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Amore: Jealousy is a Terrible thing to Waste

Chapter 12: Slipping Away

" It's like I can't wake up…

It's like I can't remember, who I used

to be…"

Kagome slipped the delicate robe over her shoulders, the fabric softening against her smooth skin. Picking up a brush, she began to pull it through her waist length hair, careful to take out all the tangles. She had to make herself look good when she had to go seduce the bastard Naraku.

' The things I must do…' she thought to herself.

Placing the brush back upon the dresser, she examined herself in the mirror. The crimson red gown was of a conservative nature, with the silver dragons forming a perfect circle around her waist and their tails wrapping themselves around her legs. Within her ears were two moon shaped earrings with a small pearl that hung from it's base. She still wore the silver bangles around her arms, she had taken to them considering they set off anything she was wearing. She had grown so used to them, that if she didn't have them on, she would feel….well naked. Her hair was pinned up into a loose bun in the back of her head, with two silver pins that held it up. (a/n: picture something that looks like this= X )

' This should be good enough for him…'

Kagome made sure that she wore nothing that made it seem as if she was hiding anything. It would look way too suspicious and Kagome had to learn the hard way that Naraku was no fool.

' Okay, time to review the plan…. Step one: Somehow begin a conversation with him Step two: Slowly but surely seduce him, but not too much or I would seem to much like a whore. Step 3: The one moment he lets his guard down… Claw his throat out!!!!'

Kagome smirked maliciously at the last thought.

' Maybe, I have been hanging around vicious dog demons too much.. '

Kagome sighed to herself and turned around to face the door.

' Well here goes nothing…' thought Kagome to herself.


Naraku leaned his head back upon the wall and relaxed all the muscles in his body. Taking deep breaths, he watched as flashes of pink darted behind his eyes.

" Ah, the Protectorates of the Jewel of Four Souls…"

Almost immediately the small flashes of pink began to take form. The first slowly morphed into a gorgeous woman with flowing black hair, her eyes glowed a lovely shade of violet as she stared at him.

What you have done Onigumo?

Naraku snarled at her.

" I am not Onigumo, he perished a long time ago along with all my other weaknesses.. Lady Midoriko"

The woman shook her head at him but did not speak again. Another shadow began to take form. This one stood tall over the woman, he had long red hair which glowed brightly contrasting with his golden eyes.

You will not get away with this Onigumo…

Naraku glared at the figure.

" I highly doubt that Lord Satsuke."

The male figure shook his head at him but did not speak another word. Instead a third and final figure had formed up behind them both. It took the form of a small child, her hair only came to her shoulders, and it was evenly cut all around, even her bangs. Her caramel colored eyes stared blankly at him, his reflection bouncing evenly off all ends.

Onigumo may have perished but he is not forever lost Naraku… as you shall so sorely see…

Naraku scowled at them all.

" And how would you three know all this?"

All three of them stared at him, their hands moving in circular motions, swirling the arrays of lavender and pink around them.

We know all, Past Present and Future. . . And yours does not look bright…

Naraku sneered at them.

" Well then, if you know all then you must know that you now work for me. "

The figures bowed reluctantly to him.

We are aware

Naraku smirked evilly.

" Then you will tell me all that you know.."

The figures shook their heads slowly.

We cannot.

Naraku snarled.

" And just why not I own you now, you are nothing but my slaves---"

The child raised her hand.

On the contraire Naraku, we have those that we must answer to, far more powerful than you..

Naraku clenched his fist.

" And who may that be?"

The figures did not speak merely stared at him blankly.

" Answer me!"

It still remained silent.

" That is an order!"

The red haired one shrugged.

As we told you before, we have others to answer too far more powerful than you…

Naraku frowned darkly and opened his mouth to speak but found himself interrupted by the violet eyed girl with black hair.

Is it not enough for you to have control of the power of the jewel without wanting control over it's occupants? Leave us now…

With that remark, Naraku found himself hurtling backwards from the insides of the shikon jewel.

Snapping his eyes open, Naraku let out a dark hiss.

He had been so close to gaining access to the Shikon no Tama's true power, he could've tasted it but the damn protectors just had to interfere. Clenching his fist, he felt the urge to hit something.

But right then and there, walked in Kagome. Garbed in her most gorgeous kimono ever, she slinked into his room.

Her eyes glittered at him as she walked over to him.

" Evening….Naraku."

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