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"So...what're we watching?" the youngest of the group, Jane, asked.

"Cheaters, Elden's in it." responded Sydney, taking up all of the couch before

anyone else could claim a seat.

The others all sat either in the loveseat or on the floor. There were eight

in all, four boys and four girls.Nathan, his twin Neal, and Heidi sat on the

loveseat. Emily, Jane, Nick and David were on the floor. Emily stood on her

head to amuse herself while David put in the dvd.

"You guys look weird upside down,it looks like your mouth is your eyebrows."

Sydney turned around so she was faced upside down on the couch. "Does this

make you feel better?"

Nick and David used this opportunity to take up the remaining seats of the


Just as the movie started a girl walked right through the room. "I don't wanna

hear it Bobby!"

The girl, Rogue, yelled at the boy who was following her. "Don't walk away

from me, I'm talking to you!"

"I'll walk where I want!"

"How could you do that to me?!"

"Do what?"

"I saw the way you looked at him! You like him!"

"I was flirting Bobby, I'm a teenager." She sighed before exiting the room

with a sputtering Bobby behind her.

The group all looked around. "How queer." remarked Heidi.

"I wonder who she was flirting with..."

"It's Rouge, just about everyone." Emily said, she didn't like Rouge, she

used to have a crush on Bobby.

"I bet it's that cajun kid."

"He's hot. I'd do him." Neal said as all the girls agreed.

Emily gave him an odd look. "Neal, your not gay."

"Well, if I were gay, I'd do him."

"Me too." agreed Nathan.

His twin gave him a questioning look. "Dude, your gay."

"Hell, who wouldn't do him if their sexuality allowed it?"

"David wouldn't, he's not that comfortable with his sexuality." Nick said

as he put his hand on David's thigh.

Jane turned to Sydney. "Would you?"

"I gots my man!" she responded as she leaned into David, who had scooted

closer after Nick's 'Molestation' attempt.

"Yo! Nate! Where's Jonzi?" Sydney asked.

Nathan seemed insulted. "How the hell should I know?"

"Sorry, didn't mean to offend, it's just generally when you've dated

someone for a year your kinda associated with them."

The group fell into silence.

"Fuck! We missed the presidents scene!" Heidi yelled just before Rogue entered

the room followed by a very determined Remy.