Summary : Everybody take some holidays, living Olga and Franck alone in NNL. What will happen then ? Author note : a special thanks to Ainsling who had corrected the amont of mistakes I made ! thanks !

Isaac Mentor had gathered his team to announce to them the great news. Everyone will be leaving NNL to have some holidays, each on their own side. As soon as they told that, the surprise appeared on their faces: "What will we do if a backstep is necessary?" asked John Ballard, taking the lollipop out of his mouth. "And Parker? He'll never come back!" said Nate Ramsey. "Well, lady" said the old man looking at Olga, "gentlemen, I think we all deserve some vacation. If a backstep is needed, then we'll come back here. The panel knows about it, they'll send us private jet. And, Nate, I trust Franck. Isn't everyone happy to go to holiday?" He added excitedly. "hum. Sir, I didn't mean to go to holidays. Is it okay if I stay here?" Asked Olga, embarrassed and blushing. "If she stays, I stay!" Added Parker in second, under her most –don't-you- dare-do-such-a-think look. "I don't object. The ones who want to stay can. The others, go to a paradisiacal island or to Greenland, I don't care, you're free." With that he exited the room and left them thinking of their future holidays.

Franck talked with his colleagues; nobody, except Olga and him will be staying in never-never-land - not even the security guards! It'll be two weeks of only him and Olga. He was looking forward it!
He entered Donovan's room; he was already packing his bag. He didn't notice Franck's presence, until he started speaking:

"So, where do you go?"

"Visit my family. I miss them."

"Good. Tell them "hello" from me."

"I'll do. And you - you're still staying here?" He asked in amusement. I thought you wanted more freedom. Now you get it, you don't even dare take it" "That's not freedom that I'm looking for those next weeks, it's Olga's heart!" He said smiling.

"Don't dream too much Franck. I think she's planning to lock herself in her quarters!"

"I don't think she'll be able to resist no seeing me for more than a day..." he laughed leaving the room.

Olga and Ballard were working since the beginning of the afternoon on the sphere, neither of them had already talked about the vacation but John couldn't wait longer to ask her:

"So you're planning to pass your only two weeks of holidays here with Parker? Lollipop?" He said opening his.

"It's more like Mr Parker is planning to pass his holidays with me." She smiled.

"So you're not mad at it?"

"No, it'll be a good occasion to get to know him better. He can be such a gentleman!"

"Are you cracking for him?"

"No, no, no at all." She said blushing madly. "It's just that he's ...."

"Very handsome?" He cut in and they both burst out laughing.

"So, where will you go?"

"You don't guess?"

"Hum, on a hot island, with beautiful women with coconuts bra?" She asked coyly

"You're right dear!" And they laughed again.

Ramsey stayed on in the briefing room after everyone exited. He was wondering what was going through Mentor's head. How could he trust Franck Parker, this little toad? He was going to leave and never come back. Plus he'll divulge all that he knows about NNL and the time travel program.

"Sir, I really think that it's not a good idea..." he started.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, well you know Parker, he's not reliable! He's an alcoholic, a fighter."

"Sir, I think you also know that Olga will say with him?"

"You mean that he'll stay with her?"

"Doesn't matter. She'll take care of him, watch him and alert us if it's necessary."

"If he doesn't rape her or kill her!"

"Sir, I think those remarks are more than unwelcome. Franck certainly wants Olga in his bed, but she means too much to him to hurt her. He'll never do such a thing, even drunk. You understand me?" He asked angrily.

"Are you saying that he's in love with her? Only a human can have this kind of feelings. Parker's not one!"

"Parker's certainly more than you!" With that, he stood up and opened the door and asked his colleague to get out.

The next evening Olga and Franck watched their friends leave. They came with them outside and told them goodbye. After all the cars had vanished, they re-entered the building, Franck's arm around Olga's shoulder. When they were at her door, she, blushing slightly, asked him to come to have dinner with her. He was so in bliss that he nearly forgot to answer her.