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Magic of the Sparrow

A hard sound fills his ears and immediately after all sound disappears. Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself near the head of his Pearl. Around him pirates fight for their lives. Some of the pirates Jack know already for a very long time, the others are new, not very friendly, faces to him. The colors around him look unnaturally bright and Jack closes his eyes. Immediately his memory attacks him.

It was Cotton who discovered the Windbreaker, a known and dangerous pirate ship, first. As soon as Jack had set his eyes on it, he knew it was going to be a large fight. And if the Windbreaker wasn't going to start one, he was going to do it instead! The Windbreaker was the kind of pirate ship that gave pirates a bad name. Of course, Jack was a pirate as well and lots of the stories about pirates were true. But still, Jack was not the kind of pirate that would kill just for the fun of it, not like the pirates from the Windbreaker. But that was not the main reason why Jack wanted to attack that ship. When the Windbreaker commandeers a ship on sea, they kill the captain and first mate and capture the rest of the crew, selling them later as slaves. In other words, they took away the freedom of these people. Now that was something unforgivable. Something that Jack would never do! Soon after the discovery of the Windbreaker it had begun. They had attacked first, and the Pearl had answered.

Jack opens his eyes again. Slowly the sounds around him come back. Sound of screaming, gunshots and swords fill the air. No cannons. Cannons were of no use anymore. The entire crew of the Windbreaker was on board of the Pearl and somewhere deep inside him a little annoying voice was starting to tell Jack that this would finally be the last journey of the infamous captain Jack Sparrow.

However, the entire world seems to have forgotten all about him for the moment. No one tried to attack him, no one paid any attention. Warm blood tickled over his left hand and Jack knew he was wounded. But the pirate who did that to him was already screaming his lungs out in one of the circles of hell, probably the deepest of the lot.

Jack becomes more and more aware of his surroundings. The first familiar face that he spots is that of Gibbs. Gibbs, who always seems to know if he was more needed as a listening ear or as a mate to get extremely drunk with. Gibbs, who knows him longer than any other member of his crew with expectation of Ana Maria. Gibbs, who was now hard on his way to loose his battle against a Windbreaker pirate. Gibbs was old, too old to be a pirate, but he had proved again and again his value and the truth was that Jack didn't want to miss his company on his Pearl. Now Jack really wanted to help his friend to save his life, but somehow that was impossible. He couldn't raise his sword hand or reach for the gun on his belt. He simply couldn't do anything, expect of watching it all happen.

But then, with a stroke of luck, the Windbreaker pirate falls over the dead body of one of his former mates and without a moment of hesitation Gibbs turns around and brings down his short sword in the back of his attacker. Jack grins a golden grin. Part of the reason why Gibbs was still among pirates and loved among the crew was his dumb luck that he always seems to have on the most needed moments. Gibbs has already turned around and slashed another pirate down before he disappears among the crowd.

Jack notices how he can move his legs again, although he can't walk with the large steps that he only uses during battle. Even his normal 'silly' walk is not possible; he can only shuffle forward. This annoys Jack enormously, because this only gives him the feeling that he cannot protect his friends any longer.

He sees Cotton running by, who is, in fact, also way too old to be a good pirate. However, although he doesn't know the mute for that long they have a strange friendship. He can perfectly understand Cotton, even without parrot, and Jack doesn't need any words either to make Cotton understand him. A Windbreaker pirate stabs him painfully in his right arm, but than a younger Pearl crewmember manages to save his older colleague.

Next, Jack notices another familiar face among the fighting crowd. Ana Maria. She is screaming orders to her fellow crewmembers, while gracefully dodging a various amount of attacks. She quickly manages the kill a pirate and at the same time avoids another attack on herself. Her black hair is flowing in the wind and her cheeks seem to be wet with tears. This shocks Jack. His Ana Maria didn't cry. At least, he couldn't recall a time that he had seen her doing that. And he knew her already for a very long time. A time before Barbossa and his mutiny. A time when he was a happy young captain, together with his best friend William Turner on his own ship the Black Pearl. Ana Maria seems to be in her element in the middle of battle, although her eyes tell a different story. In her eyes Jack sees anger, but also a deep sorrow. What had happened?

Again Jack isn't able to move. Why is his Ana sad? She is a rather unique member of his crew, a woman and a very good pirate as well. Not many female were pirates these days, that is, openly female. He knew some female who dressed up as males to revenge their killed husbands. Ana didn't do that. She had a reputation that clearly stated not to mess with her or you would meet her sword. And even if that hadn't scared any male away they all knew what would happen if anyone would touch Ana Maria in a way that she didn't agree with. Jack would hunt that person down and than do something with him that he would normally never do. Only that occasion would give him satisfaction. He would torture that person to death in a horrible way.

Jack cannot bring himself to look away from the fighting Ana Maria. He cared about her. A lot. In fact, he cared more about her than he would ever admit to her or even himself. Too long he had known her already and he respected her way too much.

Were on earth did he ever managed to get such a loyal crew? They would die for their captain and his ship. Jack knew that. Why did he deserve such loyalty? He had heard stories enough, about pirates who betrayed their captain to work for another one. Heck, Jack almost invented paranoia towards crewmembers after his little 'incident' with Barbossa. He still remembers what Will Turner had said to him, at that time still a little bit of a naïve boy.

So, this is your able-bodied crew?


Well… you've proved they're mad!

Will Turner! Suddenly Jack's heart seems to stop for a short moment. How could he forget?! Will was on board of the Pearl together with his wife Elizabeth! Jack closes his eyes in dismay. He wasn't that shocked if this was going to be his last journey, that's the risk of being a pirate, but he didn't want these two people killed. Not Bootstrap's son! Once in a while the Turners stayed on the Pearl for a couple of weeks to take a sort of vacation. Then they were just part of the 'able bodied crew' and Jack always looked forward to these weeks.

Now it had been 5 years since their last journey together. After 5 years they had left their 4-year-old son with Norrington to feel the wind in their hair again. Who would have thought that these two people would get a kid once? At least it was finally proved that Will wasn't a eunuch. Jack, they had called the little devil and 'Uncle Jack' still didn't understand why. It was not as if that name would give the little whelp any luck.

Slightly panicked Jack lets his eyes flow over the fighting people around him. Then he sees him. Will is standing at the other side of the Pearl with his wife protectively behind him. Not that that is needed. Elizabeth just proves that she can handle a blade just as well as her husband when she kills yet another unknown pirate. Also her cheeks are wet. What is going on? Elizabeth is standing, on her turn, protectively in front of a body lying on the ground. Jack cannot tell who it is, but according to the protectiveness of Elizabeth it has to be someone of his crew. Jack feels a sting in his heart. He never was very good in handling the dead of one of his crewmembers.

Suddenly Jack is really angry. Who had the right to kill his crewmembers and threatening the living ones? He notices that he can walk again and although it's not yet is 'battle' walk it will do for the moment. He takes a firmer grip on his sword and makes his way towards Will and Elizabeth.

And then the world simply stops.

Suddenly Jack recognizes the body that is lying on the ground. It's scary familiar. He knows those boots and these trousers. Heck, you would say that he would known his own wardrobe by now don't you think? One look down to his own 'body' and he sees just what he fears he would see. The right side of his normal not so white shirt is red. Red from blood, his blood. All the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall in place. So that was that hard sound that he had heard. And that also explained his inability to help Gibbs, Cotton and the others. And the wet cheeks were explained as well. They cried over him.

A moment Jack is lost for words. Then he can't help but grin. His dad would have never believed it if Jack would have told him that his 'useless son' would have two beautiful and intelligent women cry over him when he would die. Slowly he approaches his lying form completely ignoring the chaos around him. He kneels down next to himself and takes a closer look to the place where to bullet has entered his body. Right next to the two already existing bullet marks, staying memories of his meeting with the East India Trading Company, there is a brand new one. Jack doesn't dare to touch the spot, flinching at the thought how much his two 'brothers' had hurt. His eyes move up to his face. His lips are slightly parted and his eyes closed. A little wound above his left eyebrow has made a mess of his braids and trinkets. Trinkets with all their own memories attached.

His eyes move down again. His shirt, his tattooed arms with pirate brand and a large amount of scars, his hands with a small collection of golden and silver rings. Further down his eyes go to his trousers and boots. Well… he didn't actually look bad did he? He could understand the female attention that he always had in every port he entered. His eyes travel up again and suddenly he notices something. Isn't he…? Isn't he breathing?

A moment Jack hesitates, but that he slowly let his hand touch his lying body. He is not cold. And indeed, he feels a very small movement. He's breathing!

Again sound disappear and than his view has changed. He's no longer watching at his body lying on deck, this time he notices a large amount of dirty feet standing on his ship, threatening his friends. He hears the orders that Ana Maria is screaming. And he also feels. He feels a lot more than he would want to. His head is feeling as if a bunch of pirates are dancing the tango in it, his left arm is feeling annoyingly stiff and he doesn't even want to think about how the gunshot if feeling at that moment. For about the hundredth time today Jack closes his eyes and concentrates on his breathing. Although it hurts a lot he realizes that as long as he's breathing he can try to help his friends.

Slowly it starts to become more stable and Jack listens to the sounds of his Pearl. He knows her better than he knows himself. He hears the robes and the wood and he's positive that he would be able to recognize his Pearl only by the sounds that she's making. She is one of the few female that he has never cheated on. It doesn't matter where he is, his heart is always with the Pearl. Without her, he feels strange. Empty almost. And now he's going to fight for her, and maybe even die for her. These Windbreaker pirates are not going to lay one hand on this proud lady. Not as long as there is one single breath his body. He is going to try to save her and all the other people he cares about. Some strange way of faith had brought them all together on this place, with the expectation of little Jack and Norrington. They would probably never become friends, but there is some sort of respect now on both sides.

He opens his eyes again and takes one last very deep breath before starting to move up. Ignoring everything he slowly gets in a sitting position and than, to his amazement, he notices that his sword is still in his right hand. Good. Vaguely he's aware of Elizabeth's voice that is screaming his name in shock, but ignoring that he steadily gets on his feet again.

He's going to show them not to mess with Captain Jack Sparrow!

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