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Chapter 5

Olga turned on the bed, reached for the body that was to be near her but the bed was empty. Her eyes popped open as she realised nobody was there. The little bastard had left after the last time. She could already feel tears running down her cheeks. She tried to rationalize but he wasn't there, he had used her, played with her. Now he had got what he wanted he had left her alone. She wondered how she could have been so stupid. She could feel her heart breaking in little piece as the seconds passed, she buried her head on her pillow and started to cry hard.
Parker had got up a little while ago and went directly to the kitchen, preparing breakfast for them. As he was putting some jam on toast he heard crying. He put the toast down and rapidly made his way toward the bedroom, she was crying, crying very hard.

"Oh god, she thinks I have used and left her" he realised.

He came back, grabbing the tray and entered the bedroom. He placed it on the bedside and then encircled her shoulders with both his arms, wanting her to see that she could trust him, that he loved her more than his life. He placed kisses on her bare shoulders, murmuring love words in her ears.

She heard the door open. Was he still in the house, she wondered. She tried to calm down but the pain was too big, she couldn't get over it. She felt a weight on her side and hands on her shoulders - his hands on her shoulders. She felt him trying to reassure her that he didn't want to leave her, that he didn't want to hit her. She felt his kisses on her shoulders, it was so good to be in his arms and so painful not to be.

She turned around, facing him, searching for answers in his eyes. And she saw them there - she saw love and fear, tenderness, happiness and sadness. She then felt his thumbs dry her tears and him laying down on her, hugging her for dear life. As she calmed down, he moved up and looking her straight in the eyes and told her simply "I Love you". He knew these three words could change their lives forever but it was too much a risk not to tell her. She couldn't believe he had told her. She smiled at him, revealing all her teeth. She grabbed his neck and closed him in a passionly embrace.
Two hours later, Olga was laid down on her stomach, Franck laying on her back, caressing her arms, each other trying to catch their breath.

"Don't you dare scare me like you did another time!" She warned him. "I didn't mean to." He placed a kiss on her shoulder before continuing. "I was just preparing our breakfast - I thought that you might need some strong coffee and calories this morning." He smiled.

"Actually, I don't drink coffee in the morning." She replied to him before turning around to see his face. "That was sweet of you. I think I overreacted." "You certainly did, but with a guy like me, I understand." He grinned, she pushed him off her. "You're so pretentious!" "Don't tell me you didn't see those girls like that, they were devouring me!" she just laughed in response.

She let go this answer, turned until she had her head resting on his chest and his arms around her. They had again started kissing passionately when the phone rang. She picked it up, before he could object. It was her sister, Svetlana. They talked in Russian, as they always did. Olga was glad they did, Franck couldn't understand what they were saying, although she was pretty sure he understood by the tone of her voice and her giggles.

Franck on his side was getting frustrated, he wanted nothing more than being alone with Olga and enjoying the moment. So, he decided on distracting her to get this phone call to end faster. He kissed her jaw, nipping, biting her soft milky skin. She wasn't responding like he wanted, staying calm and paused, even though he knew she was having a hard time staying like that. He lowered himself on her body, stepping inside the covers. This time the distraction was too big for Olga who let go a loud moan as she felt a hot and moist mouth on her breath. She was trying to keep her mind clean to explain it to her sister but as he went lower and lower any little rational thought she still had was left far away. She said good-bye abruptly and hung up, before concentrating on what Parker was doing to her body.

Svetlana smiled, her sister was having a great time and she'd put her hand on the fire that Mr Parker was behind that. "Olga is on vacation all week - I could visit her..." she said, wanting to know what was really going on between the two of them. Marriage - perhaps not yet, but she knew her sister's feeling toward him and had seen the way he looked at her... she called a travel company and booked a flight for Las Vegas.

The rest of the day went calmly; they stayed in bed for the greater part. In the middle of the afternoon, they decided on enjoying the sun. Olga put on a red bikini, which suited her, the perfect contrast between the piece of material, her hair and her milky skin. Franck was only in boxers. They took some food, towels and went in the park of NNL. They lay down on the grass, wishing not to be disturbed again. After half and hour, Franck was starting to feel very hot. He looked at her girlfriend, who was fast asleep at his side. If they didn't move fast, they were going to burn. He approached her in order to wake her up; she was already as red as her hair and bikini.

"Poor girl" he thought. After last night, he hadn't the heart of waking her, she seemed so relaxed and peaceful, and so he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. He placed her delicately on the bed, covered her up and went to the bathroom, searching for some ointment to soothe her burns. He found some and applied it to her so hot skin. He put on his too, knowing that if he didn't he would regret it a few hours.

The young woman woke up in the middle of the night, feeling burns on every inch of her body. She moved in order to sit up, but she stopped, her head pounding, her skin burning and tickling. She looked around; Franck was laid next to her, his face and torso red. She realised that they had caught sun burn. She passed her hand on her bare skin under the covers. It was painful, hot and greasy. She saw the tube of ointment and suddenly understood what had firstly attracted her to Parker, it was his kindness. This capacity to take care of others even if he needed at this moment to take care of himself - he could give his life for people he loved. He could love without an end, give without expecting a return.

Tears started to fall on her cheeks as she realised deep down in her heart and soul that she really loved him, no doubt was in it. And with this revelation, she promised herself that she'd do anything to keep this relationship because at this particular moment it was the best thing that had ever happened to her.