~Titan Tower~

"I think...I think Slade wants to make a mutant army...of us!" Robin turns to the others.

"Us?" Starfire looks at Robin with worry in her eyes.

"Is that what he did to us on that day?" Raven blinks.

"Huh?" Cyborg contemplates this for a few minutes. "I guess that sounds right with what he stole...AND what he did to us on that day since, it didn't do anything else that we know of..." Cyborg looks at himself, "but...how would this work with me? Is he going to have the other Cyborg with robotic parts as well?"

"That I do not know..." Robin rubs his chin. "With the chemicals he stole, I don't think he wants to make a perfect copy anyways. Whatever Slade's plan it is bad."

"Mutant monsters of us?" Beast Boy imagines millions of Beast Boy clones. "Cool!" Beast Boy leaves reality and is drooling.

"Um. Beast Boy, you're...drooling all over the floor." Cyborg frowns.

'Great. Dealing with one Starfire is enough. Millions?' Raven thinks in disgust.

"I don't want millions of me running around." Starfire's eyes water. 'I especially don't want millions of Ravens either trying to steal my boy.'

'Millions of Starfires, millions of Ravens, and millions of Robins...that can't be good for the city.' "We have to stop to him before that happens!" Robin turns around. "But we need to know where he is at first..." Robin frowns.

Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Raven look at the map. Beast Boy is still drooling. Robin looks down.

"Here are all the places that Slade broke into. This is where the general direction of all the getaway vehicles went." Robin points to the map.

"That's great. That narrows it down to everything outside Jump City!" Cyborg frowns.

"And that doesn't include any secret underground locations that Slade might be hiding in." Robin is dejected.

"So far, the only other alternative...is to wait for Slade. But by that time..." Cyborg imagines millions of evil Teen Titans roaming the streets. Cyborg shudders.

Robin looks up trying to figure out anyway to narrow down the location. Robin notices the Jump City power plant in one region of the area. 'Hm. I wonder...' Robin pushes a few buttons on the computer. He checks out the power usage in Jump City and the surrounding area. "Power usage has gone up significantly in the area Slade is probably in." Robin pushes a few more buttons. This narrows down the area to a few square blocks. "This area is also supposed to be abandoned."

Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven look at the map. Beast Boy is still drooling.

"This is a start!" Cyborg smiles.

"Come on!" Robin signals to his team. "This time, lets get the jump on Slade."

~Enroute to Slade's hideout~

Beast Boy, who is in his pterodactyl form, is carrying Cyborg. Raven is riding with Robin. Starfire is flying in the air next to Cyborg.

Starfire stares at Raven with contempt. "Cyborg, how come you didn't take the T-Car out?"

Cyborg turns to Starfire. "Well, the last two times I dealt with Slade...he really hurt my baby." Cyborg smirks. "Besides, it was Raven's idea."

Raven, hugging Robin, turns her head towards Starfire and sticks her tongue out.

Starfire's eyes narrow and she makes a low rumbling sound.

Robin stops his bike and looks around. The area is outside Jump City. He looks at a number of buildings. Only one looks like it could hold trucks without anyone noticing. This supposing that Slade didn't use tunnels.

"Worth a shot." Robin turns his bike towards the building and blasts the doors with the R-Cycle's missiles (AN: Hey, they are supposed to be abandoned anyways. Besides, it's all about stopping evil).

~Somewhere in the building~

Slade is starring at the external camera. He has his arms crossed. The cameras show the Teen Titans approaching the building. "Good Robin. You finally figured out where I am. I didn't have to tell you everything. You are truly a worthy opponent. Now, lets see how well you will do against my puppets."

~In front of the building~

Robin waits and the smoke clears. Robin and the rest of the teams follow him inside the building. Raven gets off the R-Cycle and looks around. Cyborg uses his flashlight to scan the area. Starfire also looks around, looking for anything suspicious. Beast Boy is in his dog form sniffing the area for any clues.

The team sees a number of empty trucks and a number of random equipment.

The team walks slowly to the end of the building. Robin takes out his bo weapon (AN: I read in one of the Teen Titan's message board that his pole weapon is a bo weapon. Did a little research, decided THIS is a much better name then 'pole' or 'stick' weapon).

As the team walks to one area, they hear the voice of Slade. "Welcome! I've been expecting you. A day early, but I didn't intend to give you all the answers anyway." Ground started moving in front of them.

The group jumps down the area, preparing for whatever Slade had in mind. Or at least, almost everything they had in mind. The team is stunned to see themselves...except...

"Our replicas are pink." Starfire comments.

"Titans, GO!" Robin screams as Robin2 rushes Robin and fights him. Robin2 is wearing a costume much like the one Robin wore when he was Slade's apprentice. Both are using bo weapons. Robin kicks Robin2. Robin2 blocks his attack. Robin 2 turn kicks, causing Robin to slam to a nearby wall.

Raven fights her clone, whose face is completely covered in a dark veil. Raven uses her power to throw equipment at Raven2. Raven2 simply dodges the attacks. She throws equipment back at Raven.

"Stupid color or not, I think one of me is fine thank you." Cyborg blasts his mutant clone's shadow. Cyborg2 raises an arm deflecting Cyborg's blast. Cyborg's clone walks into view. "I'll be..."

Cyborg2 is a full human (well, a pink mutant human), with huge muscles, and an external armor. "Not quite the same are we?" Cyborg2 backhands Cyborg to a nearby wall, creating a creator.

Starfire attacks her clone with a halo of Starbolts. Starfire2 takes every attack without any sign of being hurt. Starfire and Starfire2 use their laser eyes on each other. The power stops at their midpoint when both their powers hit. Starfire2's power was more powerful, as the strength of the lasers headed towards Starfire. "Aggggggghhhhh!" Starfire is blasted back.

"Starfire!" Robin yells. Robin2 kicks Robin from behind.

Beast Boy and Beast Boy2 head towards in their pterodactyl form. Beast Boy2 looks like Beast Boy, just pink. When they approach each other, Beast Boy and Beast Boy2 change to their human form.

"Whoa, check out this sexy thing!" Beast Boy2 comments Beast Boy on his appearance.

"You're not that bad looking yourself!" Beast Boy replies.

Cyborg kicks Cyborg2. Cyborg punches with all his strength. Cyborg2 just takes the hits without even flinching. Cyborg2 punches Cyborg and sends him to the other side of the building.

Robin and Robin2 continue their fight on a gangplank. Robin throws two Bird- o-rangs that Robin2 deflects by raising his hands. Robin punches Robin2 who counters with a kick that Robin avoids by bending backwards. Robin jump kicks Robin2. Robin2 ducks and turns around. Robin turns around and is met with a kick in the face by Robin2.

Slade is in a nearby booth watching the events with his arms crossed. "I'm a little disappointed. I would've expected at least a better fight from the Titans. Especially you Robin against your own copy."

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven picks up a bridge ready to bat Raven2. Raven2 picks up a truck and rams it towards the bridge. This causes the bridge to explode sending thousands of pieces everywhere. Raven2 rushes Raven causing her to go through a number of large metal barrels.

"You may look like me, but you are NOT me! For one thing...you're...you're mean!" Starfire attacks Starfire2 with more Starbolts. Starfire2 flies towards Starfire. Starfire avoids Starfire2 who hits the back wall.

Cyborg is slammed towards another wall. Cyborg struggles to get up. "This isn't good. This clone is simply better then me." Cyborg looks up and notices Beast Boy and Beast Boy2.

Beast Boy and Beast Boy2 are admiring each other.

An idea forms inside Cyborg's head. "Hey Beast Boys! Those pink dudes are trying to hurt you two!" Cyborg2 is nearing Cyborg.

"NO!" Beast Boy and Beast Boy 2 turn into Tyrannosaurus Rexes and rush Cyborg2. Cyborg2 looks stunned watching two Tyrannosaurus' attack. Cyborg2 tries to bash one of them away. Beast Boy2 grabs Cyborg2 and sends him to a nearby power cables.

"Aggggggghhhhhhh." Cyborg2 melts into a pink blob.

"So that's how..." Cyborg joins the Beast Boys into fighting the other clones.

Raven gets up from her location and sees two Beast Boys batting Raven2 back and forth. "There's something I do NOT want to see." The thought of two Beast Boys sends shivers down Raven's spin.

Cyborg comes and electrifies Raven2, turning her into pink blob.

Cyborg modifies his Sonic Cannon to send out a greater amount of electricity. He hooks up one of the power cables to his arm. He aims his gun at Starfire2, who is fighting Starfire. Cyborg fires at Starfire2. "Agggggghhhhhh." Starfire2 screams before turning into a pink blob.

Robin looks, getting the hint. "Can't take a little electricity I see." Robin back flips on the bridge. Robin2 follows Robin. Robin2 karate kicks. Robin ducks his attack and proceeds with his own sidekick. This causes Robin2 to fall on a bunch of electric cables, causing Robin2 to turn into pink blob.

Robin runs up to where Slade is. Robin uses a number of bird-o-rangs to cut cables that are connected to a number of holding tubes. Robin reaches Slade.

"Good Robin. You are getting better at this everyday." Slade comments. "I always knew the you can't be replicated Robin."

Robin is confused for a moment before narrowing his eyes. "You only wanted to test us did you?" Robin karate kicks Slade, who dodges his attack. "All this to satisfy your ego!"

"Yes Robin." Slade avoids disc thrown by Robin. "We are more alike everyday. Remember Robin, you are always welcome to join me." Slade runs to the exit. Robin throws a bird-o-rang with a rope at the end. The bird-o- rang misses Slade.

Robin punches a nearby wall. "One day Slade...one day."

Robin returns to the group. Beast Boy is with Beast Boy2, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire.

"Ahhhhh. Can't we..." Beast Boy with pleading eyes.

"NO!" Cyborg, Raven, and Robin speak in unison. Starfire just stares. Cyborg blast Beast Boy2, turning him into pink blob.

~Titan Tower~

Cyborg yawns. "Ahhhhhh. Wanted to beat myself up!"

"Ehhem. It was me who beat up your clone." Beast Boy comes feeling proud about himself.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Cyborg looks at the time. "Well, time for bed."

"Glads that's over." Robin sits down. Raven and Starfire sit down next to him, both put their heads on Robin's shoulders. 'Oh no.' Raven and Starfire fall asleep. Robin blushes.

~Slade's hideout~

"Looks like I have to up the challenge." Slade contemplates as he watches a number of monitors. "Time to initiate the second phase." Slade turns towards the door. "Are you ready to meet your old 'friends' Terra?"

"Yes Slade." Terra nods in the shadows.

-------End of Part 1.

Well, that's the end of Part 1. I made Beast Boy, the way he is, just for this scene. I actually wanted to expand Beast Boy2's role a little, well, at least fight more with him before he was destroyed, but things changed. I also didn't originally intend the defeat of Slade's clone to be his goal. But, I felt that, for someone who could've easily destroyed the Titans anytime he wanted, this idea was a better idea then making it another Slade defeat.

What should you expect in Part 2? TERRA RETURNS! Whoohoo! A guest appearance of Aqualad, and possibly Speedy (though since I have yet to see Winner Take All, I might have to wait till Part 3 to bring him in). Starfire/Robin fluff early on. What will Raven do? And what will Raven do...when she is locked in with Beast Boy? Eeek! Tune in next time...

-------OMAKE!!!! (in case people are wondering. An Omake are extra scenes that usually have nothing to do with the actual story. Think of them as deleted scenes, or bloopers).

Starfire has a grin on her face. 'Raven will have no chance now!'

Raven walks in.

"Robins mine now!" Starfire grins.

"Wanna bet?" Raven looks at Starfire.

"You can gamble all you want Raven, but Robin is mine since, I'M PREGNANT!" Starfire smiles.

"That can't be true since, I'M PREGANT!" Raven screams.

"I'm pregnant!"

"I'm pregnant!"

Starfire and Raven pause. They turn their head in one general direction. "ROOOOBBBBIIIIINNNN!"

'I knew I shouldn't have taken Starfire's performance and libido enhancement drink.' "Um. Hi girls."

Starfire and Raven's eyes are burning.

"Agggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Robin runs for his life as Raven and Starfire chase him.

Beast Boy walks in. "Hey, wait a second. I'm pregnant too." Beast Boy raises an eyebrow. "If Robin was busy with Starfire and Raven, who made me pregnant?"

Cyborg is reading a magazine. 'Pretend he didn't say anything. Pretend he didn't say anything. Pretend he didn't say anything...'