By Andrew J. Talon

Disclaimer: Myuuuuu!

Pairings: Keitaro x Mutsumi, Kanako x Naru, Kentaro x Haruka, Kitsune x Seta.

(Don't worry, guys! Motoko's still available, as is Shinobu!)


"Dear Everyone,

Haitani and I won a Free Vacation to the Bahamas! Sweet, huh? Plus, spending money, rooms on a cruise ship, and other things like that. We should be there (thanks to Suu's rocket Tama - Tell her we'll bring it back) by the time you get this letter. So, we just wanted to tell you so you didn't worry."

"As if we would," scowled Motoko.

"There are a load of hot women here! None equal to your harem, Kei old buddy, of course, but close enough! Also, congratulations on your marriage! Treat Mutsumi nice, or we'll come back and kick your ass!"

"My, how nice of them!" Mutsumi noted with a smile, as Keitaro sweat dropped before continuing.

"Oh, and ask Tsuruko what in hell possessed her to marry the furball."

Talon growled a bit at this part.

"Anyway, we hope to see you all in a week or so. Don't get married/divorced again! We've tried looking for a Hallmark card that says that, but no such luck.

Take care,

Shirai and Haitani

PS: Motoko is HOT!

"Well, more or less what I expected, from those idiots," snorted Motoko, while Tsuruko and Talon resumed looking dreamily at each other. Keitaro tucked that letter away, before he opened the letter Naru and Kanako had left.

"Dear Keitaro,

"I have to say I'm sorry about hurting you like this… But I think we both know why it happened. Before the demon revealed herself, even…

"Well, I love your sister, and she loves me, and I think that's enough for us. I was a bit surprised this morning before I remembered what had happened, and a bit guilty, too. We should have told you sooner, really. I'm sorry it had to happen this way.

"Anyway, Kanako and I have gone on our honeymoon to New York City. We'll come back to Hinata Springs in a week… If that's okay with you?

"We are, both, sorry for hurting you. But, no one can fight their feelings forever… Not without sinking into utter misery, anyway.

"If you'll let us back into the Hinata, don't send a return letter. We can't handle something like this over paper, we need to do it face-to-face. And I hope that you can find a better wife in Mutsumi than in me.



And at that moment, in a private aircraft some distance away…


"Oh, I wouldn't worry, my dear," purred Kanako Urashima, smirking at her furiously struggling captive. "Mutsumi will take care of Onii-chan, and I'll have you all to myself.

Naru Narusegawa stared in disbelief, before screaming through her gag all the more.

"Now now, you know it's for your own good. If you and Onii-chan have children, the world will end," admonished Kanako, who then ran her fingers lightly up Naru's leg.

"And besides… You'll find that I'm more… 'independent', when it comes to the bedroom."


"How can I understand you? Oh, I've had a fair amount of practice," replied Kanako, smiling devilishly, as Naru's eyes bulged.



Or is it?






Meh… It can be the end if you want it to be… But now you know WHY Naru screamed at the beginning! I'm so evil! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!