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A woman with long blond hair looked at the new born baby in her arms – her new born baby.

It was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen, to think she had created it was just amazing. She had only held her for ten minutes, but that's all she needed to fall love.

Sobs racked her frail body as she looked into the baby's large blue eyes. In those eyes she saw wisdom, intelligence, and as much as she tried to deny to herself danger; there was no doubt about it...those eyes were just like her fathers.

She gasped as her thoughts were interrupted by excruciating pain in her abdomen, it felt as if someone had taken her ritual atheme and were slashing her insides.

It was obvious to her, no matter how hard her sister had tried to convince her other wise that she was dying, her time was running out.

That life essence, that ran through every living creatures veins was slipping away like sand through her fingers; but despite the subconscious feeling tugging at her soul to move on, she forced her self to concentrate, to spend as much precious time as she could with her new born.

"You are so beautiful my love....so..so beautiful." She paused

"Serena is the perfect....name for you....I only wish I had more time to get to know you....but before I leave..."

The woman leaned over to her side cabinet, wincing as the pain in her abdomen increased, coating her legs with with a new wave of blood . It took every ounce of strength and will power to drag the butterfly sapphire and diamond necklace from the cabinet.

"For you my darling.....from your daddy....." stopping again to catch her breath

"Your Aunt Meredith will look after you...I know your life is going to be hard, but I want you to try, I want you to be happy and successful........ I want you to understand why I had you...." the tears beginning to escape her eyes and gather under her chin

"I want you...to forgive....me for bringing...you into such a difficult...destiny....but I want you...to...embrace it....and..understand." her voice cracking with emotion

"...I....love.....you....so..much...sososo....much..and maybe....one day.....you'll... under....under...stand." her voice was just barely a whisper as she babbled

"I'll ...always...be...there...for...you."

With that her eyes flickered closed as the last spark of life was extinguished, but even in death her tears still spilled from her close lids and streaked down her flushed cheeks. The tiny baby cradled against her breast began to cry and scream, as if mourning her death, drawing the attention of the people waiting outside.

A woman with dark blond hair and streaming sky blue eyes ran in first, plucking the child from her mothers limp arms and roughly bouncing it in a futile attempt to calm its hysterical screams.

"May the goddess be with her." She said in just a whisper, her eyes blazing with hate and anger as she studied the woman lying so still in bed.

Her usually vibrant eyes were closed in her delicate face, and her molten gold hair clung with sweat to her forehead, she looked so fragile and delicate - like a doll.

In her life she had been any thing but a doll, she'd always been her parents favorite because of her vivacious personality and big heart, every one loved her. Even though Meredith resented the fact that no one loved her the same way they did her sister, she knew she shouldn't blame her. However no matter how hard Meredith tried, she could never stop feeling angry or envious at the praises and attention her sister gained.

Meredith was torn inside with jealousy and love for her sister...her sister always come to Meredith for help, shared every thing with her and always saw the best in life. She had a naïve innocence which, eventually led to her down fall, all because of her love for one vampire.

Damon Wynette

Meredith mentally slapped herself, if she had only done something then maybe her sister might be around today. If only she had crushed the love her sister had for that damned vampire, but then again, this child Serena wouldn't have been born.

With the Witch and Vampire blood running through her veins, they had created a lethal combination, and Meredith had already formulated a plan for revenge. She would teach and nurture Serena's empty mind into becoming the greatest vampire hunter ever seen.

Night Creatures will fear her and I shall be her master, first I'll avenge Serenity's death, then...

An evil grin formed on her full lips, her hard blue eye's shining with ambition and insanity.

I shall obtain the thing I desire...


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