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Chapter 3

The call you longed to hear

Days passed and slowly the demon body loosed it stiffness and got its strength back. However the mind of the demon in question was still having its dark spots like something important was forgotten. He remembered a shrilling scream, pain and those nightmares he saw, but that was all he could remember of his time in the forest. He didn't remember why he had been there or what happened. . .

Senshi had left his chosen weapon – an iron javelin with a symbol of courage on its end – beside a tree when he had picked up two katanas just like his sister. As the leading warrior of the village he had to know how to use other weapons than only his javelin.

He had his greenish eyes fixed on his sister who moved her katanas with more grace than he would be ever able to do. But it was true that his older sister was more experienced with katanas and kendo.

Her moves with the two katanas were beautiful to watch on even when your mind wasn't working too well. Sesshomaru was sitting a bench before the food storage which was right beside the hut working as a kitchen.

He was watching on the training Senshi and Arashi went trough. He as well Arashi knew that the woman was the better one of the two. They started their training from slow motion fastening it by every hit.

Always when the other one brought a katana to other one's neck or belly would they stop, bow and start over again. This had gone by for some hours, but it was enjoyable to watch on when you had food and something to drink before you.

But the siblings weren't the only ones training on the moment. All the warriors and youths of the village who had nothing important to do used the time to train. It was only Senshi and Arashi and some other more experienced warriors who used real katanas rather than wooden sword. But when doing so, you had to have perfect collaboration with your partner.

Arashi and Senshi did have that, after all they had been training together since kids. That wasn't left unnoticed by Sesshomaru either. He did notice the perfect combination of their moves even thought Arashi was the entire time one step ahead in reading his moves. However it could be different if Senshi used his javelin.

Sesshomaru took his wooden cub in which he had water. Usually he wouldn't eat human food, but in his current situation with out his quick healing ability he was making exceptions with more than one thing.

Shima walked toward him and when he noticed her intentions of sitting down beside him he glared at him, but kept his growl inside. He had no interest to be too near the humans thought Shizuka was an exception.

Shima did notice his glare that would have maybe stopped someone else, but that glare didn't have too much effect on her. With out a word or paying attention to their guest she sat beside him having a wooden plate full of fruits which some warriors had collected from the woods.

Sesshomaru had in the beginning no intention to look at the woman beside him, but then he still turned to look at her just to get a better picture of her. She was so much different than many others here even thought the black hair was here common just like it should be.

This woman however gave the idea of a vampire from those horror stories parents told their kids and in which some even believed in. He was however sure that no garlic would make her run away. Not at least when there was one on her plate to begin with.

She was dressed like the other times he had seen her in perfectly black kimono. It would be interesting to know what this woman's past held.

When realizing that his thoughts were those of a curious person Sesshomaru looked away and fixed his eyes on the training pairs again. These people around him were only humans – weaker and lower than he was. He shouldn't show any interest for them.

Some more hours passed. Shima had finished her fruits and other stuff on her plate and had just silently watched on the training. So was Sesshomaru, but his reason to still stay there was that he didn't know where else to go now when Shizuka wasn't around.

Some of the training pairs already finished and went for food or just relaxed under a tree or something. With a bow to each other also Senshi and Arashi ended their training. They collected their katanas quickly with experience of doing it.

Senshi went of to take care of the rest of the work left for him for the day. He collected a small group of warriors and soon disappeared behind some hut at the other side of the opening where the village was based on.

Arashi in another hand walked toward Sesshomaru and Shima wiping her forehead with her sleeve. She reached for a cup which was near Shima and sipped some fresh water.

Sesshomaru hasn't really paid any attention on this woman either even thought he was living on the moment in her hut. Now looking up at her he watched on her curly red hair to be like glued against her neck. Her dressing was that of a samurai with out armour.

"You haven't been too calm lately, chieftess" Shima pointed out with her emotionless voice. She didn't even bother to look at Arashi when saying that. She had her eyes fixed on somewhere a lot further away.

Arashi hmphed and put the cup down. "Is it that obvious?" she asked scratching the back of her head moving her weight to one leg.

"His situation troubles you doesn't it?" Shima asked calmly not even bothering to look either Sesshomaru or Arashi.

Arashi looked up from Shima at Sesshomaru but their eyes didn't meat cause Sesshomaru looked elsewhere.

"Well. . . I soon need to join the group into the forest" Shima said standing up collecting her wooden plate. "We'll see if we find something." Then she left Sesshomaru and Arashi together.

Arashi emptied her cub by drinking the rest of the water in it. He was long silent moving her katanas on her back where they belonged. Then he collected his cup as well Sesshomaru's dishes. She took them to the kitchen-hut before she returned.

Sesshomaru had paid no attention on her when she took his plate and cup. He was fine with it. Serving was all humans were good for! He didn't even turn to look at the chieftess who sat beside him on the bench.

"Guest-with-out-a-name. . ." she began using the calling name she had promised to use until he would tell his name. He turned to look at her with those uncaring eyes. She had planned on asking what he remembered or anything like that, but in the end she didn't. "You know how to use a katana?" she asked tilting her head to the side slightly.

Sesshomaru was slightly surprised, but didn't show that on his expression. Arashi had been asking his name and other stuff for many times by now, but he hadn't opened his mouth even ones to her. However her question was something he hadn't expected.

He first just stared at her trying to read what was on her mind, but it was no use. She just kept her nothing telling expression which was almost challenging. When her lips slightly curved into a smile he stood up.

She smiled wider and gave the other one of her katanas to him. Sesshomaru looked at the katana with wonder. Would she risk to train with a person who she didn't even know and with real katanas.

He took the sword with a hint of wonder in his eyes. She let that be and went further away and took her other katana. The demon had only one hand and so he was able to use only one katana, but she had both hand, but she would use only one katana to little level the scales.

Both of them stepped back from each other and turned to face each other. Arashi bowed down and Sesshomaru only stared at her. Noticing that he won't bow she stood up and got ready for the match.

Sesshomaru moved his hand and moved his legs a lot before either on of them made a move at each other. He did that to get most of the stiffness of his body away. When she noticed that he would be ready for him she came straight at him.

Sesshomaru sighed and tried to dodge it only to get a small score into the sleeve of his shirt. He turned to look at his sleeve like it would be a miracle, but actually it was. Usually he was a lot faster!

Arashi held back her next attack to let the demon to come in terms with what happened. Sesshomaru stared at his sleeve and slowly realized that he hadn't lost only his quick healing power but also his incredible speed.

When he looked back at Arashi he knew she had come easily at him letting him dodge the attack. If she wouldn't have done that he would now be injured. Taking a deep breath he readied himself for the next attack.

He didn't need to wait for it cause Arashi came straight at him again. This time knowing he had to improvise now with out his usual powers, he dodged the attack with the blade of the katana. The strength of the attack wasn't much and he noticed that.

Quickly he however tried for an attack himself, but that was easily dodged by Arashi who was now in better position than him.

If he just would be in his full demon power she would be dead by now. He would even be killing all the villagers just for the fun of it, but now doing something like that meant death.

He however soon forgot that when the speed of their match fastened and both of them dodged, attacked and got slight scratches. Sesshomaru got a better hold of his moves the more he fought. The need for getting his demon powers soon was forgotten it was replaced by something familiar.

Arashi saw a slight grin on the demons face and knew she had reached the point she believed she would by doing this. However, she didn't know how much to trust this demon.

Sesshomaru felt that familiar need of demons – the need to taste the blood and thrill to kill. It was good to feel something familiar after so long. Soon he forgot who he was fighting against. Now he saw only a simple human to fill that need.

Shizuka carried water in two wooden buckets toward Arashi's hut. She went inside and landed the buckets beside the door. First she would find her patient. She stepped out from the hut seeing Senshi and Shima collecting some warriors for the tip into the forest.

The trip would take over night. Shizuka didn't know thought were they looking for something special or just making one of those trips they did ones in a while to make sure there very no more victims of Kurai.

She looked at them for a shot moment and then went toward the kitchen-hut. From there she herd clashes of two katanas. She lifted her gaze from the ground to the direction she was going to and saw Arashi fighting with Sesshomaru.

Her eyes widened cause she didn't know was it serious or not, but in any way it could become very serious. She run toward the kitchen-hut lifting the hem of her light colored kimono.

Arashi notice how the attacks the demon made were getting stronger by every try. It wasn't only his mind anymore that moved him but also his senses. She narrowed her eyes slightly trying to catch up again with his rhythm of fighting.

Sesshomaru attacked, dodged, but the scratches he got became rarer and rarer by every passing minute. His senses were moving him and maybe it was only cause he wasn't wholly healed yet or the feeling was just to familiar not to let to take the control.

Then suddenly he knew the fight was his. With that slight grin on his face he began his final attack for the human's neck. He put all his strength behind that one.

But he wasn't ready for the thoughts that in those mere seconds came into his mind. . .

Weren't it humans who helped you out? Weren't it humans who were concerned of your health and tried to do more than they could for you? Why are you now killing a human? Who are you killing? Is this how you return trust?

Suddenly just inches before Arashi's neck he realized it was her. He stopped the katana just in time before he hurt her. His expression was that of a confused one but he still managed to realize that Arashi had her sword ready to dodge just in time.

It all happened in few seconds but he noticed a wide grin Arashi's face. It would have been luck if he would have been able to kill Arashi, but he truly didn't understand why he hadn't ended the blow.

He looked down on the ground and backed up. Then with out looking at Arashi he gave the katana he had back to her.

Shizuka was at ease when she saw that the fight didn't end to bloodshed. She also knew enough of fighting to realize that Sesshomaru had of his own free will chosen not the end the attack.

When she finally arrived to Arashi she saw Sesshomaru to walk away. She could only imagine what would be moving in his mind now.

¤¤¤in the forest¤¤¤

Senshi walked in the front of the group of five warriors and Shima in addition of him. He had his long javelin on his back when he walked it the area which was dangerous enough with out Kurai. The whole place was big swamp, but there went some safe paths trough it which Senshi knew well.

The group's main course now was to find some animals which might have come to this place. If there was some wild animals usable for food they just needed to hope that Kurai wouldn't find them first.

Shima had told the other that Kurai was nowhere near this part of the forest. That would at least keep them safe for now. They moved in a line trough the swamps on the thin path. They were silent to not attract Kurai at them.

Suddenly one of the warriors stopped making the two behind him stop. He slapped quickly the one in front of him and motioned him to stop. He slapped the next one and so on until also Senshi stopped.

The warrior who had first stopped and had his long black hair in one braid pointed to their left side. All of them turned to that direction and they saw a colourful shoe just beside a tree in the swamp.

The warriors looked at each other until they decided that the oldest of them with grey short hair would go and get it. They wrapped a roped they had with them like always around his waist before he would try to find a safe way to the shoe.

The old warrior took deep breath when he started to walk slowly trough the swamp toward the shoe. He tried to find solid ground to step on the whole way to the shoe. If he still would step into bog hole and sink the other warriors would pull him back the best they could.

When he reached the shoe no one relaxed yet. They knew that returning to them would be dangerous as well. The old warrior tried to follow the path he had used and so he reached the other only slipping slightly to wet his other shoe thought.

He gave the colorful shoe to Shima. Shima took the shoe and sniffed it. Senshi grabbed it before she could stop him and sniffed it. "Our demon guest" he said silently to the others and giving a questioning look to Shima.

"What?" she demanded silently. "Are you trying to tell me demons can't use shoes?!"

Senshi backed and turned around with out a word and threw the shoe to the warriors. One of them put it on a bag on his back.

They continued their walk trough the swamp until they were past it. There they stopped for a moment to decide where to go. The forest was huge and not even they knew every part of it unlike Kurai.

Senshi and Shima looked around until they decided on their own which way to go. They pointed to the directions they had decided and made the warriors confused.

"So. . . Where are we going?" the old warrior dared to ask silently.

Shima and Senshi looked behind them at the warriors not understanding. Then they looked at each other realizing that they were pointing into different directions. Both of them narrowed their eyes.

They were silent for a moment until Senshi gave up. Shima was satisfied and went to the direction she had decided. The warriors followed him and Senshi came after them. "How could I resist those eyes" he muttered to himself for comfort.

One of the younger warriors leaned for the one beside him and whispered "He's the only one who can't resist eyes of an ice-queen." The one beside him smiled and looked that.

"That's what it is when you suffer of one-sided love" the other warrior told the younger one by winking his eye.

Senshi narrowed his eyes when hearing their whispers. He came quickly behind them and wrapped his arms around their shoulder. "And what are you talking about me?" he demanded looking at both of them dangerously.

¤¤¤next day¤¤¤

Shima yawned and stretched her back. How she hated night out in the forest! They had nothing to make their sleep any comfortable. You had two kind of beds of which to choose. One was that of a dry branch high up in the tree or one on the damp ground.

This time Shima had chosen the damp bed which she usually avoids. It's pretty cold to sleep over night on the ground. Beside her only the oldest warrior had chosen the damp bed and now was slowly opening his eyes beside another tree.

When getting up moving her hands and legs Shima looked up into the trees to locate Senshi. Like always he was in the same tree she had chosen. This time she just wasn't high up on a branch but at the ground beside it.

Shima shook her head and then looked for a stone. She picked it up and threw it at Senshi on the branch. He woke up quickly and forgetting that he was up in a tree he rolled too much to the left.

However he realized it just in time to grab a hold of the branch and avoid falling all the way to the ground.

Shima only shook her head and nodded to the old warrior who finally stood up. Then she looked for the other warriors of who three were already waking up, but the last one needed to woken up by the old warrior.

Soon however even Senshi managed to get down on the ground around her to hear her instructions. "We haven't yet found any animals" she explained silently with her cold voice. "We need to get nearer Kurai so we might find something."

None of them liked of the thought but everyone nodded. They wouldn't protest and after all Kurai had already become so big part of their life that it wasn't strange to get this kind of orders.

Soon they were on the move again and Senshi took the lead like usually. They walked trough the driest parts of the wood just enter an area which had been a swamp years ago. It was almost dry, but there could still be lurking bog holes.

They moved carefully trough the old swamp not too far way from each other when they all suddenly froze. They heard that chilling scream that every living creature hated.

"He's coming right at us" Shima said coldly, but the others could notice some worry in here voice.

The warriors moved restlessly waiting for orders. Senshi took his javelin being ready to face Kurai like many times before.

Shima who knew Kurai best of them all listened on the screams the demon was making. "Climb into the trees!" she ordered quickly but keeping her voice silent.

The others followed the orders quickly and when the others were in the trees Shima finally climbed up. She wasn't sure would Kurai come all the way to the place where they were or would he change the direction soon.

All she know was that that scream was it's hunting scream with which he tried to stop his victims.

The seven of them listened carefully the sound they heard and hoped that Kurai wouldn't come all the way to them. Suddenly the screams disappeared and the only sound they could hear was that of Kurai going further away from them.

Shima sighed but then she suddenly heard another voices. Senshi was quicker thought and gave orders to the warriors. "Take your bows" he told them and then looked into the mists of the forest. "Shoot down as many as you can."

That was the final order before herd of caribous run toward them and right under the trees where they were. There were seven or eight of them and it was likely that Kurai had cached some of them.

The warriors shot three of them down dead and one was only slowed down. When noticing that Senshi went down followed by others and quickly finished the kill not wanting make the caribou suffer any longer.

"What a lucky day for us and Kurai" one of the warriors pointed out smiling.

"Yes it was" Shima said absent mindedly.

The warriors tied up the legs of the caribous and lifted them on their back. These were of a small caribou race, thought they weighted more than was likely.

They headed back for the village this time avoiding the big swamp. They walked forward in the mists. They could be satisfied with their hunt today. They had something good to bring home.

They had almost reached the opening where the village was when Senshi suddenly heard a very weak sound. With out saying anything he went after that sound.

Shima looked after him for a while and then sighing he motioned for the others to follow her back to the village.

¤¤¤In the village¤¤¤

Sesshomaru was sitting under a tree on the shadowy side on this sunny day. He had the small two-headed staff in his hand. He looked at the face of a woman and the face of a man – which certainly wasn't very handsome one.

Sighing he leaned heavily on the tree. Jaken. . . It was the name of the small demon serving him. He could remember him. He was all the time following him around and more often was more of a trouble than help. However Jaken had admired him a lot.

He sighed again closing his eyes. If he just could remember what had happened to the little demon.

He opened his eyes again just to see Arashi standing in front of him. "Could you finally tell your name?" she asked calmly having her hand on her hips and leaning forward. "I'm getting tired of calling you the guest-with-out-a-name."

Sesshomaru looked down. This was the first time he was face to face with Arashi since their match. He looked up at her again. "The name is Sesshomaru" he told her hoping that she would go away.

Her eyes widened slightly but soon a smile appeared on her face. It was the first words he had spoken to her. "Sesshomaru, eh?" She kneeled down in front of her looking straight into his golden eyes.

"What kind of demon are you?" she asked still having that smile on her face.

Sesshomaru stared at her long and then stood up. "I told you enough for today" he told her and walked away.

Arashi sighed. Usually she would be boiling by now, but something in this demon didn't let her get angry at him. She narrowed her eyes at that thought. It was strange a feeling.

"Papa! Papa!" a kid shout running right past Sesshomaru. He stopped and looked to the direction where the boy was running. There he saw this vampire-girl with five warriors returning from the forest. It seems they had a good hunt.

He noticed that Arashi run quickly to the returning hunter. She seemed to be angry or worried and talking to Shima. Shima had only pointed back at the forest, but they were too far for Sesshomaru to hear.

Shizuka came behind Sesshomaru laying a hand on his shoulder. She was a tall woman thought not as tall as he was of course. She smiled to him when he glanced at her.

Then he lifted the staff up again clenching his hand around it. He wished he could remember. He sat before Arashi's hut on the bench there. Shizuka left him there and went inside.

Sesshomaru sighed just when one the warrior with the long braid came to him. He looked up at the warrior and saw his shoe in his hands. "We found this" the warrior told. "Yours?"

Sesshomaru looked into the warriors eyes before snatching the shoe from the warrior. The warrior smiled and then went to his girlfriend. . . or wife. . . or what ever she was!

The demon only glanced behind him when he went away with the woman maybe telling what had happened during the hunt.

What a surprise to get your shoe back after you have been attacked by some creature you know nothing or and being treated as one of them by humans. Shoe would now least of all interest him as well. It wouldn't tell anything of Jaken, Toukijin or. . . Rin. . .

He threw the shoe on the ground between his legs and collected the staff he had dropped when he snatched his shoe from the warrior.

While he was staring at the staff again Shizuka came out from the hut bringing a hot bowl of soup in her hands. She offered it to Sesshomaru who first only glanced at her. Then he put the staff beside him on the bench and took the offered bowl with his only hand.

Shizuka smiled and sat down beside the staff. She looked at him sipping the soup she had made for him and her as well Arashi when she just comes back to the hut.

Suddenly there came some shouts from the other side of the village but Sesshomaru didn't pay attention to those when sipping his soup. Shizuka did turn, but cause of his muteness said nothing. It didn't seem important either cause she wasn't trying to catch his attention.

He heard someone walking nearer, but after smelling that it was Senshi he didn't bother to look when he finished his soup. He put the bowl down between his feet.


His eyes widened when hearing that and slowly he turned to look at Senshi. . .


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