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Chapter One

He stood on the edge of Bruenor's Climb, his trademark lavender eyes looking out over the lights of the distant Bryn Shander. Though his eyes gazed into the distance, his thoughts whirled within the halls of the dwarves if Icewind Dale. It had been almost four months since Wulfgar and Delly had come to the dale with Colson, with Delly's hoping that the two-year-old would grow into a fine woman. And now, the couple were expecting to have a child of their own, a brother or sister for the small child.

And now, after watching the little girl, the drow ranger was seriously considering his and Catti-brie's decision not to act upon the love they shared.

He silently cursed himself as he watched the stars in the sky, sparkling brightly above his head. Though words have never passed between them, they both knew how they felt about eachother, and kept it to themselves.

But now, he was having second thoughts.

He would watch as Catti-brie played with little Colson, laughing at the affectionate name "Aunt Cat." She also laughed at the mispronounced name of the ranger as "Uncle Drizzit." The drow smiled as he remembered the smile on the woman's face as she spent hours with the bright little girl from _________.

He sighed, running his slender fingers through his waist length white hair. He had no idea how to proceed to tell Catti-brie how he felt, and he didn't want to ruin the relationship over the time that the barbarian had been absent. Shaking his head ruefully, he looked again to the distant villages of Ten-Towns.

Next to one of the smaller, yet closer towns, Bruenor had had a home built for his adopted son and his wife for their developing family. Ever since then, the drow has noticed that the dwarf king would look upon either Drizzt or Catti-brie with a sparkle inhis eye that remained a mystery to both of them. The next morning, he noted, Catti-brie would be returning from the home of Wulfgar and Delly to from yet another visit.

His slender, black-skinned fingers lightly touched the unicorn pendant around his neck as he again looked up into the sky, closing his grip around it and closing his eyes.

He desperately needed Meliekki's guidance on this. In all his concentration, he did not notice the telltale glowing of infrared eyes watching him.

* * * * *

"What are ye lookin' at, Catti-brie?" Delly smiled as the young woman jumped in surprise from hearing her friend's voice. "Ye look as if somethin' is on yer mind, would ye mind tellin' me?"

"I don't know Delly," she said softly, looking again out the window at Bruenor's Climb. A small smile crossed her lips as she saw a small figure standing attop the mountain. "Drizzt has been actin' a lot different lately. Ever since ye and Wulfgar came here from Waterdeep to live in the Dale."

"I've noticed that." Delly smiled. "Whenever he's here with ye, when ye're playing with Colson, he gets this strange look in his eyes, like he's longin' for somethin', but I don't know exactly what. Ye'r e right though, Cat, he has been actin' strange."

"I only wonder why though, Delly," she looked at her friend as she sat down on the bed next to her. "He hasn't really been talkin' much lately either, and he's been goin' to Silverymoon more and more often." She sighed. "If only I knew why, I would help him through whatever he's goin' through, but he just won't open up to me. He usually does to, and that's what's worryin' me about this."

"Ye love him, don't ye??" Delly asked softly, wrapping one hand around Catti-brie's. "The way ye talk about him, there's something in yer voice." Her smile widened slightly. "I know it, Cat. There's somethin' there."

Catti-brie smiled slightly as she looked at her friend. "Yes, Delly, it's been that way for a a while." She said quietly. "We both know how the other feels, we've just haven't really done anythin' about it. And I don't even, really remember why we haven't. I didn't even know about it until ye brought it up Delly. He hasn't mentioned anythin' about it, so, I don't really know what to do, or really, how he feels."

"I have a feelin' that he is feelin' the exact same way Cat." She smiled at the hesitating woman. "I can feel somethin' there that he isn't talkin' about and I think ye should talk to him and find out when ye get back."

Catti-brie smiled, looking at the expecting woman sitting next to her. "I'm thinkin' ye're right Delly. I'll be askin' him what's got him in such a tight knot when I get back to me da's halls."

Delly smiled and squeezed her friend's hand. The rest of the evening the two women talked about what was going on in Ten-Towns and other places in the Dale.

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