Dawned on us that prolly one of the scariest things in the MK universe would be for Kaito (Magician) and Akako (Sorceress) to pool their resources.
Or to get into a really big pissing contest.
Espeically with those poor non-magical people caught in the crossfire...

Hands reached out of a darkened doorway and grabbed her, dragging her back into their depths. She opened her mouth to scream and attack when a familiar voice stopped her. "At ease, Aoko-kun."

"Hakuba-kun?" Aoko blinked as the detective protectively slid the door shut, golden eyes peering vigilantly.

"What is going on today?!" He inquired, mild irritation colouring his tone as a shadow hopped by. "It's a madhouse!"

She snorted. "Akako-chan started a prank war with Kaito."

"And they are not being reprimanded for this?"

"Somehow, I don't think there's anything in school regulations against summoning an army of hobgoblins."


And what you don't see is Yaiba on the back of his tiger and waving his sword having a feild day cutting said hobgoblins to pieces.