To the readers of CB,

Like many probably do --- I hate author notes, but I thought I should inform you (rather then not inform you) that I'll be taking a break from writing this fic.

The reasons?

1. I have a slight writers constipation --- I know what I want to write but I can't get it out. This fic is beginning to wrap up (who'd have ever thought I'd reached here --- but I have!) and I want to do this neatly and with justice to give a dramatic flare in the end --- who knows how long it will take me – could be months or days…depends.

2. I really want to work on my other things ie. MOC and pick up my RK Blood Guilt which I had a short time obsession with.

3. I have a awefully demanding job and the hours are killing me (7am - 7pm).

Whatever! Many might think I'm bored and moving on --- I WILL NOT ABANDON THIS FIC UNTIL I'VE FINISHED THE MONSTER --- even if it's the last thing I do! If for some reason I never update again then I've probably been hit by a car or struck by lightening --- which is understandably out of my control and therefore fates fault, so sue the bastard like hell! And even if that happens I will move the heavens (pun unintended) to possess someone and complete the fic --- as long as I have phalanges available and my mind I will keep writing.

So until then, enjoy my other fics, or the work of others in my favourites list, and one day this fic will be completed. S'cuze the awfully long winded sentences / lack of comma's in this letter/thingie/whatever it is, as my editor suffered an overdose of my bad grammar and died.

Until a later date…

From the finick-ly annoying but informing

--- Lady Isis