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Summary: Inuyasha is being his usual jerky self. He just can't seem to get over the fact that Kagome has admirers. What will Kagome do to resolve this tiresome situation? Maybe flirting with Kouga and Sesshomaru may solve her problems!

I don't know if I want this Kag/Kouga, Kag/Inu, or a Kag/Sess.. You decide for me.

Jealousy is a terrible thing to waste!

Chapter 1


" SIT!!"

Inuyasha felt the small rosary beads yank him down, slamming ungraciously into the floor. Anger began to build up in his chest, as well as a small hint of embarrassment. This had to be the fifteenth time that day, that Kagome had spoke the horrible three letter word. First time was because she said that she felt like it and the second time was because he had "insulted her pride" by saying that she was stupid.

Struggling to lift himself from the floor, Inuyasha glared hatefully at the raven haired beauty before him.

" Why did you do that, you stupid woman?!!"

Inuyasha watched as her sapphire eyes narrowed at him and her lip curl up into a ferocious snarl.

" I f you don't know by now Inuyasha, then you never will.."

And with that, Kagome stormed away. Making both Miroku and Sango quiver away from the fierce anger that was surrounding her.

After a small moment, Inuyasha was able to stand once more. His ears quirked at the sound of Miroku's footsteps coming up behind him.

Growling slightly, Inuyasha refused to look at him. Instead he stared at the area where Kagome had headed.

" You know Inuyasha if you asked me, you didn't have to say that to her.."

Inuyasha snarled harshly at the monk and brushed him aside.

" No one asked you.."

Then Inuyasha jumped high into the air, to land onto a huge branch above him. Sitting down upon it and ignoring the frowning Miroku, Inuyasha began to brood.


" I can't believe that stupid hanyou!!"

Kagome stormed through the forest, attempting to let out some excess steam. Inuyasha was always doing this to her. At first his protectiveness was kind of sweet but now it was way to overbearing. She couldn't even have friends that even looked like men, which would say a lot of the people in the Feudal Era. No offense to her ancestors and all but a lot of them weren't exactly what she would call attractive. Sure every now and then, they would come across a handsome man or a gorgeous woman, but like she said… It was every now and then.

" He shouldn't even have any say anything anyway. He's the one falling head over heels for some stupid dead miko."

This thought only contributed to her anger. For as long as she could remember, Inuyasha had always had a thing for the priestess Kikyo. Not that she could blame him. She was gorgeous, strong, and independent. Yet she was missing a major part, she was dead. D-E-A-D, dead!

Every now and then, Inuyasha would compare her to Kikyo. And she would always have to explain to him, that she was not in any way or form like Kikyo. She may be her reincarnate, but that was all she was.

Raising her fist angrily, Kagome concentrated all of her miko energy into a single ball of fire. Pretending that the tree trunk was Kikyo's face, she punched the tree with all her might.

With the contact, the tree trunk exploded into billions of little wood splinters. A few of the pieces of wood had enlodged themselves into her hand, causing for Kagome to wince slightly.

Panting heavily, Kagome dropped down to her knees. A single tear passed down her face, yet Kagome quickly wiped it away. There was no reason for her to cry, she would not show that type of weakness.

A sudden brushing noise set Kagome's senses haywire. Whipping around, she came face to face with a tall man with a high ponytail. Putting her hand to her chest to stop her rapidly beating pulse, she began to scold the wolf demon.

" Whoa…. Kouga-san, could you warn me before you go sneaking up on someone like that?!"

The wolf demon shrugged passively.

" feh…"

Kagome stood slowly and began to brush off her clothes. As her hands touched the brim of her skirt, she heard a low growl erupt from the inner depths of Kouga's throat. Glancing up, she saw Kouga staring down at her with an overwhelming amount of concern, worry, and somehow anger.

She watched, as if in slow motion, Kouga grab her hands and scrutinize his gaze over them. Dried blood was splotched here and there across her slightly tanned skin. Though she was normally a creamy white complexion, all the time she spent traveling with Inuyasha and his crew had turned it a lusciously light brown.

" Did that dog turd do this to you?!" growled Kouga angrily.

Kagome blinked back in surprise before answering, she was still getting over the initial shock of the sudden touch between the two.

" No…no… no he didn't.."

The unusual stutter in her voice failed to convince the wolf prince. He merely looked like he was going to jump off and shred the filthy half breed, Inuyasha, into fifty billion pieces.

Before he had a chance to do so, Kagome put a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

" No, don't… I can handle Inuyasha."

Kouga opened his mouth to protest but was immediately rebuked by Kagome.

" No, I can deal with it."

Kouga sighed deeply. Then with a quick hug to Kagome, he scurried off to find his pack. He would be back to check on his Kagome. And if she still looked sad, he would rip off that half breeds head off and shove it up his ass so he can bite off his intestines.

Kagome watched Kouga leave in a blur of wind. Breathing deeply, she relaxed against the opposite side of the tree she had destroyed.

" Phew…"

She didn't feel like having a confrontation with either of them quite yet.

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