Information – This is my first attempt at an Evangelion fic. Some events will change, and the battles will be completely different. And by different, I mean they should, and will be a lot more viscous and bloodier. This first chapter will show one event that has changed the series as well as the first angel battle. If it's a little confusing, I'm sorry, it should clear up in later chapters. "Talking!" 'Thinking!' /Angel thinking or talking!/

~ Let's Start the story ~

Gendo Ikari stared at his son for a few minutes. Yui had just disappeared inside Unit 01 a few days ago. Gendo was saddened about this unfortunate misinterpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Shinji suddenly walked up to his father with a small bug in his hand.
"Look what I found daddy," he said smiling at the man. Gendo smiled back at his son.
"That's very interesting Shinji. Now go play for a few more minutes. We have to go see the good doctor in a few minutes," he said. Shinji nodded before he started to walk away. After a few more minutes, Gendo walked over a picked up the small boy. Shinji just smiled at the man before he quickly fell asleep. Gendo set Shinji down inside the car and then hopped into the drivers side seat as well. After a quick drive to the Geofront, Gendo picked up Shinji and brought him to the office of Naoko Akagi. The purple haired doctor looked up at Gendo and his son Shinji.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked him, fear in her voice.
"It will help for when the time comes. The tests of humanity will destroy us unless we are ready. Shinji will be the one to pass these tests. We have to do it," he said looking at his son with slight sadness.
"It will turn him into a violent maniac! No one would be able to control him!" she screamed looking at Gendo.
"That is why we will send him away for training. I will be sad to see him go, but we have to do this," he said setting Shinji in a giant chair. The boy started to wake up and then smiled at his father.
"The doctor has to do a test on you Shinji. Hold still," he said strapping Shinji down inside the machine. Shinji just continued to smile.
'Daddy would never do anything to hurt me,' he thought happily. Gendo stepped back and gave another smile to his son; Shinji smiled back.
"Do it," he said turning back to Naoko. She activated the machine and almost puked as the small boy in front of her screamed in agony and his body began to convulse viciously.
"The only way to be calm is to get strong and fight. The only way to calm your nerves is to fight an opponent. The opponents that will appear in 2015 are the ones who killed you mother. Remember my words and train hard to kill those evils," he said before motioning for the doctor to cut the machine. He walked forward and released his son. The boy looked up with dead eyes. Suddenly his entire face contorted into pure rage. His fist flew up into Gendo's face knocking the man solidly on his ass. The boy started to scream again and then he passed out. Gendo slowly rose up off the ground trying to nurse his broken nose back to health. Naoko ran forward to help him but he shrugged her off.
"Send Shinji to as many dojos and schools as possible until 2015. He will be brought back to NERV when the third angel arrives," he said before walking out of the room. Naoko looked at the small boy in front of her.
"Welcome to the real world hero," she said silently.

~ The day of the third angel, Sachiel ~

Shinji listened to the recording for the hundredth time before finally slamming the phone down on the hook and breaking it.
"I shouldn't have fucking come here," he yelled punching the machine; it quickly cracking open and spilled change at his feet. He ran a hand threw his blood red hair as he looked back at the picture of a beautiful woman. The writing on it told him she would meet him as well as pointing out the cleavage. He quickly pocketed the picture before looking up. He found a girl with sky blue hair in a school uniform staring at him. Suddenly a small tremor rocked the area around him. He looked back over at the girl but found her gone.
"Great, now I'm seeing things," he said turning to find himself face to foot with a huge creature. It suddenly attacked the small jets around him; he threw his hands up in front of his face. When he wasn't blasted by shrapnel he looked up to find a blue sedan with the door open.
"Your Shinji right?" she asked. He nodded and she motioned for him to jump in. As they started to take off the angel took a step flipping the car. Before it could step on them, a huge purple being appeared and smacked it away. It looked down and carefully flipped the car.
"This one is on our side, isn't it?" asked Shinji.
"Yep, Thanks!" she yelled. The monster seemed to nod before rising up off the ground. When it finally took a defensive stance, Shinji grimaced.
"It won't win," he said sitting down in the car.
"What?!" questioned Misato.
"The robot is favoring the left the side. Meaning the right is weak or injured. If that thing notices that, it will target the weak side and blast by its defenses. The pilot of that thing is green," he said his eyes losing their life and turning to a dead look. Misato looked in the rearview mirror to find the purple behemoth landing on the ground. It didn't rise again; and then quickly shrunk down into the ground. She looked down at Shinji to see him flexing his hand into a fist over and over again. After a few more minutes they found themselves face to face with Ritsuko Akagi.
"I wasn't even lost yet!" yelled Misato throwing the doctor a death glare.
"He's trying to make Rei go out in unit one again. I'm trying to stop that by getting Shinji there faster," she said throwing the boy a strange look.
"What is it Naoko?" asked Shinji.
"Sorry, she's dead. I'm her daughter, Ritsuko. Did you take your suppressants today?" she asked. Shinji shook his no. Ritsuko paled slightly.
"No wonder he doesn't want you," she said. They quickly made their way down to the cages where Gendo was checking on a blue haired girl. When they entered Gendo looked up at his son.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
"What, newbie here couldn't handle it?" he sneered his face falling into a scary grin.
"No, she could not. Will you please..."
"I don't know. What could possibly..." he suddenly grabbed his head. A small bracelet on his wrist began to glow menacingly.
/Your opponent is outside. The only way to face him is to pilot/ a voice screamed in his head. Shinji quickly rose off the ground, climbed into the plug, and sat down. Gendo smirked and placed the small remote back in his pocket.
"Start the warm up procedures. Shinji is now ready," he said before walking with Rei and doctors out of the room. Everyone gathered on the bridge and watched as Eva 01 slowly made it's way to the catapult.
"Eva launch!" Misato screamed. Shinji felt g's press upon his body as he and the Eva rocketed to the surface. When the pressure ceased, he looked forward and found the angel in front of him.
"Concentrate on the concept of walking. Eva will follow your commands," said Ritsuko. Shinji thought about walking and the Eva took a shaky step forward.
/Who are you?/ a voice screamed through his head.
/Shinji Ikari/ he responded. However he had quit thinking about walking so the Eva fell face first to the ground.
/You are as weak as the other one/ said the voice before walking over and picking him up by his face. The angel grabbed his arm and finally broke it. Shinji yelped in pain and grabbed his arm. He looked back up just in time to see and feel the angel throw him into the air and then kick the Eva across the city. Shinji stopped himself from falling all the way to the ground he looked down to find a small girl just below his line of vision. She looked up at the beast in fear, not even moving a muscle. Shinji could feel the angel coming towards him. He quickly grabbed the girl in his hand and rose up off the ground. He ran as fast as he could in one direction.
/You will not escape!/ yelled the voice. He suddenly felt a burning sensation on his lower back. He turned his head to see that the angel had slammed some sort of ramming device threw his back. He looked down to find the other side sticking out of his stomach. He whaled in pain before finally finding a place to set the girl down. He then quickly turned on the angel only to be grabbed up into the air by his head again. The ramming device suddenly started to pound into his skull. He grabbed the area where it was pounding into his eye trying to cover it. He then felt it exploded through his head and slam him into a building behind him. He just laid there staring at the ground as blood exploded out from his head on both sides. He looked over with his one good eye and saw the small girl lying there, half under a pile of debris. His eyes widened before he started to tear up in disgust. He quickly looked up again as he felt a heart beat.
"Unit 01 has reactivated itself!" Aoba yelled. Everyone stopped talking as they heard a inhuman scream over the radio. Unit 01 suddenly jumped up into the air and landed on the angel's chest. Eva rose its fist up into the air and brought it down on the head of the angel. It screamed in protest and tried to grab him. Shinji forced the Eva to jump back. The jaw suddenly cracked open and the Eva growled.
"Berserker," said Ritsuko in astonishment. The Eva suddenly ran forward screaming. Sachiel responded by thrwoing a fist at the Eva. It dodged it just in time and performed an uppercut to the creature. Sachiel went flying over to another part of the city. Eva 01 ran after it and ran into an AT field. The angel suddenly dropped the AT field and blasted Eva with everything it had. Eva shrugged off the hit and came forward. Sachiel charged up his ramming devices and launched both of them at Eva. They both hit their mark and stabbed threw its collar area on both sides of the neck. Blood began to exploded out from under the energy bars that held him in place.
/Got you/ he sneered. Eva just grabbed his arms and snapped them blood exploding out from were the bones ripped the flesh. The energy quickly cut out and Sachiel fell back. Eva hopped onto his belly and started to pound on the red jewel in his chest.
/I didn't want to do this!/ he yelled before hopping up on Shinji and the Eva and self-destructing. Everyone gasped before they saw the Eva walk out of the fire. It suddenly slumped over and fell to the ground. Suddenly alarms began to scream from every single port.
"Shinji is bleeding heavily into the plug. Shit! Rescue teams get out there now!" yelled Ritsuko. The screen inside the cockpit came on at that time. Shinji was passed out inside the plug with blood leaking out of his mouth, nose, eyes, and three holes located around his body. Maya puked a few times before they finally closed out the picture and told the crews to hurry.

~ Gendo's Office ~

Ritsuko looked at the man she was currently sleeping with. He seemed to be looking over the report on Shinji and Rei's injuries.
"I don't understand how Shinji incurred some of the damage Eva did. It was even weirder when the injuries vanished," she said looking at him.
"Your mother and I put Shinji in the machine," he said as he set the reports down.
"My god! Are you insane! You injected his ass with angel DNA! That shit would turn him into an insane idiot that loves to kill!" she yelled.
"As well as putting a small chip in his mind that allows me to control that vicious temper. This little remote bends him to my will. He will continue to listen or die from the inside out," he said setting the remote down on the desk.
"Not mindless. Those suppressants calm him. However, when he gets around or in LCL, they wear off. However, when they do he only remembers one thing, kill the opponents that kill his mother," he said smiling at the ugly memory of that day many years ago.
"Wouldn't that be Eva or you?" she asked.
"Nope. I told him that the angels killed Yui. So he will fight them, even if it means sacrificing his own life," said Gendo smiling at his handy work.
"How does that explain the injuries?" she asked.
"The blood and chip give him the ability to communicate with Eva and the angels. During that fight, he could hear what the angel was saying and thinking. He is practically a psychotic male version of Rei. The injuries disappeared because the angel DNA in him gave him the ability to regenerate and repair his body. Given enough time, he could probably heal others as well," he said smirking again.
"What would happen if the chip was damaged or taken out?" she asked.
"If he didn't have enough control over his own mind, he would kill everything that moved"
"His programming would backfire. Everything would be his opponent," he said.
"You know your playing God," she said walking over and setting another report on his desk.
"Yes, and I couldn't be happier," he said taking the papers from her.

~ Hospital ~

Shinji slowly rose from his bed and looked around. He quickly pulled everything out of his skin and walked out the door. He looked out the window and stared at the city. Suddenly, he heard and felt the presence of the first child.
/Hello, Rei/ he said smiling.
/How can you do this? How do you know my name?/ she asked her eyes sliding over to the boy as she rolled by.
/Ritsuko mentioned your name earlier. I don't know how I'm able to do this/ he said giving her a smile.
/It is nice to meet you third child/ she said.
/Feeling better?/ he asked.
/Yes I am/ she responded.
/That's good. See you later/ he said waving and then turning back to look out the window. He flexed every muscle in his body and found the sore spots.
'Fucking angel,' he though before walking back to his room and putting on his clothes. He was about to walk out when Gendo appeared at his door. They stared at each other for a few minutes.
"What?!" yelled Shinji.
"You are going to accompany Rei to her apartment. Pick up her things, and report to Misato's apartment. That is where you will be living," he said.
"Yeah," he quickly replied sarcastically. Shinji then tried to leave but Gendo stepped into his path.
"What now?!" he yelled his hands balling up in fists.
"Take this," he said handing Shinji a few pills. Shinji quickly took them and then looked up at his father. Soon his eyes dropped a little and he looked around.
"I am to go to Rei's, help move her out, and then we are to proceed to Captain Katsuragi's. Is that all you wish for Commander Ikari?" he questioned his eyes giving a very dead look to his father.
"Yes, work on controlling that anger problem of yours," he said.
"Yes sir," he replied weakly before walking out the door. He looked up to find Rei waiting for him outside the door, fully dressed. He nodded to Rei and she followed him towards her apartment.
/Ikari, why are you so calm now?/ she asked.
/I... My name is Shinji, not Ikari/ he said.
/Shinji, you have yet to answer my question/ she responded.
/I was given a suppressant/ he responded in a monologue voice, just like hers.
/What is a suppressant?/ she asked.
/It calms me down so I won't attack everything I see/ he said.
/Why would you do that?/ she asked.
/Commander Ikari turned me into a mindless beserker for his own needs. In the end we're both just puppets for his pleasure/ he said.
/Why would you say something like that?/ she asked.
/Cause he has a small remote that controls me. I think you saw it used earlier/ he responded.
/Why am I puppet?/ she asked.
/Cause he has almost the same thing running through your mind. He controls your actions/ he said. Rei thought on that for a moment.
/ I guess you are correct/ she said before going up the flight of stairs to her apartment. They quickly packed her things and walked to Misato's apartment. They rang the doorbell and Misato quickly answered.
"I'm home," said Shinji in a low voice.
"Welcome home, both of you," she said before stepping aside to let them in. Shinji smiled, while Rei just slowly stepped inside. When they stepped inside the door, they were assaulted by a place that could be nicknamed the pit. Rei looked around like this was second nature, while Shinji just stared at the mess in shock.
"You guys are just in time. I just got done fixing dinner," she said. Rei and Shinji simply nodded and walked towards her kitchen. They quickly sat down and ate the disgusting meal. After a few minutes of dividing the chores, Misato recommended a bath for Shinji and Rei afterwards. Shinji just nodded his head and stripped off his shirt. Misato and Rei both gasped in shock. Shinji's body was covered in muscles.
"What is it?" he asked calmly.
"Oh, um nothing," said Misato. Shinji just shrugged it off and walked into the bathroom. The peguin coming out threw him for a loop though. He ended up running out of the bathroom in just his boxers.
"What is it?" asked Misato.
"There's a peguin in the bathroom," he said. That was when Pen Pen walked by. He jumped up into Rei's lap and sat there staring at Shinji. Rei didn't even let it bother her as she continued to stare at Shinji.
"That's your other roommate," Misato said before laughing at him. Shinji just shrugged again and started to take his bath.
/Shinji, are you about done?/ asked Rei.
/Almost/ he responded before rising up out of the bath. He quickly dried and put on a fighting gi. He then let Rei into the bathroom and walked out into the living room. He moved the couch and began to do a few katas. After he finished, he moved the couch back to where it was and looked up at Misato.
"Which one is my room?" he asked. She pointed to a room just inside the hallway. He quickly nodded and went to bed.
/Good night Shinji/ Rei suddenly said.
/Good night Rei/ he responded.

~ End of First Chapter ~

I hope this story didn't piss off some of you. The suppressants and other things with Shinji will be explained better in later chapters. Sorry again if it's hard to understand. If you have any helpful ideas, go ahead and give them.