Memories of Darkness

Author's Note: At last, another 'Allo 'allo story is out! This story is happening AFTER WW2, about 30 years ahead (which is 1975). There are no French people or British involved (sorry Cheo) but mainly focused on what happened to the Germans. Our main character is Herr Flick (gasp!) who wakes up in a hospital with some injuries, with the last three years missing from his memory. He finds out somebody tried to kill him, but slowly, the pieces are coming back.....

The characters are belonging to the series, not me, but there may be certain ones that belong to me. This is happening in Germany.


It was Von Strohm.

'You!' Gasped Herr Flick.

Von Strohm clutched at his gun, and pointed it towards the two, 'Get out.' He ordered.

Hans and Flick raised their arms, and stepped out of the wardrobe. Von Strohm gave a self-satisfied smirk.

'Well, well, Captain Hans Gruber and ex-Gestapo agent Herr Otto Flick hiding in the cupboard,' chuckled Von Strohm,' how interesting.'

'You will not get to the family money by killing me,' Hans said calmly.

Von Strohm stepped forward and looked straight into Hans' eyes.

'You are too brave,' Von Strohm said softly,' And your parents were cowards when they were in the army. It is amazing how they were able to....produce such a child as you.'

'You are disgracing yourself as an ex-Colonel of the German Army by killing another officer of the same army,' Hissed Hans.

'Oh, but it is not I who wants to kill you,' Said Von Strohm.

'Then who is it?' Asked Flick, talking for the first time after being caught.

'None of your business,' growled the ex-Colonel, cocking the gun.

Hans grew pale.

'It's someone I know, isn't it? Someone close,' whispered Hans, realization dawning.

'I can only say that it is strictly "family business",' Von Stohm spoke,' Goodbye Hans.'

With those last words, he fired.


Herr Flick gained back consciousness to the present with a cry of pain. He looked down at his hands and saw that they were marred with cuts, and red blood cover his scar.

He lifted his head and saw the Gruber was just gently wiping the blood off the small blade.

'I know who killed your son,' Herr Flick spoke quietly.

Gruber froze, and stopped wiping the blade. He turned towards Flick with an unreadable face.

'Good.' He said simply.

He walked towards the door, and let the others in. Helga, the first one to step in, was halted by her husband.

'He admits.' Gruber informed.

'No, I don't!' Yelled Herr Flick,' It was HIM!'

Somehow, he just couldn't say the name. It was too unbelievable to be true.

'Eric, take your gun out,' Helga spoke, as Von Strohm obeyed her.

But Gruber halted him, shaking his head,' No, I'll do it.....this time.'

The last bits of memories swiveled back into Herr Flick's mind.


As Von Strohm fired, Hans fell back, down as a doll onto the floor. He was grabbing Flick's hand, and as he fell, his fingernails dug into his skin, and left the nasty scar on Flick's hand.

'Hans!' Herr Flick cried out.

He dropped to his knees, and held Hans' head. The bullet shot straight through Hans' chest into the young Captain's heart. He breathed heavily.

'It was him!' Hans gasped,' I know who it was!'

'This scene reminds me so much of the formed Captain Hans Geering we lost during the war,' Von Strohm sighed,' it was a pity: a good friend of mine. You will be the one accused, Herr Flick, not me.'

Herr Flick didn't even realize when Von Strohm left the room. Only he was left there, holding Hans Gruber.

'Who was it?' Herr Flick asked quietly.

'Hubert,' whispered Hans the last dying word.

Hans grew limp in Flick's arms and life passed out of him. Herr Flick was left all alone, holding the dead body of a young man whom he thought of as to be a guardian to him. Sorrow took over Flick as the older man grew silent.


Herr Flick dragged himself to reality as Gruber cocked his gun and placed it against his forehead.

'It was you all along,' growled Herr Flick, 'You were the one to have an arranged killing of your son.'

Gruber stood shocked still, and then scowled at Herr Flick.

'How dare you?' Gruber hissed,' To say that I have killed my own son.'

'Hans said it was you,' Herr Flick bit back.

'I do not have to listen to this,' Gruber said coldly,' farewell, Herr Flick.'

The gun fired, and Herr Flick fell limp against the chair, the life drained out of him. Gruber, shaking, put the gun away.

'It is done,' Helga whispered quietly.

Everyone silently left the room. The only ones left were the dead body of Herr Flick and the knocked out Von Smallhousen, who would live to tell the tale that no one would believe.


It was not many hours later, in a small street somewhere in Berlin, Von Strohm impatiently waited for someone. It was the street where poor people lived, where crime was a common thing and nothing surprised anyone.

Von Strohm spotted a familiar person whom he was supposed to meet. It was a young man, slimly built, had his mother's icy blue eyes and light blonde hair that fell to his shoulders and was neatly tied back. You could see that he had his father's blood in his viens, by some familiar shape in his face. The long hair he kept was under the very influence of his father, who wanted him to have long, well kept hair, just as the father had before he joined the army.

'Well done, Von Strohm, well done,' came the young man's icy voice,' No one even suspected.'

'Anything for you, Herr Gruber,' Von Strohm answered humbly.

'You put the blame on Herr Flick?' Questioned the young man.

'Yes, as you ordered,' Von Strohm answered back.

'You are loyal to me,' It was a statement, not a question,' and yet.....I have no use for you.'

Von Strohm looked seriously afraid and shocked,' How could you order to kill your own brother, Herr Gruber? Hans was a good member of the family.'

'Yes, my father even mentioned for me to join the army. I have more....intelligent things to do. I am different from my father, even if I proudly bear his first name,' young Hubert Gruber said.

'But why?' Von Strohm weakly asked.

'Let's just say this: Hans was getting too close with my affectioned one,' Hubert said,' And I definitely cannot let anyone know about this,' Von Strohm was no really frightened,' otherwise, think of the family's shame. You were a loyal member of the family, Von Strohm, I salute you.'

Hubert quickly whipped out his gun, and shot Von Strohm. The older man slumped down, dead. Hubert calmly stepped over him, and carefully placed the gun in Von Strohm's hand, to look like suicide.

'The poor man was haunted by the memories of the war,' Said Hubert, in mock pity,' he couldn't stand living anymore.'

Hubert's eyes suddenly glazed over.

'You are out of the way, Hans, and only father is left. I will get rid of you too....and you, Lili my dear, shall be mine forever,' Hubert smirked to himself.

The young man dissapeared into the night of the street.


Author's Note: Yes, finally, the ending! Very mixed up and stupid, I know. It was actually Hans' younger brother, Hubert ( he was mentioned in one of the chapters) who ordered to have him killed. Do you remember when I said that I wanted to make one of the children have a complex, since Gruber's gayness may become twisted throughout the bloodline? Well, Hubert was in love with Lili: yes, the very Lili, his sister. Sick, isn't it? Oh well, flame, criticize or hate me, but please just review!