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Standard disclaimer. I do not own anything part of Teen Titans. And that's a good thing since, chances are, if I did own it, it would be complete and utter crap compared to the great series that it currently is.

Takes place somewhere after the "Terra" episode. Although there will be some early references to the episode, "How Long is Forever?" As for pairings, well, not really a pairings per say. We have Starfire/Robin/Raven triangle, and Beast Boy/himself (you'll find out what I mean. ;-)). I hope to keep the characters...mostly in character, and I hope this story is decent enough, but I offer no guarantees. Especially given that this is, my first fanfic.

And now, on to the story...

~Night before Valentine's Day~

Starfire looks up at the ceiling above her bed. This day was like any other day. Beast Boy and Cyborg was fighting over the value of tofu ribs. Robin resigned himself to the training facilities (to get away from Beast Boy and Cyborg). While Raven, who couldn't get any reading done in the living room (as usual), decided to spend the rest of the day in her room doing...whatever. At the moment however, none of this mattered to Starfire. She was still daydreaming about a certain someone she met in the future.

Tall, very muscular, long dark hair...Starfire blushes and starts to giggle.

'I never knew that Robin could turn out to be such so...attractive and hunky!' Starfire thought, knowing full well what tomorrow meant to earthlings.

Actually, the only thing Starfire knew about the next day was that people gave rectangular wood by-product, dead plants, or unhealthy sugar filled sweets in a odd looking shaped container which people on Earth called a heart to the one that they cared deeply about. 'That box but it looks nothing like a heart that pumps blood in the body,' Starfire thought. Whatever this strange ritual is, it is enough info for what she had planned for Robin.

'Tomorrow, I will join this human activity by giving Robin the sugar filled sweets in a 'heart' shaped container to show my feelings to him!' Starfire giggled. 'Although I do not know why, if a person cared deeply about another person that they would give a gift that would shorten their life, I will!'

Starfire dozed off with a smile on her face, and the image of one thing on her mind...Nightwing.

~The Next Day~

Beast Boy was the first to get up (amazing feat). As he headed to his door, he stopped at his mirror.

"Looking good," winking to himself, "Good looking!"

As Beast Boy headed to the kitchen to make his tofu waffles, Starfire entered the hallway connecting to the living room and kitchen. Starfire has a huge smile on her face and hearts in her eyes. 'Tonight Nigh...Robin, you will find out...'

"Hey Starfire," Raven called out in her typical monotone voice.

Starfire blinked, slightly stunned by the interruption before returning to her happy expression. "Oh, hi Raven!"

"Starfire, could you tell me a little about Nightwing?"

"Oh Nightwing..." Starfire's eyes widened, hearts started to appear all around her as he began to exit reality. "Well, he is very tall, courageous, handsome, wears a really dark costume..." Starfire re-enters reality, "HEY, why do you want to know about Nightwing?"

"No reason, just wondering." A small smile forms on Raven's face as she began to leave.

Starfire eyes narrows. Looking from side to side. 'Raven isn't thinking about taking MY Nigh...Robin is she?' Starfire thought a bit more. 'Nah, maybe she is just curious.' Her suspicions didn't leave her as she entered the living room.

At that moment, Robin appeared.

"Hey everyone..."

As another fight about something tofu was underway.

"Tofu waffles are not natural! For one thing, there is no meat in it!" Cyborg yelled!

"They so too are natural!" Beast Boy replied.

"Don't those two ever stop fighting?" Robin shakes his head in defeat.

"ROBIN!" Starfire screamed as she appeared directly in front of him.

"Ummmmmm...hi Starfire," Robin...taken aback by Starfire's sudden eagerness.

"I...ummmmm...wait right here!" Starfire flew all the way to her room leaving a confused and stunned Robin standing in the hallway. "Oooookay..." Robin blinked trying to register what just happened.

'This is going to be so perfect.' Starfire flew back with her gift ready to present to her Robin. 'After I present my gift, Robin will take me into his arms and maybe...' Starfire closed her eyes and giggled at this last thought.

Starfire makes it back to where Robin still standing. Hearts are appearing around her. "Robin. HA..."

"Happy Valentine's Day Robin," Raven said in her typical low voice, presenting a dark chocolate cake shaped like a heart to Robin.

Starfire's mouth drops, with her eyes wide open. Hearts around her pop.

"Wow...thank you Raven!" Robin, already stunned by Starfire sudden disappearance, is now even more stunned by Raven's surprised gift. " Did you make this yourself?"

"Yes. I wanted to try out a new recipe I found. I wanted you to be the first to have it. And, you're welcomed Robin." Raven, with a slight blush, walked off with a little smile.

Starfire looked towards Robin, back at her gift. 'Raven's gift is...'

"What is Starfire?" Robin interrupting Starfire's thoughts.

"Ummmm...happy Valentine's day...Robin." Starfire, looking a little down to her meager gift compared to Ravens.

Robin looked at the cake, and at Starfire's gift. 'Wow, I never thought...' Looking back at the down expression on Starfires face, 'I'd better answer before quickly.' "Thank you Starfire. You and Raven are the greatest friends I could have." Robin accepted Starfire's gift with a smile on his face.

A big smile formed on Starfire's face...that quickly fads as her thoughts wandered to a certain cape-covered woman. 'Friends? Today was supposed to be special! Raven is trying to take MY Ni...Robin.' Her eyes narrow and start to glow slightly.

As Robin started to put down the gifts, the Teen Titan jingle sounded, indicating danger. "Titans! Trouble!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and headed for the exit.

-------- What do you thing? This is my first chapter. I hope to develop Beast Boy's "relationship" in later chapters (don't worry, I won't make it TOO weird") as well as Starfires/Ravens/Robin. Don't expect any quick update...I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with the next few chapters (I have a story in mind...just not the exact details yet). :-( Hopefully, I can get some inspiration by watching a few more episodes. Until then...bye!

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