Memories of Darkness

Author's Note: At last, another 'Allo 'allo story is out! This story is happening AFTER WW2, about 30 years ahead (which is 1975). There are no French people or British involved (sorry Cheo) but mainly focused on what happened to the Germans. Our main character is Herr Flick (gasp!) who wakes up in a hospital with some injuries, with the last three years missing from his memory. He finds out somebody tried to kill him, but slowly, the pieces are coming back.....

The characters are belonging to the series, not me, but there may be certain ones that belong to me. This is happening in Germany.


'Guten morgen, Herr. Are you alright?' a face towered above him.

An old man, more than sixty years old, groaned and sat up. A sharp pain shot up his ribs. He opened his eyes, and found his vision blurry.

'My glasses, please,' he choked out.

Immediately, the familiar gold-tinted glasses were handed to him. He put them on, and looked at the doctor.

The doctor recoiled from the old man's piecing stare behind those glasses. So cold eyes.....

'Where am I?' asked the old patient, frowning.

'You are at Berlin's main hospital. Do you remember anything?' The doctor gently probed.

The patient looked down,' I'm Otto Flick, and I'm German, like you. How long have I been here?'

'You were unconscious for three days.' The doctor answered.

Otto Flick raised his eyebrows,' So I suppose this is Friday 18th of September? 1972?' he added sarcastically.

Now it was the doctor's turn to frown,' No it's not 1972, but 1975. Are you alright Herr Flick?'

Flick couldn't believe it. 1975? Why, that is 3 three years ahead!

'You had a concussion, so it's no wonder that you don't remember some things. You stay back here and relax,' the doctor said, getting up to leave.

'How did I come here?' Herr Flick asked, making the doctor turn around.

'Apparently, a car hit you. However, it quickly passed and it had no registration,' the doctor said, and turned away.

Herr Flick sat back in his bed and tried to sink it all in. He couldn't remember what happened in the last three years? Hit by a car? It was too much of a coincidence.

After the Second World War, Herr Flick had escaped to Argentina and lived there for ten years. He returned back to Germany, working as a salesman. Some strange Senior Gestapo ending.

He looked out of the window. The car had no registration number. It was well planned- somebody tried to get rid of him. But who?

Otto suddenly felt a sharp sting on his hand. He looked down at it. There was a nasty scar running up on it, and looked a bit old. He frowned. He definitely didn't have this scar three years ago.

Something was wrong. Something happened in the last three years.


Somewhere in a house, far away from the hospital, but still in Berlin, there was an aging man sitting in his office. He was well-to-do, and had a family of his own. There was also another man in the office, but dressed as a driver, probably the rich man's.

'Herr? He is alive.' The driver said. He was also an old, stout man, serving for long years his employer.

The well-to-do man looked up, the sunlight from the window tinting his snowy white hair into the color he used to have in his youth: goldish brown.

'You have tried,' said the well-to-do man,' That snake could get through anything. You and I knew him, even from the war.'

The driver chuckled,' Yes, he was a great fear: the Gestapo. It seems so strange that we used to be afraid of him- the "Herr Flick of the Gestapo".'

The richer man gave a smile. He was in reality a gentle, soft-hearted man, who seems to easily bend to people's will. He was kind, charming and so cunning.

'Nevertheless, we'll get him,' the rich man stood up,' We have all waited for so long..... for revenge.'

His eyes were looking at a painting. How he loved art, his business. This particular golden hair woman in the painting reminded him so much of his wife.

'My wife would be coming soon upstairs, so we could talk about this,' the rich man turned to the driver.

The driver nodded quietly. Yes, revenge would finally befall on Herr Flick.

Author's Note: So? What do you think? This is only chapter one. More chapters to come, won't be a long story. Can you guess who the last people were? I think it's easy. Oh well, I do wish I get some reviews, even if the story is a bit tiring.