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Naraku has disappeared. No one senses any aura left of him. No one knows where he has gone and only few hints are left behind. Demons who feared the great power of Naraku have dared to come out of their holes to harass mortals.

After Naraku there were four groups, but to keep them busy these lower demons with less power than Naraku interferes their travel. To some of the groups those demons bring more trouble than to the others. Maybe to some they won't bring any kind of interference.

Kikyo goes on her lonely way looking for this great demon so she can one day defeat him while helping people during her travel. Kouga, with his loyal companions, travels forward wanting revenge over his clan. Inu-yasha moves travels with his friends of who everyone has their own reasons for finding this demon.

Then there is this fourth group. . .

Sesshomaru travels with his loyal servant, mount and a human girl he saved. With them he looks for revenge over this feared demon.

In the middle of all the chaos Naraku's disappearance caused, a forest continues its usual life, knowing nothing of Naraku and the chaos outside.

This forest grows in a valley between mountains. No one dares to go there and enter the forest. No mortal dares to challenge the misty forest of legends.

This forest called "Mists" lets people in, but no one out. Stories are told of demons and humans who had entered but never come back. Why had none of them come back? The answer is heard when a shrill scream cuts through the night.

In the Mists lives a demon – feared for his powers in the ground he owns. This forest is his kingdom and anyone who dares to enter has come to face his doom. This demon, Kurai, lives with the flesh of mortals and enjoys killing demons.

One night, in a nearby village, the people woke up, once again, from the shrill scream from down in the valley. The scream tells there is another victim for the demon lurking in the Mists. While the villagers are in their beds their dreams are interrupted by that scream that will ring in their mind for many weeks after.

But what had Kurai now found?

Inside the forest. Among the mists. There stood a tall figure of a man leaning on a tree heavily panting. Despite all the darkness you couldn't overlook all the blood in his long white hair and light colored clothes. The clothes were ripped and ragged his only arm had many cuts.

When the shrill scream was heard again this man quickly turned in the opposite direction moving as fast as he could in his injured state. He moved forward, not seeing the marks he left behind. He felt he was getting weaker with every step, but if he didn't keep going he wouldn't survive.

He had to get out from this misty forest, but the deeper he went the weaker he came and the more it looked the same around him. He had no sense of direction anymore. Did he come from here or there? He didn't know and so all he could do was go forward.

When the scream got nearer he lost his balance. His legs gave out and he fell to the ground panting. His sight was disappearing and when he heard noises before him he couldn't make any sense of them or the dark figures before him.

Soon only blackness surrounded him and the last thing he knew was the damp ground against his body and the smell of earth. . .

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