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The Youkai Strength Competition
Chapter 7: After the Contest

By Shadow's Mirror

"Ladies, Gentlemen, Youkai, Fans, Shikon-seeing Schoolgirls, Priestesses alive and undead, Glomp-willing Monks, Glomp-stopping Exterminators, Oblivious Wolf Leaders, Fluffy Youkai Lords and Minions of varying degrees of sarcasm, willingness, cuteness and intelligence. May I present the winner of the Feudal Era Youkai Strength Challenge… Inu-Yasha!"

- - -

As the announcer's voice rose into the air, it was almost swallowed by the roars and cheers of the crowd seated around the massive stadium where the last battle in the Youkai Strength Competition had just been fought.

The winner of the contest swayed a little as he stood with one hand on the hilt of his massive sword. Fortunately for Inu-Yasha, the tip of the blade was stuck into the earth, so it was steady enough for him to lean on it without pushing it over. He slowly lifted his head and looked around as best he could, his eyesight blurry from the poison that Naraku had used on him during the final round.

He was so tired.

His blood was on fire, burning from the poison flowing with it through his body. Every part of his body ached and he felt the familiar tightness across his chest that told him he'd sustained at least one cracked rib at some point during the battle. More likely two or more. Blood dripped from his wounds into what was already a rather worrying pool around his feet. With every drop that fell to the ground, he could feel what little strength he had left slip away even more.

Stubbornly, he refused to bow to his momentary weakness. Ignoring the sickening metallic smell of the life-giving liquid spreading on the ground beneath him, he focused all his remaining strength on searching the area for what he needed to see most of all at that moment.


A voice was calling out his name.

The cry was vastly overpowered by the crowd's celebrations, but the twitching of the half-Youkai's furry ears showed that he had heard it, as did his slow turn towards the direction it had come from. Such a simple movement... yet it took everything he had within him to do it.

The last thing Inu-Yasha saw before the darkness rushed in and claimed him was Kagome running towards him across the arena.

- - -

"You are certain he will recover?" Was that Sesshoumaru's voice? He sounded... mildly concerned.

"Oh yes. He'll be just fine. Ah, in fact, I do believe he's coming around now."

There was something familiar about that soft, yet irritatingly cheerful, voice. As Inu-Yasha tried to place it, the events of the past few hours rushed into his mind and his eyes snapped open.

"Naraku! Where is he? Did I kill him?" He started to sit up and growled when a hand planted itself on his chest and refused to allow him to do so. "Let me go!" He looked up and then blinked, shocked into silence at the realisation that the hand belonged to his older brother.


Sesshoumaru always had been rather good at choosing the exact words required to truly irritate his half-sibling.

Inu-Yasha's growl filled the small room as he glared at his brother. "What are you doing here?" He looked around as best he could without moving more than his head, since his brother was pressing firmly enough on his chest to keep him in place. There was no way he was going to give Sesshoumaru the satisfaction of knowing that he was hurting him, though. "Where are Kagome and the others?"

"They are waiting outside." The soft voice came again and this time the speaker moved into Inu-Yasha's line of sight. The half-Youkai wasn't surprised to see that it was the young medic with the white-blonde hair who had healed his ears after the third round of the contest. He knew he had known that voice from somewhere.

Oddly though... he had the strangest feeling that wasn't where he'd recognised it from.

Pushing that thought to the back of his mind for later consideration, Inu-Yasha focused his attention on getting some answers. "What about Naraku? Is he still alive?"

Sesshoumaru growled softly. "There is a spell in place to prevent death." His tone of voice made it clear that he was annoyed that Inu-Yasha hadn't been paying attention when that was explained to them earlier in the competition.

Inu-Yasha did not look away from the medic, his golden eyes pinning him with a searching gaze. "Yeah. But if that were completely true then the announcer wouldn't have said what he did after the first round." As his brother frowned slightly, Inu-Yasha kept his eyes steady on the young man standing by the side of his bed. "He gave us the choice to continue after each round... 'to keep the death toll to a minimum'."

The medic looked a little uncomfortable... and his unease was probably not just because of how bad Inu-Yasha's mimicry of the announcer had been. "You are right. Although there is a spell in place over the arena that prevents death... it is not infallible. Youkai are as varied in form as they are in power and some combinations of both have rendered the spell useless on occasion. Not this year, however. Naraku lives." His voice was serious and perhaps a little relieved.

Inu-Yasha's eyes narrowed. "You don't sound unhappy about that." His voice was a low growl.

Blinking, the medic looked at Inu-Yasha as if he'd just grown another head and it was purple with green horns. "I am a medic for this challenge. It is my job to ensure that all contestants leave here as alive as they were when they arrived." He shrugged. "My personal feelings must never get in the way of my duty to my patients, and I would be thoroughly ashamed of myself if they ever did so."

The half-Youkai had the grace to look a little ashamed, himself. "Oh. Right. Sorry. I didn't think of that."

With a nod of acceptance for the apology, the medic smiled at Inu-Yasha. "Now that we have sorted that out... do you feel up to visitors? There are a few people who really should see you soon... preferably before they wear out the hall tiles with their pacing." He grinned and Inu-Yasha couldn't help but smile back as he nodded. "Oh good. I will just go and... ah... they are here."

Inu-Yasha never did work out what surprised him more about the events of the three seconds that followed. That Kagome, Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Kirara, Rin, Jaken, Kouga, Hakkaku, Ginta and even Kagura had apparently known the moment they could see him; that they were all somehow able to get into the room at the same time with only Jaken getting squished in the doorway; or that even with all those other people crowed into the very small room, Sesshoumaru still managed to keep from getting jostled. His fluffy thing wasn't even stepped on once.

With everyone all talking at once, it took a little while for Inu-Yasha to sort out all the questions that were fired at him so he could answer them.

Yes, he felt fine.

Yes, he knew that Naraku was still alive and yes he was annoyed about it too.

No, he couldn't have tried harder to kill Naraku and could someone please hit Jaken on the head for asking that?

Yes, he was sure he felt fine.

Yes, he felt even better after Miroku hit Jaken for him.

No, he hadn't heard that Jakotsu had tearfully attempted to glomp the badly injured Naraku when he'd been brought in, or that he had insisted on personally nursing him back to health.

Yes, he did find that mental image both amusing and very, very disturbing.

No, he hadn't known that Naraku had been planning to resist any attempt at sending him back to the Feudal Era so he could take over modern-day Japan.

No, he wasn't surprised by it. He would have been more surprised if Naraku hadn't been planning something like that.

Yes, he was very happy to hear that Naraku was going to be sent back to his time before he regained consciousness so he couldn't try anything like that... but why was Kagura looking so smug about that?

As he asked that question, all eyes in the room turned to look at Kagura. Inu-Yasha was right, she was looking very much like Kirara when she had a plate of freshly cooked fish in front of her.

Miroku asked what they were all wondering. "Is there a reason why you are smiling like that?"

Shippo added the other thing they were all thinking. "Yeah, it's kind of scary."

Kagura's smile widened as she looked around at them. "Oh, it's nothing much. Just that I've been told that when Naraku gets sent back, Kanna and I don't have to go with him. We can stay and enjoy the carnival that's being held along with this competition, and even the festival they're holding tonight. Best of all, we will be sent back to the same time as Naraku... so he will never know about it." Her red eyes gleamed and her smile revealed how delighted she was about it.

The others snickered at the thought of Naraku being tricked.

Amid the round of congratulations that followed, only Sesshoumaru remained silent. He seemed to be lost in thought... or contemplating killing everyone in the room because their noise was annoying him. One of the two.

When the noise began to die down, he turned his head and fixed Kagura with a piercing gaze that she returned with her usual defiant 'what do you want?' look.

"Rin wishes to visit the carnival this afternoon. You will accompany us and use your wind to keep away any... irritations... that attempt to approach us." His voice was flat - emotionless - but his eyes seemed more intense than usual. It had not been a request, yet he seemed to be waiting for a reply anyway.

"Irritations?" Jaken's confused voice broke the silence that had descended on the room at Sesshoumaru's surprising statement.

"He probably means fangirls. They can be dangerous when provoked... or when they see something really cute." Shippo shuddered at the memory of his own brush with them.

Jaken also shuddered at the thought of what could happen to his Sesshoumaru-sama.

Kagura blinked, the two little youkai's conversation barely registering with her as she tried to work out what had just happened. Sesshoumaru's sudden announcement had left her stunned and far more hopeful than she would ever admit to feeling.

Had Lord Fluffy really just asked her out on a... date?

Belatedly, Kagura realised that she still hadn't replied. "Uh... I suppose I could... assist you. For the sake of the child." She did her best to sound as offhand as his invitation had been.

It must have been a trick of the light that made Sesshoumaru look like he was smiling slightly as he nodded curtly to her. "The hotel reception desk in one hour." He headed for the door, the others quickly moving out of his way as he threatened to walk over them if they didn't. "Rin. Jaken. We are leaving."

"Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama." Rin waved to everyone as she trotted happily after her hero.

"Of course, Sesshoumaru-sama." Jaken, still looking rather shocked at his lordship's sudden wish for the company of a female... and Naraku's underling at that... followed him as well.

With Sesshoumaru gone, Inu-Yasha was finally able to sit up. He looked around and frowned when he realised that, during all the confusion of his friends' arrival and congratulations, the medic had vanished. "You know... this whole contest thing has been one weird thing after another." He looked at the others. "We were all brought here to face each other, there are people here who we saw die ages ago, that medic reminds me of someone and so does that announcer and there's something odd about the Judge too. I know I haven't seen his attacks before, but I keep thinking they're familiar. I think we should go back home as soon as possible."

Kagura came out of her daze and glanced sharply at Inu-Yasha. "You too?"

"But I want to go see the carnival!" Shippo glared at Inu-Yasha. "The fighting's all over, so why can't we have some fun while we're here?"

"Hush a moment, Shippo." Kagome picked up the pouting Youkai and hugged him as she looked at Kagura. "What do you mean, 'you too'? You seemed glad that you weren't going straight back."

Kagura shook her head. "No, I don't mean that. I was talking to Sesshoumaru for a while earlier. He said something similar. Not about the medic or the announcer, or going back, just about the Judge. He doesn't remember those attacks, but he has the feeling he's seen them somewhere before, too."

Inu-Yasha frowned. "That's really strange."

"It is indeed." Miroku looked very serious. "Perhaps we had best remain on our guard while we are here."

Sango gritted her teeth and glared at him. "Don't say such things... while you're touching me there!" She whirled around, escaping the hand that had been groping her bottom as she delivered her punishment.

Miroku sighed and picked himself up from the ground, his hand now cupping his reddened cheek. "I could not help it. My hand has a mind of its own."

Ignoring the exterminator and the priest as they began one of their usual 'hands do not have minds of their own, only perverted monks do' arguments, Inu-Yasha looked around at the others. "So what do you think? Should we go or stay and see what happens?"

Kouga shrugged. "I say we stay and beat up anyone who tries to take us on." He grinned and seemed to be looking forward to the idea of a possible fight. Hakkaku and Ginta both sighed the sigh of a long-suffering minion at their leader's enthusiasm.

"What I want to know is... how come we were the ones chosen for the main event?" Shippo looked around at the others. "Jaken and I aren't all that strong and Kanna's not much stronger. But we were invited just like Inu-Yasha, Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Kagura and Naraku. There are a lot of much stronger Youkai in the Feudal area, so why us?"

Everyone went still and blinked at the small fox Youkai who had just said something that sounded far older than he looked.

"Shippo has a point there." Miroku looked uneasily at Inu-Yasha. "It does seem most strange that it was only those who oppose Naraku who were invited to participate here. Do you suppose all of this was some plan of Naraku's?"

Before Inu-Yasha could reply, Kagura shook her head and spoke up. "No. I was with him when we received our invitations and he was as surprised as I was. I know he had some plan for while he was here, and I know it included all of you. He had something to ensure your involvement." She looked at Sango. "Kohaku came here with us. All he's told him to do is stay in our room, though, so whatever he was planning must have been more important to him than causing you pain. If he'd wanted to do that, he would have just taken him into the room we were all in between rounds."

As the others nodded in agreement with that assessment, Sango's eyes lit up. "Kohaku? My brother is here?" She looked like she wanted to go to him right away.

Kagura nodded. "Yeah. But he's still under Naraku's full control. At least... I think he is." She frowned slightly. "Maybe it will weaken once Naraku's back in the past."

"No, it won't weaken on its own. However, that young medic who was here earlier is already on his way up to the boy to do what he can about it. He should be able to at least have some fun at the carnival and also the festival tonight." The voice from the doorway caused everyone in the room to turn towards it in surprise. Inu-Yasha quickly slipped off the bed and both he and Kouga tensed in preparation for whatever might happen. Their movements had an odd effect on the speaker, though.

The announcer smiled.

"I am glad to see you are both back to full health, again." He waved his hand at them in a vague 'now put your swords away like good boys' motion and looked around the room. "Forgive my interruption, but I was passing by and happened to catch some of your very interesting discussion. I thought you all deserved to know the answer to the young one's question." He smiled at Shippo.

"My question?" Shippo barely had time to speak before Inu-Yasha growled.

"How come he gets his question answered but we don't? We want to know what the deal is with this contest!" He glared at the announcer, who merely looked calmly back at him.

"I will answer Shippo's question because it has an answer that I can give. I do not know what Naraku's plans were for the young boy he brought through time with him, so I cannot comment on that. Likewise, I do not know why the Judge is familiar to you and Sesshoumaru, Inu-Yasha."

Miroku frowned. "Just how long were you 'passing by' this room?"

The announcer cleared his throat and pretended not to have heard that question that he also had no intention of answering. "Normally, this annual Youkai competition of strength and skill will be held only for Youkai in the present era. This year was an exception because someone on the planning committee decided that it would be... I believe the word used was 'fun'... to bring together a group of powerful Youkai and half-Youkai from various times to battle it out for the title of History's Strongest Youkai. During the discussion about it, however, some bright spark thought to mention the battle for the Jewel of Four Souls, between Naraku and the... for want of a better term... Forces of Good." He eyed the group before him and shrugged. "Well... I suppose you lot qualify, more or less. Anyway... The committee was very enthusiastic about having such a wonderful theme for the main event, and so arrangements were made to bring you all here. Being the first year this competition has been held, everyone was eager for it to be memorable. The rest, you know."

Kagome stared at the announcer. "You mean... all of this was just... for publicity?"

As the others blinked in confusion at Kagome and her apparent understanding of what he had just said, the announcer shook his head. "Oh no, not at all!" He smiled serenely. "The Feudal Era Feud not only made for a wonderful advertising campaign, but sales for all the various commemorative items have been phenomenal."

Kagome lowered her head. "You got us all here... you pulled us all through time... you made them battle each other and get so badly hurt... and it was all for..." Her soft, low voice made her friends inch cautiously away from her. The announcer seemed to sense the impending doom as well.

"Oh no! Of course there were two other reasons. Much more important ones." He spoke quickly as he very slowly began to back out of the doorway he was still standing in.


Never had one word been so loaded with the threat of physical violence if the answer was not liked.

"We all knew that Naraku had been making things difficult for all of you. That you were having trouble finding him, let alone facing him. So we arranged this so all of you could have a chance to... let off a bit of steam in his direction, shall we say? It was obvious from the start that the last battle would be either Inu-Yasha or Sesshoumaru against Naraku. Think of this as... practice for the real thing." He looked at Inu-Yasha. "Now you know... that you can defeat him."

Never had one answer been so carefully prepared just in case of such a question being asked.

"Feh. I knew that already." Inu-Yasha shrugged, but his earlier tension had left him.

"You said there were two reasons. What's the other?" Kagome had also calmed considerably, although she eyed the announcer rather suspiciously, as if she didn't quite believe him.

"Ah... yes... well..." The announcer smiled slightly. "Let us just say that when Naraku goes back to his time... his daughters will be able to have some fun." Having said that, he quickly ducked out of sight.

As he was heard running off down the hall, everyone in the room looked at each other in confusion.

Inu-Yasha summed up all their thoughts. "What was that about?"

Kagura shook her head. "No idea. But I have more important things to bother about. Later." She waved as she headed with deliberately slow steps to the door.

It wouldn't do for anyone to realise how eagerly she wanted to return to her room and prepare for her maybe-date with Sesshoumaru, after all.

Inu-Yasha waited for Kagura to leave before looking at the others. "So... are we staying?"

Sango nodded quickly, then blushed and looked down at the ground. "I... I would like to."

"You wish to see if he was right about Kohaku, correct?" Miroku smiled gently at her.

"Yes." Sango looked at Inu-Yasha and her words almost tumbled over themselves. "He said that Kohaku might be able to go the carnival and I wish to go there with him."

Inu-Yasha grinned and nodded. "All right. Then we'll stay tonight. We'll keep our eyes open and if anything happens, we'll deal with it."

Sango's look of gratitude was enough to make him look away, his cheeks flaming slightly.

As Miroku tried to get Sango to agree to his joining her and her brother, Kouga grinned. He'd been moving around the room while everyone had been talking and he was finally in position on the opposite side of Kagome to that blasted mutt. He moved, starting to talk to her as his arm lifted and he began to lean in towards her. "Kagome... would you like to..."

"Everyone! Come and look at this! Quickly!"

Kagome turned to look at the doorway, where a very flushed and wide-eyed Kagura was poking her head inside the room. The female Youkai gestured for them to hurry up and then moved away again. "I wonder what's wrong?" Kagome hurried for the door with the others right behind her.

Hakkaku and Ginta sighed at each other. "Kouga nearly got to put his arm around her. Shame she moved just then." Hakkaku winced.

Ginta nodded. "Yeah. He's still not quite recovered or else he wouldn't have overbalanced like that."

They went to help their leader up from the floor.

- - -

Kagura was standing at the end of the hall, peeking around the corner. She glanced around as the others approached and motioned for them to be quiet and have a look as well. Carefully, they all did so.

The room beyond the hall was apparently some sort of waiting room. There were chairs along the walls and unlike the rest of the infirmary, this room actually had some colour. Although the floor was the same white tiles as everywhere else, the room's chairs were all a soft shade of peach that joined with the creamy hue of the walls to create a soothing and calming feeling.

Maybe that was why the little female youkai sitting on one of the chairs looked so happy. Or perhaps it was because it was the first time in her life that Kanna had ever worn such a pretty yukata. Deep pink and patterned with red, violet and light pink flowers, the colours went well with the soft rosy hue of her normally pale cheeks.

The onlookers were all still trying to get over how different, and colourful, Kanna looked when someone passed by them. They might not have noticed him except for the soft chuckle he released as he did so.

As the girls blushed in embarrassment at being caught spying and the boys all tried to work out how they'd missed hearing him approaching, the Judge crossed the room to where Kanna had stood and seemed to be waiting for him.

"Are you ready to go, my dear?"

Kanna nodded and Kagura finally found her voice.

"Wait a minute! Where are you taking her?" She moved into the room and glared at the Judge as if suspecting him of having improper plans for her sister.

Kanna looked at Kagura and smiled a very sweet smile. "He is taking me to the carnival to have fun. Naraku is not here and I have been freed of his control over me for tonight." Her voice was louder than normal, although still very soft.

"Naraku's... control..." Kagura's eyes widened and she looked like she was in shock. "Then... this is..." She seemed to be looking at her sister in an entirely new light.

The Judge shook his head. "This is merely what Kanna is like inside her heart. It is not what she would be like if Naraku did not exist. You could say that her dreams have been turned into reality. Just for tonight. Since time is so short... I hope you will excuse us now." He took the girl's hand and there was a shimmer of light as they both vanished.

Inu-Yasha and the others joined Kagura, except Shippo who instead bounded over to where the Judge had been standing and picked up the item that lay on the floor. He turned back to the others and held up the Judge's hooded cloak. "Looks like he doesn't mind if she sees what he looks like."

Kagome smiled. "Maybe we'll see them tonight and find that out as well. We're all going to be in the same place, right?" She looked at the boy standing beside her.

"Yeah." Inu-Yasha grinned and nodded as he took Kagome's hand. "Come on. We might as well get going too."

Kagura shook herself out of her daze as his words reminded her of her own plans for that night. She turned to Sango. "Naraku put Kanna, Kohaku and I in the one room. He had the room next door."

Sango nodded. "I'll come with you and see if he wants to explore the carnival with us."

- - -

Later that night, the Festival of Colours was in full swing. It was the closing celebration of the Youkai Strength Competition and the crowd was made up of humans and every type of youkai imaginable, all having fun together in harmony with none of the tension that normally existed between their races. It was almost over, but the reason for the festival's name was still to come.

Kagura looked into a pair of deep golden eyes and smiled slightly. She stood off to one side of the crowd gathered on the banks of the river to watch the show that was about to begin. The tall, silver-haired Youkai Lord standing beside her looked silently back at her and Kagura knew that her heart would be beating faster if Naraku had not taken it to keep her under control. She wondered for a moment if it would still do so, then shook off the thought and returned her attention to the eyes looking into her own; too content to be with Sesshoumaru and the little girl to think about such things just then. A loud sound echoed through the air and Kagura winced as Rin's voice rose above the noise of the crowd.

"Jaken-sama... why are you in the water?"

"Foolish girl! Do you think I want to be? Someone bumped me and I fell in! Now help me out!"

Hakkaku and Ginta both snickered as they watched the little green Youkai flailing about in the water from their perches up in the branches of a nearby tree. They turned to point out the funny sight to their leader, then quickly returned their attention to the waterlogged minion when they saw that all of Kouga's attention was elsewhere. They really didn't want to have to listen to him rant. It was bad enough that his jealous growling was catching the attention of the people around them. Really, their leader's crush on Kagome could get very embarrassing, sometimes.

Nearby, Miroku had also noticed Kouga's preoccupation and was pointing it out to his companion, relishing the chance to lean close and whisper in her ear. They were sitting side by side on the grassy slope that led down to the open stretch of grass beside the river where most of the crowd had gathered, but with Sango spending most of her time paying attention to a happy and smiling Kohaku sitting on her other side, he'd been feeling a little neglected. As he leaned slightly against her side, that feeling changed to one of supreme contentment.

Another loud sound echoed through the air.

Shippo winced. "Did she seem to slap him harder than usual that time?"

Kagome sighed and nodded. "Well you can't really blame him. That was pretty bad timing on his part. She was in just the right mood, too." She sighed again and Shippo sighed too as he nodded.

"The right mood for what?"

Kagome jumped as Inu-Yasha's voice came right in her ear. She turned her head and then froze as she came within an inch of being nose to nose with him. For a moment that seemed to stretch for an eternity, they were both silent and still. Then they quickly looked away, their cheeks heating.

Shippo sighed and shook his head. "Another good mood wasted."

Yet another loud sound echoed through the air and Kagome clapped her hands. "Oh! Look, Inu-Yasha!" She pointed to the sky. "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?"

"No. Nothing." As Kagome turned to smile at him, Inu-Yasha quickly looked away from her and up into the sky, which was beginning to fill with colour.

As the fireworks shot into the sky and exploded into brightly coloured starbursts, everyone admired them and agreed that it was the perfect way to end the Youkai Strength Competition.

Well... almost everyone admired them... There were two who had something else on their minds.

Hidden from the crowd below by the thick green leaves of the tree they were sitting in, the female rested her head against the soft, light brown fabric covering her male companion's chest. She was in front of him, his arms around her and holding her safely despite their precarious perch. Her hand lightly traced the red and gold fire design around the bottom of one of his sleeves and she moved her head a little, snuggling into his warmth. He bowed his head and she smiled as his long reddish-brown hair brushed her face moments before his kiss brushed her forehead. Opening her eyes, she looked into the emerald green eyes of her dearest, and only, friend. "Thank you. I am happy."

The two small furry ears poking out of his hair on top of his hair twitched at her voice and he smiled back at her. "I knew you would be. That's why I did it."

His long, fluffy tail twitched at the memory of his rash idea and how much trouble he had needed to go to in order for him to arrange it all. Making a bargain with a dragon who could journey through time had been the easiest part. Organising the competition and arranging for the group from the Feudal Era to be brought through time to take part in it had been a challenge and then there had been the fake Chain of Light attack that had covered the sleep spell, so it had looked as if she had collapsed. Yes, it had all been a lot of trouble, but... He knew it had been worth it.

The fireworks filled the sky with colour but the young Youkai didn't even notice. To him, Kanna's happy smile was far more beautiful.

"Happy Birthday, Kanna."

The End