a bit harder now. She snapped her head up and glared at him.  "What's so funny?"

"You have the hots for Justin Finch Fletchley, that's like the funniest thing I ever heard."

"It is not," she said her temper now starting to boil.  "He's like the second Mr. Popularity after you."  She crossed her arms hugging herself, "I don't see why you think it so funny."

Still chuckling, Harry glanced at her irritated face "It's just he's so, so… what's the word?" He thought a moment, "Dense!"

Hermione had to admit that Harry was right about that, but it still didn't dismiss the fact that Justin was most assuredly her Mr. Right. "Sure, half the time he doesn't know what's going on, but he's still a nice person," she said as she turned to look out the window and watch as Justin started walking away, "Now all I have to do is get him to notice me," she said under her breath quietly. 

Harry heard what she said anyway, "And just how are you going to do that?" He lifted the bottle to his lips and started drinking the cherry juice.

Hermione stared out the window into the empty hall, a thought popped into her mind and her head whipped around. She looked at Harry with a smirk on her face, "You are going to help me," she pointed at him.

Startled, Harry dropped the bottle onto his lap and its contents spilled all over him, and the bottle dropped to the floor. "Me?" Harry pointed to himself.   He reached down and picked up the bottle from off the floor.

"Harry I thought you could control your bladder? Really, the restroom is right out there," she pointed towards the hall with a smirk.

Harry ignored her remark, why on earth was she asking him for help, "Why me?"

"Well you know all about how men see women, and well since you are the expert you could tell me what and how to get Justin to notice me," she said with a bright smile.

"Ah… I don't know," he scratched the back of his head.

"Well look at it this way, if you help me you won't owe me anything anymore," she said with an arched eyebrow.

Harry thought a moment, it was true the only reason they were and hand been friends was they kept saving the others butt in one way or another, and they kept owing each other, "Really?"

Hermione nodded, "Really.  So what do you say?"

"Okay I'll help you, but I have a couple of conditions. You have to listen to me and do what I say. Remember, I do know what I'm doing."

Hermione sighed while thinking a moment, "Well, as long as what you say isn't really outrageous, then fine."  Suddenly she saw a flash of red in the corner of her eye. Hermione turned towards the compartment window as that same flash of red walked backwards and look into the window.  He shoved open the door and stepped inside.

"What's going on in here?" he was irritated.

Hermione rolled her eyes then glared at him.  It was her least favorite person.  Ron Weasley. "Go away."

"Excuse me, did I really address you?" he said with bitterness.

"Look, I really don't care if you addressed me. Now, stop being the typical jerk that you are Weasley and go away."

This time he stared right at her, "What are you doing in this compartment with this blasted Slytherin?" he spat.

Harry rolled his eyes. 

"He's Head Boy you idiot," Hermione spat.

"I'm the idiot? I'm not the one hanging around with an evil Slytherin.  If anyone is the idiot here it's you!" Ron said glaring at Hermione.

"What did you come in for Weasley?" Harry said with even more irritation.

"Well I came to see why a Slytherin is sitting in here with a Gryffindor.  They should not mix," Ron spat.

"And why is that?" Harry smirked.

Ron didn't have a good argument, "Because I said so… that's why!"

Harry pressed his hand to his heart in exaggeration, "Hold the presses. Stop everything. Ronald Juliet Weasley said that Slytherins and Gryffindors shouldn't mix.  I suppose we should all drop everything and do what he says, he's king, no wait he's God." 

Hermione's head snapped in Ron's direction, she was already busting up with laughter, "Ha, ha, you're middle name is Juliet?" She was clutching her stomach and was laughing so hard that tears were forming at the corners of her eyes and her body swayed threatening to fall to the floor in laughter.   

Ron's face flushed to the color of his hair. Who was she to laugh at him? "HEY!! It's a family name."

"Yeah, for you sister maybe," Hermione said still in hysterics. She wiped her eyes with slender fingers, "Oh no, wait I get it, your parents thought you were going to be a girl." She started chuckling again, "Oh I can see why, just look at you. That beautiful red hair and those adorable blue eyes, anyone would think you were female."

"Shut up!!" Ron screamed.

"You even scream like a girl," Hermione said.

Ron looked over at Harry who was smirking, "This is all your fault. You'll pay for this. Watch your back Potter," he spat.

Harry stood, "Are you threatening me Weasley? If you are I suggest that you just forget about it." Harry crossed his arms over his chest, "Don't forget Weasley, I killed Voldemort with once simple curse. I could use it on you."

Ron feared Harry but he didn't show it, "You wouldn't dare, it would land you in Azkaban!"

Harry smirked, "I could make it look like an accident, self induced death.  I know how you hate living in your family's shadow."

Ron glared, "You had better watch out Potter." He then looked over at Hermione, "And you'll stay away from him if you know what's good for you." Ron was angry.

"I'll be friends with whomever I want. He may be in Slytherin, but he isn't an asshole like you.  Now, be on your way before I curse you myself," Hermione said glaring.

"Take this as a warning Granger, I will make certain that no Gryffindor, regardless of how I loath your ass, will ever be in close with a damn dirty Slytherin," he said pointing a finger in her face.

Hermione smacked his hand away glaring. If looks could kill Ron would have died three times already. "If you ever stick anything of yours in my face again I'll break it," she was dead serious.

Ron backed away glaring at both Harry and Hermione, "Mark my words, this is not over."

Hermione took a couple of deep breaths. Oh how she hated Ron Weasley.  He was always so mean and cruel.  "I wonder how he ever was even sorted into Gryffindor. With the way he acts he shouldn't even have been admitted into school at all," she said as she took her seat back down on her side of the compartment.

"Oh don't worry about Weasley. He can't really hurt you.  He's just full of hot air," Harry said. He then offered her a smile.

"Yeah, sure," Hermione said glancing out the window of the train.

Harry studied her for a moment, he remembered back when he first came to this school.  He wouldn't really talk to her at all. In fact he thought she was the most annoying girl on the face of the earth.  Harry remembered saving her life back in first year. Sure they hadn't become friends right away but since he knew of Wizarding rules she now owed him a wizard's, or should he say witch's debt.  So he had asked for her to help him pass his classes. They started spending some time together which allowed them to get to know one another and finally became a friends… well as close as he could be to being just friends with a female.

He wasn't too comfortable with his feelings, or emotions. He usually masked whatever he was feeling.  His aunt and uncle, that he had lived with for most of his life were horrid to him so it kind of made him hard in the heart.  He never lets any emotions out and he will never be close with anyone… even Hermione.

Hermione turned her head finding Harry staring at her, "What?"

Harry shook his head as if snapping out of something, "Oh nothing, I was just thinking."

"Oh, what about?" Hermione said crossing her legs and sitting back further into the cushion

"About the fact that if I never saved your life back in first year, I wouldn't even know who you are," Harry said.

"Yes, that's probably true," Hermione said with a smile.  "But it's not like we can change the past you know."

"I know sometimes I wish we could.  There are so many things I would change," she said glancing down in her lap.

Harry nodded, "Yes, I know what I would change if I could." He then turned towards the window, he didn't want to talk about it anymore, it would bring up past emotions and he didn't like dealing with those. 

Hermione knew what he was talking about even though he didn't have to say anything.  She wasn't going to press him on the matter. Her eyes gently closed and she was off to visit dreamland.

Well it was going to be a boring train ride Harry thought as he looked at the now sleeping Hermione. Yes, a boring one indeed.


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