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Chapter 4 - Bullets

The Pearl is nothing without her Sparrow.

That was exactly what Gibbs had told him. And when he had whispered that simple line in his ear, Jack understood. He saw in Gibbs eyes everything he needed to know: loyalty, friendship and dedication. To him. Somehow during all his years as a pirate he had managed to gather around him a group of loyal people.

When had that happened? And more important… why?

Jack really didn't understand why people should follow him of all people. But he had to admit: it felt good. It felt so incredibly good to know that he was safe where he was now. That he shouldn't be worried about his Pearl.

The Pearl is nothing without her Sparrow.

Sleepy Jack opened one eye. Truth be told he didn't feel too well at the moment. His shoulder and leg were constantly hurting and his head seemed to explode every time he tried to move. Maybe going up yesterday wasn't such a brilliant idea after all.

"Good morning, Jack. Are you awake?" suddenly asked a voice left of him. Will. What on earth was the lad doing next to his bed?

"Aye, mate," Jack said, still shocked by the way his voice sounded. "What fer te devil are ye doing 'ere?"

Will chuckled. "Well, taking care that you are not going to do something incredibly stupid again."

"Me? I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, mate. I'm allowed te do stupid things… else it will seriously damage me image."

Again Will chuckled. "Well, Captain… I think you have done enough stupid for a while… What about getting healthy first, before doing something stupid again?"

Jack closed his eyes before he replied. "Aye, mate. I can live with tha' idea…"

"Good, Jack. Now sleep. Sleeping helps."

This time it was Jack who chuckled. "Aye… but the dreams aren't really helping…"

Will grasped Jack's arm, suddenly sounding worried. "What are you dreaming then, Jack? … Jack?"

"Nothing, mate. Memories tha's all," the pirate captain slurred, before drifting away into sleep again.


The next time Jack woke up, it was Anamaria who sat next to his bed. With a cold hand she was touching his forehead, frowning slightly when she did so.

"Wha's wrong, luv?"

Ana was a bit startled by this response, not expecting the pirate captain to be awake. "Ye've a serious fever, Jack."

"Just my luck," Jack muttered, then he groaned. "Luv? Can I ask ye a question?"

"Sure, Jack."

"Have ye taken the bullets out?"

Ana looked in disbelieve at the sick pirate on the bed. "B-bullets?"

"Aye, luv. Ye know? Those blasted things tha' entered me body not so long ago?"

"N-no… I don't think so…"

Jack groaned even louder. "Aren't ye people supposed te know these kind of things? They 'ave te get out, luv…"

"But… why?"

"They poison yer body, luv. Never good te have those things in yer body fer too long… Ana?" this was whispered. "Look in me case… a wooden box."

Immediately Ana turned towards the large wooden case that was standing against one of the walls of Jack's cabin. Ever since she had known Jack, this case had been in his cabin. She had always been curious about what was in it, since he loved to tease her about his 'treasure', but until now she had never been allowed to take a look.

"Can I look?"

"What d'ya think I just told ye te do, luv?" Jack sounded really tired. "But be quick, luv… not sure how long I can stay awake…"

After a moment of hesitation Ana opened the case. The first thing she noticed was a small booklet with an orange coloured cover.

"A wooden box?"

"Yes, luv. Small."

Carefully she started to search between the stuff in the case. Her hands meet drawings and other papers. And a wooden box.

"Got it Jack!"

"Open it, luv."

She quickly looked at Jack to convince herself that he actually meant it and then she opened it. One a dark green fabric lay two bullets. Two bullets that have clearly been used already.

"What…?" Ana started, but Jack interrupted her.

"Staying memory of the East India Trading Company, luv. Those two are the ones I received b'fore."

Slowly Ana started to understand. "They need te get out."

"Aye, luv."

"What do I need te do Jack?"

Jack sighed. How he was going to hate the next couple of hours! "Get Will, Gibbs, Cotton and another strong man. And get 'Lizbeth. And Ana? Bring lots of rum,"

Ana opened her mouth to protest against this last remark, but Jack quickly stopped her.

"Believe me, luv. We are going te need it."

Five minutes later everyone was gathered around Jack's bed. Jack was now fully awake and nervous about what he knew would come next.

"Aye… I want ye te listen to me… and do me one favour… don't start a large discussion with me. Not sure if I can handle one at the moment, savvy?"

The others nod.

"Ana… ye and 'Lizbeth are going te wait outside and keep me crew under control. Gibbs, Cotton and Mathias, ye are going to keep me in place. Don't listen te what I mind tell ye, savvy? Don't mean it. Will, lad, m'sorry, but methinks ye are the best person te get these blasted things out of me body."

Will paled. "Me? Are you sure, Jack? I-I don't know what to do."

Jack closed his eyes in pain. "Don't worries lad. Ye just have to get these things out of me… Gibbs will know how to stitch everything back together when yer done." He took a deep breath before he continued. "Ye give me one bottle of rum te drink, the others ye can use to thrown over me wounds and over the knife and other such yer going to put into me body to get those blasted things out… savvy?" Jack's voice was getting softer by the minute.

Gibbs had put one hand on Will's shoulder, to give the paled man a bit of support. Truth to be told, Gibbs was happy that he wasn't going to be the one to get the bullets out, although his job was probably not going to be easy either. He nodded to Mathias, who gave Jack his rum bottle. He emptied it with shivering hands.

"Lad?" Gibbs said to Will. "Are ye ready?"

Will paled even more, but nodded with determination. If that was what Jack needed he would do it! For a second he looked surprised at the rum bottle in his hands, that Mathias just has given him before he took a deep breath.

Carefully, as not to hurt the pirate captain even more, he took of the bandages off his chest and just before he wanted to let the rum go through the wound he let his eyes lock with Jack's.

"Jack?" he says softly. "You know you are allowed to scream, right?"

"Get it done, mate," Jack only managed to whisper.

Then, with shaking hands, Will started to do what he had to do.


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