Friends Or Perhaps Something More

Fin was standing on the roof of the 16th precinct, over looking what ha could see of New York. The last case with the missing kid had shaken him enough to question why he did his job day in and day out. Fin recalled the case earlier that year when the baby had overdosed on cocaine because it was mixed in with baby formula. The child had died. It was cases like those that made Fin question if it was worth it to do his job.

~Narcotics was so much easier. There weren't any nightmares and cold sweats to fight off after a long day on the job. I never truly had to see the sick shit people do to each other 24/7~

The sun was setting on yet another long day but work wasn't over yet. There was still a stack of paperwork to do. Fin sighed as he walked down the stairs and back to the office.

~Thank God tomorrow is my day off. Hopefully I won't get called in. I need a break. ~

Fin sat down at his desk and shuffled the files into two piles: papers that needed to be done yesterday and papers that need to be done now. He set to work hoping to get it all done by a decent hour. This continued until nearly nine when Fin absolutely had to stop to stretch his neck muscles. He looked around and noticed that the Captain was still there but Elliot was gone and so was Munch. Not noticing Elliot wasn't a big deal but missing Munch was odd as the man usually bugged Fin for a ride home.

~I hope Elliot went home early. He needs to spend more time with his wife and kids. I wonder if Olivia is still here? ~ Just then Olivia walked around the corner with a cup of coffee. ~Answers that question. ~

Olivia smiled at Fin. She wondered briefly why he was working so late, before she went to her desk to attack her own pile of paperwork. They worked in silence until midnight when Olivia stood up from her desk. She had finished her paperwork. It always made Elliot jealous because she was able to get through major amounts of paperwork in record time and manage to keep them intelligible.

"Hey Fin." Olivia called from her desk trying to get his attention. Fin was so absorbed in trying to get his work done, he didn't hear her or even notice when she walked over to his desk and leaned against the side. "Fin." Olivia called again. She leaned down next to his ear. "FIN!" she half shouted.

"Jesus woman! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Fin responded half jumping out of his chair.

"No just trying to get your attention." Olivia smiled sweetly.

"Well you have it, completely and totally." Fin said as he turned his chair to face her.

"Let's call it a night. It's a quarter after 12. I'm tired and I know you are too. Plus you can give me a ride home." Olivia stated with a sly grin.

"Well you are right. I am tired and I could give you a ride home, but…" Fin was interrupted by Cragen coming out of his office.

"Go home you two. Tomorrows your day off. Enjoy it." The Captain said on his way out the door.

"Goodnight Captain." Both Olivia and Fin responded at the same time.

"You were saying?" Olivia said turning back to Fin, as she raised an eyebrow.

"I was?" Fin countered.

"Yeah. Something about giving me a ride home."

"Alright! Get your coat. Let's go before Cragen clocks back in." Fin sighed and picked up his coat. Olivia shut down her desk and followed Fin out to his car.

They rode in silence to Olivia's apartment building. They stopped outside and Fin being the true gentleman that he was got out and opened the door for Olivia.

"So there is a gentleman lurking beneath that hard exterior." Olivia commented as Fin walked her to the door.

"Yeah, well don't tell Munch or it will be all over the 1-6 in two seconds flat." Fin quipped.

"It's a deal as long as I get lunch with this gentleman sometime in the near future." Olivia smiled as Fin appeared to think it over.

"Lets make it dinner tomorrow, because I'm a true gentleman." Came Fins reply. Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"Deal. You must really want to keep your secret."

"Not really. But I would like to have diner with a beautiful woman and one of my best friends."

"I don't know about beautiful, but friend I can do."

"Well dress formal 'friend'. I'll pick you up at 7:30. Unless of course we get called into work, then I can't make any promises."

"Well then I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight Fin." Olivia smiled and kissed his cheek before ducking into the building. Fin barely smiled and returned to his car, making a note to call his friend Vinchenzo at the 'Bella Roma' for reservations.

Fin made it home at around ten past two, just to strip down to his boxers and collapse into bed. Within seconds he was asleep. Olivia however had a few things on her mind, after she had changed into pajamas and crawled into bed herself. They just would let her fall asleep right away.

~I wonder why Fin asked me out to dinner. He usually only opens up to Munch. ~ Olivia ran their conversation over and over in her head a dozen times trying to figure out what was wrong with Fin or if she had somehow missed something.

~Does he like me? Could he love me? Do I love him too? ~ were Olivia's last thoughts before she finally drifted off into dreamland.

Olivia woke up late the next morning, for her anyway. She made coffee and toast, and then went to get her newspaper. Olivia came back inside and sat down at the kitchen table. She scanned the headlines before flipping to the cartoons and crossword. After reading the toons and making a half-assed attempt at the crossword, being a true New Yorker, Olivia turned to the stocks. Checking the time, she saw it was 12:30. Olivia decided to take a shower and then look for a nice dress in her closet, if she had one.

Fin on the other hand woke up early despite his best efforts to stay asleep. After battling to hold onto that oblivious fog for an hour, he gave in and got up. Fin made coffee and got his own newspaper before calling Vinchenzo for reservations. He finished his coffee and reading the newspaper, then went to check his closet, much like Olivia was, for a clean suit. Finding his black pin stripe still in its dry cleaning bag, Fin went to take a shower.

The rest of the day passed quickly. Too quickly for Olivia's tastes. She had barely applied her make-up and stepped into her dress when Fin knocked on the door.

"Just a minute." Olivia called out as she hurriedly zipped up the back of her dress. "Hey Fin." She said as she opened the door. "Come in. I'm almost ready."

"Cool. We've got time. I made the reservations for 8." Fin said as he stepped inside.

"Ok make yourself at home. I'll be back in a second." Olivia gestured toward the living room before going back into her bedroom. She pulled out a bracelet and some earrings that went with her dress, then she went to her closet for shoes and her coat. Checking to make sure she had everything in her small purse, Olivia headed out to the living room.

"Ready." Olivia said as she stepped into the room. Fin was standing at her window. He turned around and truly looked at Olivia for the first time that night.

~Damn! She is gorgeous. No wonder Elliot goes nuts when she even mentions wearing a dress. ~ Fin thought before answering Olivia with a compliment.

"You look great, Liv. How come we don't get to see this side of you more often?"

"Because I cant wear a dress to work. Thank you though. You look pretty good yourself." Olivia said with a small smile.

~Pretty good? More like DAMN FINE, girl! ~ was what Olivia really wanted to say.

"Shall we?" Fin asked with a half smile as he offered her his arm.

"We shall." Olivia smiled bigger as a she took the offer arm.

Fin escorted her to his car, opening doors for her, making sure she had her keys and cell phone and settling her into the passenger seat. The ride to the restaurant was quiet but comfortable. When they pulled up at the restaurant, Olivia gasped quietly. They were at the 'Bella Roma', one of the nicest and most expensive restaurants in New York.

"Jesus Fin! How did you get reservations for this place? There's a waiting list." Olivia asked when Fin opened car door and handed his keys to the valet.

"I'm friends with the owner and he owed me one." Fin answered. Olivia appeared yet again by his connections.