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A pounding headache greeted Naru Narusegawa-Urashima from sleep, the auburn haired beauty wincing as her consciousness was slowly restored. She felt soft sheets over her body, and a warm (though slightly too-firm) pillow under her neck. Her headache seeming to increase in pain by a magnitude of ten, Narusegawa dared to open her eyes.

"Ugh..." The light was pouring into the hotel room, causing Naru to shut her eyes tightly once again. She took several deep breaths, before opening her eyes again. And shut them again, the light still too painful.

"Damn..." she moaned, cupping a hand over her face as an impromptu sun visor. Adequately protected, she unsheathed her eyes once more.

"... Huh?" Naru looked at the cut-and-paste dresser nearby, blinking. This wasn't the hotel room she and her husband had called their own yesterday in Las Vegas, the United States of America. The alarm clock was of a different design than the one she'd brought with her from Japan and-

Naru blinked again, squinting. Her arm was stretched out, and, where her wedding ring usually sat on her right hand, was a different ring than the one she remembered. It was black, with a sinister-looking diamond cut on top.

Not bothering to wonder about how a diamond could look sinister, Naru turned her head to the alarm clock again. It was 6:34 in the morning. Naru groaned, and thought about going back to sleep (and ignoring her horrifyingly bad headache), when she noticed an additional item on the bedside table. She squinted at it.

It was a picture frame. With a picture in it. Of herself, holding a bouquet, looking rather red-nosed and happy, with Kanako holding her, and kissing her cheek. Naru blinked once more, and began a thought process.

She's in a strange hotel room. She's wearing an unfamiliar wedding band. There's a picture of herself and Kanako that looks suspciously like a wedding picture.


And now, someone who is NOT Keitaro just wrapped their warm arm around her breasts. Naru took a deep breath.



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