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Chapter Thirty: The Reflection Behind the Mirror

If the prospect of meeting the Lady on her talan was unnerving, meeting her in the gardens should have been more relaxing, but the wardens felt little peace within themselves at entering the grand garden. The heavy floral scent of the Lady's favorite flowers assaulted the brother's senses. The bright blooms winked cheerfully at the elves as they passed, bobbing their heads together as if to whisper conspiratorially.

Haldir descended the stairs near the middle of the garden, his steps light and unheard on the moss-covered stones. Rúmil followed, closely followed by Orophin. Orophin felt his hair stand up on end as they caught the first glimpse of the lady standing next to a stone basin.

Trees and ivy hung gracefully between heavy boughs, draping to the ground in some places and nestling flowers in their bosom. The stairs wound over the natural terrain, twisting through the trees and over the rock formations until they leveled out on the ground.

Galadriel stood serenely by a small fountain that trickled at her side, whispering secrets that only she could hear. Her white gown glowed in the moonlight that penetrated the boughs weighing overhead. The natural glow of her skin made even the most virgin of snow seem tainted and tarnished. The Lady was the epitome of wisdom and grace, beauty and poise, kindness and compassion. Two of the wardens seemed to be scared, keeping themselves partially hidden behind their leader.

Haldir entered the clearing, bowing low to the lady. Orophin and Rúmil bowed awkwardly, feeling very self-conscious in the lady's presence after her summons. The two younger Galadhrim respectively kept their gaze fixed on the forest floor.

"My Lady," Haldir said, feeling himself flush as the Lady's intense gaze shifted to him. "Do you wish for a report?"

Galadriel smiled, her voice soft, "I have heard much from Orophin, but there are parts that I must admit I do not know, and that is what holds my interest."

Haldir nodded, "Where shall I begin?"

Galadriel waved her hand, "There will be a time and place for your report, Haldir. You are weary from your travels and there are other things I wish to discuss with the three of you."

Rúmil inhaled sharply, feeling as if he was standing center stage at a great elven spectacle and that all eyes were on him, though, truth be told, all were looking at Haldir.

Haldir felt himself shift uncomfortably from the Lady's gaze, feeling as if she was picking through his thoughts. Though he held no secrets from his liege, it still disconcerted him to have his mind picked through so effortlessly. Galadriel had reminded him she did not invade other's thoughts without their permission and only wished to see what they were afraid to speak of, helping them through their misery and heartache. Sometimes things were too horrible to speak of, and having them understood without words was a way to get the truth, yet not cause further trauma to those involved.

"Orophin," the lady said, snapping the middle brother out of his silence.

"Yes, My lady," Orophin gave a frightened look, bowing his head respectively.

"It has come to my knowledge that you had spoken to your commander with great disrespect," Galadriel said, watching Haldir bristle slightly and Orophin blush and cast his eyes to the ground in shame. "You spoke your heart and mind, wishing your commander to see what you believed to be true."

Orophin kept his gaze fixed to the ground and did not answer. Haldir shifted with a stony expression, though underneath he was irate at his sibling and now the Lady knew of their transgression.

Galadriel smiled at Haldir, "Peace, March Warden." Haldir nodded, feeling his temper dim at her words and gentle face. "Orophin, did you or did you not speak to Haldir about your fears?" Orophin looked up briefly, nodded, and returned his gaze down. Galadriel prodded on, "And did you not come to realize that he is your leader and is, in fact, your superior, and that you need to follow his lead, even if you do not agree?"

Orophin whispered, "Yes, My Lady. I realize this is so."

Galadriel stepped forward so quietly that Orophin did not hear her approach and started when she reached out and tipped his face with her slender fingers and smiled. Orophin seemed to be speechless, so Galadriel broke the uncomfortable silence, "You now realize that your family is the most valuable thing in the world. That though they can be frustrating, they can also your greatest strength. You have grown much over this mission, young Orophin."

Orophin felt himself offer a weak smile, not sure where the Lady was heading with this line of dialogue.

"Oh yes, young Orophin, you have grown much," Galadriel said softly, her eyes twinkling, "I believe now it is appropriate for you to have your own command."

Orophin stared dumbstruck at the Galadriel, unable to make any sound.

Galadriel allowed a minute to pass for the information to sink into Orophin's numb mind until she asked, "Do you accept such an assignment?"

Orophin stammered out, "Yes… Yes, my lady, I accept and am honored by your decision."

Galadriel's gaze became distant, and a soft sigh escaped her lips before she regarded Orophin once again, "I am to tell you that Lómetar will survive. Your knowledge and perseverance have saved his life."

Orophin breathed a sigh of relief and felt like sinking to the ground in teary joy. He wavered for a moment, his emotions spilling over in such a force that Galadriel recoiled slightly. With tears running down his fair cheeks, he bowed his head, "Many thanks, my lady."

Galadriel bowed her golden head and then turned to Rúmil, "Rúmil, I wanted to thank you for your dedication."

"My… my lady?" Rúmil stammered, tearing his eyes away from Orophin who was muffling his cries of elation with his hands as Haldir put a reassuring hand on his back.

"I asked you to watch over all those in the company, and you performed your task well. Everyone returned, especially one I had thought would not wish to return."

Galadriel looked to Haldir and saw him blush and lower his head in shame, "It is nothing to feel ashamed of, March Warden. I knew there were great perils on this mission, yet I trusted in your ability. However, I feared for what may come to pass, and I asked that you, as well as the others, be watched over by Rúmil."

Rúmil puffed up importantly and grinned at Haldir.

Galadriel looked between Rúmil and Orophin and gave a bow of her head, "I will hear of your reports on the morrow, after you are well rested. You are dismissed."

The two brothers bowed low and exited the gardens quickly, Orophin's voice filtering down to the two that remained behind, "Lómetar will survive and I now have a command. Me! I have a command!"

Galadriel waited until the chattering of the two brothers had dissolved before she walked to Haldir and tilted his head to see his face. Haldir's eyes were closed, tears traced down redden cheeks, and his lips were set in a thin line as he fought to control his emotions.

Galadriel wiped away his tears with gentle fingers and spoke softly to him, "Dearest Haldir, do not feel ashamed. There is nothing wrong with your feelings, nor showing them to anyone."

Haldir opened teary blue eyes, saw Galadriel's concerned face, and turned away, "I ask to be relieved of my command. I am not capable…."

Haldir was cut off by Galadriel's voice, raised, yet still compassionate, "I will do no such thing. You have earned your rank and I will not allow you to give it up so easily."

"Easily?" Haldir choked, now feeling humiliated by breaking down in front of one of the most respected elves in all Arda. "Because of my actions, the others could have lost their lives."

"But they did not," Galadriel reasoned and walked to the small fountain that babbled happily. "There are many paths that lay before us, Haldir. Do not feel angry that I asked Rúmil to watch over you and the others."

Haldir sighed, watching the lady retreat from him, feeling guilty, "I am not angry at you or Rúmil, my lady. I am angry at myself."

Galadriel turned, holding a silver pitcher in her hands, "And why are you angry with yourself, Haldir? Is it because you allowed yourself a moment to feel? To feel emotions is not to be guilty."

Haldir shook his head, "But I allowed my feelings to lead me. That is a dangerous decision! I should have known better and used better judgments!"

Galadriel gave Haldir an understanding look, "It is only natural to experience an occasional bond with another. If one does not allow themselves to feel, then how are they to know when they find their true love?"

Haldir looked sharply at Galadriel, the intensity of his stare nearly made her turn away, "If one only finds love at the cost to another, whether be their life or their health, it is a decision that should never be chosen."

Galadriel stepped forward and poured the sparkling water from the pitcher into the basin and gave Haldir a knowing smile, "There is much for you to see, but to see what you need, you must first trust in the Vala and of your place among them."

"If they do indeed watch over us and guide our fates, then why do they allow such things to happen?" Haldir asked, tears were pooling in his eyes and he fought desperately to not allow them to fall, lest his lady think poorly of him.

Galadriel gave Haldir an understanding look and held out a delicate hand, "You have grown into a noble and gallant elf, my young Haldir." She smiled, feeling Haldir's hand tremble in her own, "But there are many tasks you must face before you are ready to greet your greatest challenge. To find one's soul mate is a quest many elves strive for, having many failures and heartaches along the way. There is no shame in allowing yourself to feel or want the love of another."

Haldir allowed the Lady's words to sink into his mind as she maneuvered him closer to the stone basin. His eyes flickered across the surface, knowing that the mirror would show him many things, even things he would never have. He felt his heart leap into his throat at the thought of never feeling the love of another, and pulled his hand quickly from Galadriel's tender direction.

"No more."

Galadriel frowned, not knowing the full meaning of her warden's words, "Haldir?"

"No more of this," Haldir whispered, the water reflecting like pale diamonds in his eyes. "I have had enough of allowing others to hurt me and always seeing what I can not have. I will partake of such things no more."

"You can not mean that," Galadriel said with a trace of fear in her voice. "You need to trust in the Valar to give you guidance and they will show you the way."

"The Vala have played with me long enough!" Haldir shouted suddenly, his emotions breaking down the dam and rushing out at once. He raised his fist in the air, feeling all the heartache, turmoil and suffering of the ages break upon him, sending him reeling in anguish.

"The Valar do no play," Galadriel lightly rebuked, her voice raw an edgy. The emotions she was receiving loud and clear from Haldir were making her dizzy, the sensations making her mental touch recoil. "They send these things and give you trials to wage upon the fields of Middle Earth. They know the way."

Haldir snarled, shaking his head from side to side. Without realizing his proximity or what he was doing, his slammed down his fist. It collided against the cool surface of the mirror, sending a loud cracking noise echoing through the great boughs of the mallyrn.

Haldir immediately withdrew his hand to his body, staring wildly at the basin that reflected strangely. The water was no longer smooth and inviting, but broken, shattering in millions of pieces within the depths of the stone. They shimmered like stars, a faint chinking of tiny bells could be heard, and Haldir raised his eyes to stare at Galadriel, who wore a similar expression of awe and distress.

Haldir breathed heavily for several minutes, trying to collect his thoughts, which were a jumbled mess of confusion. When everything seemed to blend together in his mind, Haldir turned to leave.

"Haldir," Galadriel's voice was in his mind and ears. Her worry and grief for the young March Warden were laced in her voice.

Haldir closed his eyes, lowered his head and spoke with a hushed voice, "I withdraw from the Vala's field. I remain out of loyalty to you, My Lady, but I shall never hope for more while upon these shores."

Haldir hands were clenched tightly at his sides. He released them, but tensed once again as new tears threatened to fall.

"Haldir," Galadriel's soft command echoed around the silent clearing, "Look at me."

Haldir squeezed his eyes shut, hoping to stave off the flow of tears. No one saw the great March Warden cry. He would not allow such emotion to be shown to anyone.

His heart skipped a beat, remembering the one person who had seen him cry, though it had been ages ago.

The Lady of Light herself.

Many millennia ago when Haldir and his brothers learned of their parents demise at the hands of orcs, Haldir had stayed up all night consoling his siblings. He showed no emotion, allowing them to cry upon his shoulder until an exhausted sleep had claimed them.

When he was sure of their slumber, Haldir had raced from the talan, his eyes clouded with tears and pain. When he at last stopped, he found himself in Galadriel's garden, standing opposite of the Lady herself.

Galadriel had stood motionless as the young elf appeared, her sorrow sparkling in her eyes as she read the aching emptiness in his face. She nodded only once, as if giving young Haldir permission to show his grief.

Haldir had collapsed to the ground, wails of pain wrenching through his entire being as he rocked himself back and forth, arms wrapped around his midsection as he allowed the tumult within him to flow.

Instead of leaving the distraught elf to grieve in solitude, Galadriel had gone to his side immediately, cradling him against her. Haldir had wept until his soul was spent of its sorrow, though still raw and aching. Galadriel had remained by his side, whispering words of comfort into his ears and rocking him tenderly.

The night passed by slowly, the moon creeping up and lighting the two beings kneeling in the garden. When Celeborn found his wife sometime later, Haldir was sound asleep in her arms, and tears flowed freely down her beautiful face as she gazed up at her husband.

When Haldir awoke at the first rays of dawn, his mind recalled what had happened and his ears flushed pink with shame. Galadriel's voice floated to his hearing and he rose up to see her and the Lord Celeborn seated on the grass behind him, their attention vigilant over the young elf.

Haldir felt his entire being blush crimson as he realized his head rested on Celeborn's own cloak. Quickly sitting up, he lowered his head, extending the cloak back to its owner.

Celeborn took his cloak, laid it beside himself, then extended his hand to Haldir's face. He lifted the young one's chin so they were face to face and spoke gently, "Do not feel shamed for your actions, Haldir. Everyone is allowed to grieve and showing such emotions does not make one weak."

Haldir mutely nodded his head and cast his eyes to the ground. Celeborn's hand had remained on Haldir's chin and tilted it again, gaining the youngling's attention. Celeborn's face was drawn in pain, a single tear rolled down his fair cheek, "Allow your heart to be your guide. It will serve you well. You have great things ahead of you, young Haldir. Do not despair, for things are always for a reason."

With those words, the Lord and Lady rose and left the confused, yet less burdened Haldir to think about what was said.

It was sometime later that Haldir found out that his Lord and Lady's daughter, Celebrían, had been mortally wounded in the attack that claimed the life of his parents, and was sailing to the West to save her life.

"Haldir, look at me," Galadriel's voice snapped Haldir out of his reverie.

Haldir turned slowly, shoulders slumped in defeat. When his eyes looked into Galadriel's, she gasped. Haldir's once bright, twinkling eyes were now dulled and clouded over as his spirit retreated back into the shadows of his being.

"Do not despair, young one. There is always a new tomorrow," Galadriel said, though not sure how she found her voice.

Haldir nodded, his mind mingling the past words with the present and finding very little solace in them. He bowed respectively, then left, his steps as heavy as his heart.

Galadriel bowed her head, wishing she could offer more to the lost Warden. The sound of a thousand pieces of glass clattering to the floor shook her out of her state. A strange buzzing hiss filled the air, like the sound made when extremely hot metal is doused in cold water. The echo bounced off the small alcove where she stood.

Hesitantly, Galadriel stepped to her mirror, remembering Haldir touching it and the piercing noise that followed. She had warned the select few that gazed into its prophetic depths that the surface was not to be broken, and had never witnessed such a reaction before.

As Galadriel approached, she saw slivers skim across the water. The water was splintered, shattered and cracked. Slowing, the fractured pieces hissed and crackled, their lines sealing themselves smoothly as they became whole once more.

Galadriel saw a proud looking elf and a maiden, smiling sweetly. The couple rejoicing as the elleth held a bundle in her arms. Two more pieces fused together, showing the couple surrounded now by three blonde elflings, all were laughing and dancing in happiness.

Galadriel let out a gasp as she recognized all the elves. The two adults were Haldir's parents, and the three children were Haldir and his brothers.

Images of Lorien flashed in rapid succession across the broken surface. The trees were much smaller, the wood very young as faces and secret places surfaced and faded too quickly to catch. The trees reached immeasurable peaks as they grew over the centuries, their leaves twinkling from gold to frosted green.

Galadriel muffled a choked sob, her hand covering her mouth as the next image surfaced.

Celebrían, Galadriel's precious daughter. Pictures of her as an elfling and as a young elleth blended together as the water hissed and congealed. Galadriel nearly dropped when she had seen Celebrían, merely a hundred or so years old, closing her eyes and leaning forward.

Galadriel felt her throat tighten in anguish as she watched the pictures glide smoothly along the healing surface. She had never witnessed these visions before. She was about to question them when Haldir's reflection in a pond brought her the truth. The goofy expression he wore, coupled by the blush on this young face as Celebrían leaned over to peck him on the cheek was her answer.

Haldir had loved Celebrían. They had shared a first kiss.

Galadriel felt her heart plummet as the images of Celebrían laughing and running in fields, then of her love-struck eyes as she gazed at Lord Elrond for the first time.

The images conjured long forgotten feelings as the pictures faded with Celebrían's bonding to Elrond and the celebrations dimmed into darkness. Galadriel felt herself drawn into the abyss as she relieved her pain over, and realized the true depth of Haldir's emotions. The realization of what he had felt to her own beloved daughter and of the pain he felt as she wedded another made Galadriel realize exactly how badly hurt Haldir had remained all these years, and his aloof manner had now made sense.

New images emerged catching Galadriel's attention. Rúmil and Orophin, barely of their majority, weeping and wrought with anguish. Then flashes of the lady herself, so beautiful, peaceful, the epitome of serenity and the center of joy. She felt embarrassed, watching and seeing herself as Haldir did.

The mirror's surface hissed and cracked again, a long fissure sealing itself together as steam issued up. She saw many maidens, ones she had known since elfhood, shyly talking and blushing, then looking downhearted as Haldir rejected their advances.

The surface bubbled, the last few fractures of the water boiling together and forming the faces of friends and family, and finally on a dark figure. The figure was female, with dark wavy hair, olive skin and deep-set green eyes.

Galadriel guessed this to be the maiden that turned so wickedly against the Elves, her face twisted with fury and faded from sight as the shattered memories bled together.

The surface of the mirror was once again smooth and rippled with Galadriel's breath. Clear, sparkling water regarded its mistress innocently, its former rages forgotten.

Frowning, Galadriel made to leave, but her attention was drawn to the individual that emerged from the shadows behind her. Celeborn detached himself from his hiding place and came to stand at his wife's side. Silence hung in the air like a delicate web, hovering weightless.

After a moment, Galadriel spoke, her voice choked, "You saw everything?"

"I did," came Celeborn's simple answer.

"Did you know?" Galadriel asked, turning to regard her spouse.

"That Haldir loved Celebrían?" he asked. When Galadriel nodded once, he continued, "I had suspected, but never knew for sure."

"I did not think he had an attachment to her when I assigned him as her guard," Galadriel's voice dropped to a mere whisper.

"He was the best choice. He would have forfeited his life, had she but asked. One could not hope for such dedication from another," Celeborn said with a reassuringly.

"She would have never asked!" Galadriel snapped, a sour look on her face.

"She would never have had to. Haldir would have offered himself without thought," Celeborn smiled benignly. "As I would do for you, my love."

Galadriel captured her husband's hand and drew it closer to her heart, "I would offer the same as well."

Celeborn's smiled broadened, then quickly faded, "I fear Haldir shall never feel such joy."

Galadriel's smile faltered as she lowered her eyes, "I know not the path the Vala have laid before him, but I am sure his path was not with Celebrían. I fear greatly for his heart. He has so much to give and so much pain."

Celeborn drew his wife near, wrapping his arms around her, "Perhaps he will find the one to complete him. We can only hope he bestows his heart upon the one meant for him."

Galadriel nodded against Celebron's chest. She could feel his heart beat a gentle, steady rhythm, matching her own.

"I pray the Vala sends her soon. I do not like the ice that holds our Warden in its grip."

Celebron sighed heavily and placed a kiss on his wife's golden head, "The hour is late. We shall dwell on this tomorrow."

Galadriel kissed the hollow of Celeborn's throat and nodded. As the two pulled apart, the mirror, which had been quietly watching the two at its rim, began to shimmer with soft light.

Celeborn and Galadriel glanced suspiciously to each other, then leaned over to gaze into the foggy depths. Smoke rippled the surface, shaded figures began to emerge. The figures became clearer, one emerging as Haldir. A huge smile was on his face, his eyes shone unlike they never had before.

A second figure danced across the water, this one female. She was barely to Haldir's shoulder in height. Her hair was a strange mahogany; highlights of burgundy and chestnut brown glinted from unknown light. Her face was heart shaped, with smooth, flawless skin and almond-shaped, sea-blue eyes. She smiled radiantly and held open her arms, pulling Haldir close to her.

Haldir picked the woman up in his arms and spun her around, revealing to the two observing the mirror her round ears. When Haldir released the human, their heads were bowed, foreheads touching as they spoke phantom words to one another.

The image faded into opaque, leaving the lord and lady staring stunned at the surface.

Celeborn looked to his wife and asked with a hushed tone, "Was that what I think it was?"

Galadriel pulled her gaze from the mirror and sighed, "The mirror shows many things, some not meant to happen, others undeniable destiny."

"Do you think what we just saw was destiny?" Celeborn asked, his heart wrenching, remembering the image and how Haldir couldn't withstand another heartache.

"I do not know…" Galadriel broke off.

Celeborn placed a hand on his wife's arm and began to guide her away from the stone basin, "Let us think on it in the morrow."

Galadriel sleepily conceded, allowing her husband to lead her. A slight tinkle of water drew her attention back. Turning, the Lady of the Wood glanced into the mirror, now shimmering with silver. Withdrawing her arm from Celeborn, she approached the side once again.

The surface of the crystalline water was rippled by a solitary wind. White spirals appeared, contorting and blending together into a blinding fog. Galadriel winced from the brilliant light assailing her eyes. Celeborn raised an arm to protect his eyes from the light, shielding himself from its intensity.

Galadriel felt compelled to turn away, but refused, her face setting defiantly as she glared into the mirror.

The blinding light vanished. The image of a large wall, wrought of thick tree trunks and hewn together to form a barrier, came into view. The picture cleared, showing humans scurrying around the wall that sported a roughly carved hole through the mighty barrier.

Galadriel immediately recognized the place, having seen it in the minds of the Galadhrim that had accompanied Haldir. The wound upon the wall was inflicted by Haldir sword, finished by Rúmil's, the essence of the blades still staining the opening with a white glow.

Galadriel frowned at the mirror, watching as the picture drew back, showing people and the courtyard. The small stones that lined the walkway were blackened, a large crater ripped through the lovely artwork, scarring its beauty. The back of a child stooped low over the ground. The small being rose and turned, showing it to be a human child, no more than eight or nine years of age. She stood still, glaring straight in front of herself, directly into Galadriel's eyes.

Galadriel gasped, noting the girl's heart shaped face, sea-blue eyes, mahogany hair with deep streaks of burgundy and a smudge on her cheek. Galadriel's hand covered her mouth, which was fixed agape, her eyes wide at the child seemingly sensing her gaze.

An eternity passed within a couple of heartbeats. The girl blinked slowly, then cast her eyes to the escape route the elves had taken. A sly smiled spread across her face as she stared. With a brilliant smile still lighting her dirty face, she adjusted the pieces of splintered wood in her grasp and walked forward. Her face enlarged until it became darkness, and the mirror stilled into quiet blackness.

When the image faded, Galadriel turned to Celeborn, who still shielded his face. The light cast upon him melted and shadow fell once more.

"Did you see?" Galadriel whispered.

"See what?" Celeborn asked, lowering his arm and blinking to erase the bright spots from his vision. "The light was much too bright. I saw only its brilliance."

Galdriel nodded, not believing what she had just witnessed. Something stirred within her, something not localized or easily identified. She took several deep breaths, steadying herself. The image of the child's knowing gaze still burned into her conscious.

"What did you see?" Celeborn asked, his face etched in concern and curiosity.

"I do not know for sure," Galadriel answered after a moment. "I shall think upon it later. Come, Husband, let us retire."

Galadriel took Celeborn's offered hand and without a word, allowing him to escort her to their chambers.

Yes, she would think about what she had just witnessed. Consult the mirror for clarification. Perhaps ask guidance of Elrond of Imladris, who had the gift of foresight. Whoever the child was, she was special. Her heritage may be of human origin, but Galadriel had a nagging suspicion that the child could and would grow to be very important. With the many thoughts circling in her head, Galadriel retired for the night, knowing that whatever lay ahead, the Valar had their reasons, and she should trust in their wisdom.

The End

…..Or is it?

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