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1730 Hours London, England

All Five of the team and Dame Archer were in a large room, one which was strangely located beneath the British Museum and was filed with antique Turn of the Century forniture, and was lined with shelves filled with various books, some Paintaings and Photographs of Various Groups and Individuals were hung on the walls as well.

The Members of the latest giration of the league along with their recuiter were disscusing the many aspects of the situation and the proper means to approach a have already began putting togeather the toll which is due in a few weeks.." said Archer.
"And when you say toll you mean..?" asked John.
"Four-hundred Billion Dollars." replied Archer.
"Come again?" asked a fazed Damian.
"You heard corectly Mr. Flemyng... Unless you all are able to capture the conspirers."
"Just a question, but why is't this being taken care of by the CIA or the Interpol or MI5 or any other agency?" asked Damian.
"Because those agencys no matter how well trained their Operatives be; do not have the traits that could aid them in accomplishing this mission, and a agency like the CIA or MI5 might be most Inclined to protect it's countrys Intrests above all. And for all we know, this conspiracy could be caried out by one nation against the rest of the world."
"I find that hard to beleave.." said Marcie, who had wore a Poly-Ethelen mask Identical to her facial features to make her unsuspicously visable, and hid other parts of her with gloves, suglasses and clothing.
"It has -along with stranger things- happined, so you see it's necesary that this be handled by an Impartial & Nutural Authority." said Archer.
"Do we have any potential suspects on who could have the means to do such a thing?" asked Raze.
"Not really. We do have a lead however.." said Archer, to which all the other looked up in Interest.
"..... In a Investigation perpetrated by French Itellegence that revolved around a multiational Genetic-Engenering Corporation called 'Pendora' that is stationed in Paris, and the possibility of it conducting Covert Internationally Forbiden Gene-Manipulation Reseach. Peter Arranox, a french Secret Agent was working undercover in the Company, he usually made a visit to the center of operations bi-weekly to fill them in on his findings, till a day and two weeks ago -on a day which was neither of the two days a week- he came in, looking like -and I qoute- a 'corpse', his physical and mental well-being were deteriorating as he colapsed right there. He was rushed to the Hospital where all the people he came in touch with since his unschedualed return stayed with him, including two doctors and five nurses who were orderd by the Cheif of the Operation; Maj. Mouler Dupree to stay with him till the nature of his illnes is revealed, the next day all those who have came in contact with the Agent were Infected, They were Twenty all-in-all including Major Mouler. But before his illness reached it's peack he was able to contact the proper authoritys to come in and quaratine the Twenty..."
"Isn't that enough to concider it as a suspect? I mean Gene-Manipulation and a One of a kind Paracitic Organism are perfectly relateable to each other. It would make sence to speculate that Dupree was caught and punished by the corporation." said Duncan.
"Thats what the French beleave, they have increased their afforts to bring down the corporation, but I have reasons to beleave that the Corporation while is possibly guilty of Gene-Manipulation, it is not resposible for this threat. If the corporation realised he was a spy it would be more pragmatic to make him disapear rather than infect him with such a diseas,let's not rool it out though."
"Were there anycasualties?" asked Marcie.
"They are all dead?"
"There must have been an autopsy then." said John.
"Yes, a unsuccesfull one caried out by the finest of Doctors, it dosn't resembel anything ever seen..."
"So you're saying: 'It might not be a classifyable Pathogen at all'?" asked Duncan.
"It's a possibility." replied Archer.
"Wouldn't you think it would be better to have someone of Medical Experiece on the team to serve in Scientific Advice Capacity?"
"Yes I would, but all five of you were located and recruited in three days, which happens to be a record. And duo to the time factor, it is important that the team spring into action instantly."
"Was that a 'No'?" asked Marcie.
"That was 'We have a someone in mind, but are having a hard time in reaching her', so be patient; and anyway, you McLeod have the authority to have anyone you see as fit on your team."

There was a pause before Archer resumed "Time is running out, you have one last stop before you are to head to Paris. Remember, you must'nt bring attetion to yourselves, in order forthe Bureau to continue fuctioning it has to remain a secret. And beware of the french, they are baying for blood and might be suspicous of you.... and remember, I and the rest of the world are dependig on you, do not fail us. Now go... Go with god."

1800 Hours Military Intellegence Group 5 (MI5) Headquarters, Q Branch

The Immortal, the Spy, the Assasin, the Werwolf and the Theif were in an Elevator with an old man in his Sixties dressed in a grey suit, heading down below ground level, the Six light al of a sudden idicating that the Iron Cage has came to a stop, the Iron Dores then parted to reveal a massive space filled with men and women in lab coats working on and testing a variety of Cotraptions and Apparatuses, most of which seamed like regular evry-day items like pens, jewelry, briefcases and even a car at one corner.

"THAT... is some unusuall working space." said the Australlian.
"Now if you would follow me Gentlemen and miss..." said the elderly Man who strangely was riffered to as only 'Q' as he led the way.
"What is this place?" asked John.
"This is the Special Equiptment & Spyware Branch of MI5, we usually provide Equiptment for a special group of secret service agents, but My superior cotacted me and said that a group of Outside Agents -you- are to be provided with Equiptment for a matter of great Importance.."
"Have she told you about the 'matter' and the 'agents'?" asked Marcie.
"She gave me a vague Idea on each of you and your mission, just eough to know what to give you."

The Six came toa stop at a metal counter near the center of the place that had a touch-functioned plasma screen onit, among other strange things.

"For you Mr. Lee I have this.." said Q as he reached out for a medium sized silver case, he then opened it revealing a massive Revolver which he picked out, "The TSC Corrector Version 3, it is made of compressed Plastic Fibers and thus it is unditectable by Metal Detectors, it can hold 6 Bullets..." contiued Q, who then handed the gun over to John so he could examine the weapon, "The Projectiles are viles filled with a Special Kind of Nitroglycrene that explodes on Impact, but it is not be too Motion-Sensitive for easyer mobility."
"How big would the explosion be?" asked John as he Exposed the chambers of the Gun; to which Q simply smiled and touched the screen a few times, a Visual Deminstration appeard; It showed Q flanked by scientests all wearing Goggles and a helmet inside of a Hanger, a hundred feet away was a pair of black vans, it showed him lift the Massive Hand Gun and after a bit of aiming he pulled the trigger and fired a projectile at the vans, the vile was visible for a few second as it beelined to the van, when it colided a huge explosion was the resault, blowing both vans to fragments.
"So, that big then." said a astonished John.
"Moving on, there is this....." said Q as he raised a box of cigars, "Twenty Cigars, when the label baring end is turned clock wise it radiats Ultra-Vilot Rays capable of destroying Diseas Carrying Organisms, when turned counter-clock wise it emmits a bright light that if observed without any optical protection, cause's temporary blindness."
"That'll be handy." said Duncan.
Q then raised a silver lighter while saying "A Usuall lighter, but if you Ignite it and then press the tiny button in the bottom, a small cartridge inside the lighter releses a powder that if a proper dose reaches the eye, it effects the optical nerve causing Temporary Paralysis."
"That'll be fun." said Marcie.

Q then the headed to the car at the corner, a silver Mercedes SLR McLaren. The Group followed him as he got in and demonstrated.

"As for your trasportation, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, modefied by this branch so it can reach up to 350 KMs Per Hour, it is Bullet-Prof and....." at this point Q hits the buttons 1 & 8 on the Radio Board while the radio was closed, strangley enough the car changed clours into Black, the Liscense Plate was withdrawn and another replaced it, "It is painted by a kind of paint that changes clours when exposed to a radio wave of a certin frequence, however the wave mustcome from under the coat, so outside waves do not have an effect, you release this wave by pressing the numbers 1 & 8 o the radio board while the radio is off, the liscense plate is automatically replaced when the change is made. And last but not least...." at this point Q hit 9 twice resaultig in the hood poping open and a gattling gun appearing from among the engine parts and a stick with a trigger on its side emerged from the center of the steering wheel, "... well, this one speaks to itself. To activate press 9 twice while the radio is off. Use the stick to aim and fire.." continued Q as he moved the Stick up and down making the gun aim up and then down.
"You got to love the Benz!" said an enthuthiased Damian.
"An Exact Version will be waiting for you in Paris, in the trunk you'll find standard equiptment, Guns, a Sniper Rifle, amunition, and Burgley Equiptment for you Mr. Flemyng. But you should know, the Benzs are proto-types, one of our agents is to use this one and is probabel to end up destroying it, I don't wat the same from you. Use it wisely and bring it back perfectly intact." said Q stirnly.
"Don't worry, your ride is in safe hands." said Duncan.
"Yeah, have we ever let you down?" said Damian.
"I just met you." said Q.
"But still, We havn't let you down." said a grining Damian.

Q seamed to not enjoy Damian's Aussie sence of humor, as he turned on his heels and headed of putting a hand to his forhead and muttering to himself "Dear god! Not another one!!"

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