Rick didn't know what had been said between brother and sister, but he

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Where Love Leads
Chapter Four

Rick didn't know what had been said between brother and sister, but he knew it must have been something big. When Evelyn hung up the phone, she let her eyes slide closed for a moment. When she opened them again, Rick noticed tears in them, and he frowned.

"Baby, what's the matter?" He asked, concerned.

She lifted her head slowly and gave him a shaky smile.

"It's nothing. Jonathan is just being his charming self."

Rick chuckled, reaching out to brush his fingers across Evelyn's cheek lovingly.

"Wanna go get breakfast? I'd feed you here, but..." He didn't want to admit to the fact that the only thing in his refrigerator was a few beers from a couple nights ago.

Evelyn smiled, taking Rick's hands in hers. "Breakfast sounds good. I'm quite hungry."

He smiled, glad for an excuse to be with her longer, and he slowly stood from the bed, bending over to retrieve his discarded clothing from the night before.

Turning to face Evelyn, he noticed her shy blush and reluctance to pull herself form the safety of the cream colored sheets on the bed.

Chuckling, Rick walked naked to the door to his bedroom.

"I'm going to go take a shower. You go ahead and put on this robe, and make yourself at home. You can shower after me." He offered, tossing her a white robe, the same one he had worn the night before. As he closed the bathroom door behind himself, Evelyn lifted the robe to her face and inhaled, basking in his warm, masculine scent.


After the showering was finished, Rick walked with Evelyn, still in her pajamas and coat, to Carnahan Manor to get some fresh clothing for her to wear before he took her out for breakfast.

It was only as they reached the great front doors that Evelyn became nervous about a possible confrontation between herself and Jonathan. She didn't know what she would do if her older brother stayed angry with her, and it wasn't until now that she was realizing how much she needed him for encouragement and friendship. After all throughout her
childhood, Jonathan had been the only one there for her. She found herself hoping that he was still in bed.

Opening the door, Evelyn ushered Rick inside and instructed him to wait in the parlor for her to finish changing.

He had nodded vaguely, distracted by looking around the room in awe. He had known Evelyn and Jonathan's parents had been wealthy, but he couldn't believe how impressive the home was.

It was while he was sitting on an oriental plush couch that the confrontation began.

Jonathan came into the house with a bag of groceries in one arm and walked into the parlor on his way to the kitchen. When he saw Rick sitting there his eyes narrowed and he frowned.

"I say, what are you doing here?" He asked, sitting the bag on a low table quickly.

"I'm waiting for Evelyn to finish changing so we can go out to breakfast." He stated calmly.

"Oh, how special. So, she's upstairs then? Good." Jonathan stated, before heading to the staircase and taking the steps two at a time.

"Oh shit..." Rick mumbled, jumping up and hurrying after.

"EVELYN!" Jonathan shouted, his voice rang out through the entire upstairs, and in her bedroom, Evy winced.

"Oh no..." She breathed, quickly finishing the bun she was putting her hair in.

She made her way to the bedroom door, throwing it open to reveal Jonathan standing in the hall.

"Oh!" She gasped, bringing her hand to her chest.

"You can't leave with him, Evy." Jonathan exclaimed, his eyes pleading.

"Why ever not? I'm an adult now Jonathan, and as such I can make my own decisions." She stated, pushing past him to start off down the hall.

"You don't know what you're getting yourself into!" Whipping around, her brows furrowed.

"Oooooh!" She exclaimed, advancing a few steps.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Rick had moved up the stairs and was standing on the landing, just out of sight.

"Evelyn, you're going to get hurt! I know his kind! He'll use you and leave you! You deserve so much better"

"Jonathan, he's the best I can do, that anyone can do!"


"-I LOVE HIM!" She yelled, cutting him off.

The two screams echoed off of the narrow walls of the hall, and then
all was silent for a moment, before Rick emerged through the archway, now
visible to the siblings.

"I love you too..." He said gently, his voice thick with emotion. Hearing her say those three words for his ears only a few hours earlier was nothing compared to hearing her proclaim such a thing to her brother, who Rick knew she held in very high regard, despite his obvious flaws. That she would be willing to tell people that she loved him, a dirty, foul-mouthed, under-educated, law-breaking, vulgar American ex-legionaire… emotion swelled in his chest the like of which he had never known.

Evelyn gasped and turned, meeting his eyes with tears in her own.

"Oh..." She breathed, and in a heartbeat he was standing before her, pulling her into his arms and holding her close.

"Oh God, I love you..." He mumbled into her hair, and a soft sob escaped her.

Lifting his head, Rick leveled his gaze at Jonathan, eyes hard.

"All right... I can admit when I'm wrong..." He began, raising his hands in obvious surrender while giving a feeble smile at Evelyn who had turned in Rick's arms to look at her brother.

"Not meaning that I approve, but you're right. You're old enough to make your own decisions," he sighed, giving his head a small shake, "and if you chose this yank, then that's up to you."

Evelyn smiled faintly. "Thank you, Jonathan." She whispered, her voice thick with the tears she had yet to shed.

Smiling down at Evelyn, Rick pulled her a bit closer. "So, how about that breakfast?"