Austin Powers: The Metroid of Parody (The Spy Who Shagged Me, and

In Goldmember)

Evil...Evil is the one and only Kraid...

Evil...Evil is the only Mother Brain...

Megabyte: Austin Powers...International Man of Mystery... I HAVE TO recite this crap?!

Bob: Shut up, before I give you the magnet.

Megabyte: NO! Not the magnet!


Austin Powers - Ridley

Dr. Evil - Kraid

Mini-Me - Mini-Kraid

Frau Farbissina - Keaton

Number 2...Hundred Pounds - James Hardy

Scott Evil - Houston

Unabrow - As Herself

Fat Bastard - As Himself...except he's not fat anymore.

Felicity Shagwell - Vegeta?! (o_O He insisted)

Basil - Samus Aran?! (o_O She insisted)

Ivana Humpalot - Locuthis some serious drag!

Fattzo Cleopatra - Fatzo of the Ghostly Trio

Goldmember - As Himself...isn't that vierd? Yesh! *claps and giggles*

Famous Goldmemeber - Seto Kaiba

Famous Dr. Evil - Goku

Famous Mini-Me - King Kai

Famous Austin - Joey Wheeler

Dixie Normous - Mai Valentine

Justice Ubudu - Hercule

Queen Lizardbreath (We are not amused!) Sorry...Elizabeth - Freiza

Fook Mi - Bra

Fook Yu - Pan

Young Austin - Piccolo

Young Dr. Evil - Gohan

Young Basil - Samus Aran

The Old Janitor - As Himself

Number Flea, The Flea - Inu-Yasha, Myoga

Henchman Holding Wrench - Kagome

Henchman Arbitrarily Turning Knobs Making It Seem Like She's Doing Something

- Sango

You Guys Back There - Shippo, Miroku, Kaede

Nigel Powers - Kikyo (We were a little understaffed in the men department)

Mr. Roboto (Dr. Robotonik) - Dr. Robotnik

Japanese Guard - Koga

Japanese Surveilance Watcher - Koenma

The Doctor - Sessho-Maru

The Sailor - Kuwabara

It's the ultimate parody ever! The cast of Inu-Yasha, Yu-Yu Yu-Gi-Oh,

Metroid, DBZ/GT, Dr. Robotnik, and Fatzo. (Hey! Can't you address me a

little better?) ...Okay...

AND FATZO! (Mwe, heh, heh!)


For production reasons (aka: the director's memory), Goldmember will be

first. Isn't that vierd? *giggles*