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On with the Story

Shinji sat on the helicopter headphones covering his ears. He was currently listening to the musical poetry of bands like Static X, Disturbed, and Linkin Park. His eyes slowly slid over to look at Toji who was currently trying to hit on Misato with his new hat. Kensuke looked like he was about to have an orgasm over the helicopter they were riding in, while Misato just talked to them. He started to hear their voices bleed through his music and immediately turned it up to its highest volume. Everyone looked over at him and he just grinned before shutting his eyes again. He suddenly felt movement next to him and looked over to find Kensuke leaning over Toji, his face squashed up against the window looking down. Shinji did as well and then he felt a huge pull in his stomach.
"Angel...Gaghiel," he said softly staring out the window.
"What was that Shinji?" asked Misato leaning over.
"Nothing," he replied silently his eyes loosing life again. Misato knew that look and immediately began to get worried. Shinji noticed this and pulled his normal self back. Misato looked at him again and then took a sigh of relief.
/Did you feel that Shinji?/ Rei asked. Shinji smiled and then slowly sunk into his seat.
/Yes I did. I guess this connection can reach really far when the people are close/ he replies.
/I guess it does. Be careful Adam/ she said softly.
/As with you Lilith my dear/ he replied feeling her blush from here. He felt the helicopter slowly dropping to the deck of the ship and prepared to rise off the helicopter. The chopper finally landed and the door was opened. Misato stepped off first followed by Kensuke who was filming everything, Toji wearing chasing his hat, and finally Shinji still listening to his music. They began to walk across the deck when a red headed girl stomped on Toji's hat her hair and yellow sundress billowing in the wind.
"Well, hello Misato, how have you been?" she questioned.
"Just fine. Goodness, you've grown some haven't you?" the older woman questioned back.
"Uh huh, and I'm not just taller too, my figures grown out as well," she replied her voice full of confidence.
"Let me introduce you, this is the designated pilot of Eva Unit 02 Asuka Langley Sohryu" Misato said to the three boys. About that time, Asuka's sundress blew up revealing her panties. She immediately went to hit the three boys and managed to hit Kensuke and Toji. When she went to hit Shinji, her wrist was caught and twisted.
"What do you think your doing?" he growled out his eyes finally open glowing a deep violet.
"It's the viewing fee!" she spat back at him.
"Give me a break. If you really didn't want people to see that, why the hell are you wearing a sundress on the deck of a ship moving at this speed during windy weather?" he spits back. She just glared at him not saying a word. "Oh, I see now. You wanted people to see you, in that case, fuck off. My eyes weren't even open," he said releasing her wrist. She went to hit him again, but he simply ducked it while staring at her, his music still playing.
"Asuka, knock it off!" Misato snapped. The girl looked at Shinji again before stopping and then she started to smile again.
"So who's the third child?" she asked, her snotty tone back looking over to Toji and Kensuke.
"He is," Misato said pointing towards Shinji who was currently walking towards his friends. Asuka glared at his back and then nodded.
"Isn't much too look at."
"Your not exactly the best out there either," he spits back not turning around.

Later on the Bridge

Misato had been arguing in the control room when Shinji felt two angels presence again. He grabbed his head and groaned in pain. Before anyone could ask what was wrong a voice came out above the rest.
"Still as confident as ever I see," a man said as he slowly stepped into the bridge.
"Kaji!" Asuka yelled a small blush coming on to her face. Misato spun around with a look of horror on her face. Before long, they were all heading to the lunch room for a few drinks. Shinji had just decided to put away his headphones and began to listen in to the conversations.
"So do you have a boyfriend right now?" Kaji asked as he played with Misato's foot.
"I don't think that's any of your business," she spat back in annoyance.
"I'm hurt, ow," he says softly pulling away from her foot and taking a drink of tea. He slowly leans forward and looks down the table to Shinji. "So I understand your living with Katsuragi, tell me, is she still wild in bed?"
"WHAT?" everyone except Shinji yelled. The boy smiled realizing Kaji's little joke and past with Misato and decided to play along.
"A little but nothing I can't handle," he said leaning back and staring into up to the ceiling in boredom. Toji and Kensuke both looked like fish out of water as their mouths opened and closed. Asuka looked like she was on the verge of a breakdown. Misato was mimicking the boys, while Kaji also looked a little speechless. Shinji glanced over them all and then started to chuckle a little. "You should all see your faces," he said before laughing his eyes lighting up brightly. Toji and Kensuke started to laugh themselves, Kaji soon joined them, while Asuka and Misato still looked mortified.

Deck of the Over the Rainbow

"So what do you think about the third child?" Kaji asked Asuka as she hummed a little tune and swung her legs through the railings.
"He's a weird and boring little boy. Nothing like you Kaji," he said grabbing onto his arm.
"And yet he holds the sync ratio record of 300% in battle," Kaji replied letting her grab him.
"Mein Gott!" Asuka yelled.
"Plus, he held a high sync rate in his first battle, 60% without any training."
"He's a freak, plus his machine is just a test type. That's why it would sync with him so fast. My Unit 02 is the first real Evangelion," he replied snottily.
"Maybe, but I just don't know. There's something about him," Kaji said before walking off. Asuka began to shake with fury and then came up with an idea. She ran off to find Shinji.
Shinji was currently riding an escalator with Misato and his friends. He once again had his headphones on tuning out the world. He looked over to Misato and saw she was still shaken from his little tease. He quickly took his headphones off and looked over at her.
"Calm down Misato, it was only a harmless tease," he said over to her.
"I know, but Kaji found it so funny. He hasn't changed the jerk!" she yelled.
"I thought he was okay," said Toji looking over at Kensuke who was filming a wall and yelling about how awesome it was.
"Do you think," started Shinji.
"Third child, you're coming with me!" someone yelled over him. He looked up to find Asuka standing at the top of the escalator staring at him. He glared at her then nodded.

Transport Ship, Under the Tarp

"Nice color scheme," he remarked off handedly looking at the bright red Unit 02.
"This is the first real Evangelion, built for combat purposes and...Hey are you even listening to me?" Asuka questioned him while Shinji closed his eyes and felt out the new presence coming towards the group of ships.
/Where is it?/ he heard through his mind before underwater tremors struck the ship. Asuka quickly ran out to the railing to see what was going on while Shinji ran towards the cockpit of Eva Unit 02. He had just opened it when Asuka reappeared in her suit.
"What are you doing?" she questioned.
"Getting ready to fight in the first 'real' Evangelion," he replies hopping into the cockpit.
"Well put this on and let me in the cockpit!" she spits. Shinji stares at her for a second grabs the suit and throws it away.
"You want in the cockpit, fine. But your gonna have to sit on my lap," he says getting ready to close the hatch.
"No way am I sitting on YOUR lap in MY unit!" she yelled stressing a few points.
"And there's no way I'M letting a ROOKIE go out into battle alone. Sit in my lap or shut up!" he yells staring at her. She started to protest again when another shock wave was felt. She quickly climbed into the cockpit and sat in his lap. Shinji quickly started to feel the Gaghiel out and was rewarded with finding out that he was heading towards them. He then looked to Asuka and found she was starting up the machine. It gave a few warnings and changed the machine to accept Japanese as well as German. When Unit 02 started to rise, Shinji felt someone invading his mind.
{Who are you?} it questioned as it continued to attack his mind.
{Shinji Ikari} he responded, fighting it.
{You do not feel very human, why?} it questioned back, attacking with more power.
{Cause I am also Adam, Father of Humanity} he says being rewarded with the pain lessening.
{Why are you here?} the now female voice questioned back.
{To beat the Angels, and make sure this girl don't get hurt} he replies.
{I would never let the Angels hurt my Asuka} the voice says back.
{Who are you?} he questions.
{Kyoko Zepplin Sohryu} it says back.
"Wake up dumkof!" Asuka yelled. Shinji opened his eyes and found Asuka staring at him.
"What?" he questions back.
"We just connected to the power outlet so we have power, and the Angel is heading for us. What do we do Mr. Expert?" she shoots at him. Shinji sends a message to Kyoko, telling her to draw the progressive knife. The woman/Eva responds and does quickly.
/Adam? Why are you helping humans?/ the creature asks.
/Because they are my sons and daughters/ Shinji shoots back.
/Traitor. I will kill you!/ Gaghiel screamed as his body shot out of the water. Shinji willed Unit 02 to grab on to the Angel and keep it from destroying the ship. They fought a battle of muscle for a few seconds when a piece of the deck dropped down causing Eva and Angel to fall into the water. Unit 02 quickly grabbed onto the Angel and rode it to the bottom. Shinji then looked down to his hand and noticed that the knife hadn't been lost. He quickly flipped it in his hand and stabbed it into Gaghiel. The creature roared in pain then the spare cable was used making the Eva and pilots snap back. Before they could regain their senses, Shinji felt pain shoot up from his side and chest. He looked down to find his shirt turning red from blood loss. Asuka also screamed out in pain.
"What is happening to me?" she asked weakly.
"We have a high sync rate, meaning we feel what Kyoko feels," he says in pain.
"My mom is dead! And how do you know her name?" Asuka yells back. Before he could answer, Gaghiel bit down again and both of them howled in pain. Shinji quickly willed Eva to crack open the mouth. Asuka was doing the same thing, and both ended up making the Eva go berserk. A sickening crack was heard as they broke his mouth. Both Shinji and Asuka willed Eva to jump down the throat and tear the core from it's resting place. The body quickly followed up that attack with self destruct. Unit 02 landed on the deck and then fell over. Inside the cockpit, Asuka's body was invaded with Shinji's blood. A soft glow went over her body and her hair color changed to a darker red. Both of the children slowly opened their eyes and looked at each other.
/What happened? I can feel everything instead of see it?/ Asuka asked.
/Welcome to the world of half Angel, daughter/ Shinji said back. Asuka looked shocked and then blacked out. Shinji chuckled slightly and then looked off towards the plug. /I'll be back with a daughter Rei/ he said.
/I felt it/ the girl responded, a small smile coming through their feed. Shinji smiled himself and then fell asleep, his and Asuka's wounds closing.