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0400 Hours

He was walking down the Empty streat at the Crack of Dawn, he felt tired, thirsty and Nearing his End, but he wanted to Reach that building beforeit was too late, He started remembering all the Events leading to his condition, Joining the French Intellegence, Accepting that Mission, the Procedior that shall cause him Agony and a horrible Demise and Maby Perish Humanity, his Mentality wasent all that Much, if he had it a little more togeather hed figure out the solition, to take his own life, but as it were, allhe could think of is getting back, and letting every one else figure it out.

He walked up the stairs leading to the Makeshift Operation Management Station, an Attic Apartment in a low rent Apartment Building.

As He enterd, his collegues looked up at him in Suprise, his superior Major Mouler, looked at him ready to berate him for his Unschedualed return, but when he saw his apperance, all dissapointment turned into suprise.

Mouler: Peter! You look like Sh.....

Before he could finish, Peter collapsed, his partners ad rushed over to check on him, then Dupre yelled to a random Agent, "What are you looking at? Get an Ambullance!"

As the Agent went to call an Ambullance, Dupre turned to the Fallen Peter, smacking him lightly on the cheack, he cald his name.

Mouler: Peter, Peter, PETER!

But to no avail, the Agent has already slipped to the land of the UnConscious.


Peter caughed as he was laid onto a Hospital Bed, Dupre and three of his partners were around him, his Moving to the Hospital was Done Secretly, a total of Ten people Including them have made contact with him.

Agent: Is he going to be OK?

Doctor: Well, for starters, we dont really know what hes got, he looks as if hes been torcherd, but there are no Bruises or cuts worth mentioning.

Mouler: What do you mean?

Doctor: Hes problem is Medical. Once we know what it is, we will be abel to help him.

Mouler: You must realize, Nobody must know hes here, hes from now on your only responsibility, only a small Number of Orderleas and Nurses can come in contact with him, and those dont leave till whats wrong with him is revealed. Understood?

Doctor: Yes sir.

The doctor leaves but Mouler and the other Agents stay.

"Whats wrong with him?" Mouler thought to himself, he was not very compasionate man, and he didnt think of his Underlinks as his sons or brothers, he thought of them as his Friends if anything, and usually he didnt care about there personal bagage as long as they did what he orderd them to, But when his Finest Agent comes back looking the way he looked, His health the way it is, it made him Uneasy, and it made him Very Upset, and it made him determin on bringing down whoever was the reason, and so he will, just as soon as he was threw with his headache, he turned to an Agent and orderd, "Get me some Aspirin"

Agent: Sylvester already went to get some for himself and I, are you alright sir?

Mouler: Ill be fine, and get someone to check the Air-conditioing, Its Hot in here.



1550 Hours

A Weak and a Few Days Later.....

Men and Women of All Races, Nationalitys and Creeds gatherd in a secret Meating in a conference hall in the UN Headquarters in the City of Newyork, the center of the dicussion was a recent Desies that appeard in Paris, Representatives of Most Countrys or Regions were there to discus how to stop this Outbrake from becoming a world wide Epidemic.

Boris Desinof (Representative of Rusia and the former suviet union): .....we Just need more time.

David Green (Representative of The United States): And what if you cant? and lets suppose you do come up with an Anti-Body, Are you sure you can get it to evry Man, woman and Child on this planet, and if you do, how do we know he wont........

Boris Denisoff: If we do pay him, how do we know he wont release it anyway, he already have in a way!

David Green: Your not thinking straight, would you want to even risk it?

Jaques Devarge (Representative of France): We appreciate your Caution, But your getting out of line Mr. Green, and I beleave your being Unreasonabel.

David Green: Unreasonabel? Is it Unreasonabel of me to not want my country men and women to die a slow agonising Death?

Jaques Devarge: Your forgetting that ten of the twenty Persons Infected are French, so dont talk like I dont care.

Muhhamad Al-Masry (Representative of Egypt and the rest of the Arab Region): For Gods Sake, We Shouldnt be arguing, What we should be doing is forming a Joined Understanding on how to Handel thissituation, as Dangerous as it is, we mustnt loose our temper.

At this point a Brunnete Woman of Sixty stands up and leaves, as the Representatives keep up the bickering.


After the Meeting was done, a Tall Man, Dark Skinned and with Gray Hair walkes up to the Woman who walked out during the Conference, who was Regardless of her Age, she was Attractive, which made you beleave that some decades ago she was Very Beautifull and Radient, the Dark Skinned Man called her as he approached.

Dark Skined Man: Miss Archer(1).

Archer lookes up at him, Smiles and Greats him.

Archer: Sir..

Dark Skinned Man: Walk with me.

The Two then walk down the corridor as More Men and Women pour from the Conferece Hall, a few Raeportrs come approach Archer.

Reporter: How did Agrecultural Conference go today?

Archer: As Usuall. Leave.

The Reporter is taken back by the twisted Answer but then spots other people who attended the conference, and rushes over to them.

The Dark Skined Man: What do you think?

Archer: Theyr going to Pay the Randsom, Bravado isnt there Thing.

The Dark Skined Man: I agree.

Archer: But?

The Dark Skinned Man: There will be countrys who wont be abel to pay it, and eather way, as Mr. Desinof said, One way or the Other, were compleately Under his Mercy.

Archer: All I need is your Order Sir.

They both stop as they Reach the Elevator, The Dark Skinned Man Pushes a Button and as soon as the Elevator arrived and its door opened, he stepped in, and as the door was closing, hee gave his order to Kate Archer.

The Dark Skinned Man: Stop Him, by any means Necesary.

The Door was now shut, and the Elevator started to descend, Archer Mutterd to Herself, "And so I shall"

(1) Some of you will recogize Kate Archer, she is the Operative in the 60s style spy video game "No one lives forever".