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Chapter Twenty-Eight – Anguish

Catti-brie couldn't believe it. Out of all the things that had come to her mind while wondering what he had had to ask her, this hadn't bee one of them. Tears spilled from her eyes as she looked into those beautiful lavender orbs looking into hers with a glint similar to fear in them. Catti-brie knew at once that he had spent a lot of time thinking about this, definitely a lot of time.

Drizzt held his breath. He didn't know why, but he was so sure that she was going to think he was insane, that they had done something to addle his brain in those dungeons. It seemed like forever before she finally answered, and he held his breath, assuming the worst.

"O' course I will," Catti-brie smiled at him through the tears, laughing and crying at the same time. "O' course I'll marry ye, Drizzt."

A wide smile coming across his face, the ranger slipped the ring on her finger, glad it was the perfect fit. The second he was on his feet, Catti- brie wrapped her arms tightly around him, whispering softly.

"I be lovin' ye too much t' deny ye, Drizzt," she buried her face in his neck. "I love ye too much t' say no."

After they separated slightly, she looked down at the ring. Catti-brie looked at him wide-eyed. She had never before seen anything of such beautiful craftsmanship. It was an intricate band of white gold, three different, thin pieces of the metal woven together in a beautifully intricate band. Along the entire band were small etchings filled in with some of the smallest, darkest sapphires she had ever seen. Together they formed an inscription in what looked like an elven script, and she couldn't read a word of it.

"It's absolutely beautiful," she smiled up into those eyes. "I've never seen anythin' quite like it."

"Something of such incredible beauty could only be made for a lady whose own beauty rivaled the stars." Drizzt said quietly, looking into her eyes steadily. She laughed quietly, smiling. "I wanted everything to be perfect for last night." Catti-brie saw the red blush creep up in Drizzt's face and neck. "But," he said with a rueful grin, "another life came to this world, and this night's as wonderful as the last."

"It is," Catti-brie said softly, leaning closer. "And I think that it bein' this night, we'll get less people to disturb us."

"Or to be disturbing this. . ."

He pressed his lips to hers in a kiss, deep and bruising. Gingerly, he reached up and cupped her cheek gently in his hand, the other he ran through her thick auburn hair, cupping the back of her head. Catti-brie wrapped her arms around the drow's neck, molding her body against his, feeling the kiss deepen. His tongue lightly brushed her lips, almost hesitantly across her lips, as if asking permission. She willingly allowed him entrance and moaned into his mouth as his tongue explored every corner of her mouth, as if memorizing it.

When they finally separated, they were both breathless and gasping for air. Catti-brie looked into his lavender eyes, smiling. She had to admit, she had never been kissed like that before. Smiling, and laughing softly, she laid her head against his strong shoulder.

Never had she been so happy.

Looking again at the beautiful and undoubtedly expensive ring on her finger, she smiled. A thought came to mind and she asked quietly, curiosity getting to her.

"What do the words say on this," she asked quietly, looking into those brilliant lavender eyes, so full of hope, so full of joy. "I can't be readin' elvish like ye do."

Drizzt smiled, chuckling softly. "It is a blessing for a marriage full of love, and hope," he smiled down at her with a light in his eyes, "and joy. I thought it was perfect."

Catti-brie leaned against him, curling into his side as they sat down on a stone bench on one side of the balcony. "It is perfect, Drizzt, it is perfect."

She closed her eyes, feeling the exhaustion and excitement from the night before finally catching up with her. Drizzt's arms wrapped around her and pressed a gentle kiss against her temple. He smiled as she fell asleep in his arms, a smile on her face. After a while, the drow himself fell asleep.

* * * * *

A few hours later, Regis came walking out of the room, smiling to himself. Both Delly and the baby were doing fine, according to Serenity. She had left a little while ago, exhausted and wanting to get back to her son.

The baby had been big for having been born so early, but that didn't really matter to either of the proud parents, or to Colson. The little boy had had dark hair, like his mother, but had had the same pale blue eyes of his father. The small halfling was happy for the both of them, and knew that the lad would grow up to be as honorable as his father.

As he was walking down the hallway, he passed by a balcony, and shivered when the wind blow through the curtains that had been left open felt. He walked over to close them, and a curious light filled his eyes when he saw that two people were sitting on a bench out there, but didn't appear to be talking or moving. A smile crossed his face when he saw the couple sleeping, with a single, familiar cloak wrapped around them.

He knew that Drizzt hadn't come into the room after the baby had been born, but he had wondered about where he had gone. He had known that Catti-brie had gone out to find him, but they hadn't come back into the room, and he had been curious as to where they had gone, or if she had found him.

But, he thought, it appeared as though she had.

When the halfling got closer to them, (without making a sound, of course) he saw that Catti-brie was wearing a ring on her finger that he had never noticed before. He saw that there was a small box lying a few feet away and he smiled, noticing how happy both Drizzt and Catti-brie seemed, he smiled broadly, putting together what had possibly happened.

'And it's about time too,' he thought as he walked away. There would be plenty of time to celebrate later, especially since to good things had happened that night.

* * * * *

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