Author's Note- Set after X-2, Kitty-centric and yet another Kete, it'll also have a pretty big Romy subplot. This one brings in my two favorite male X-Men characters.


And It Begins


Of all the things I've believed in

I just want to get it over with

Tears form behind my eyes

But I do not cry

-Michelle Branch


Kitty stopped running when she reached the road. Gasping and panting for breath she sat down on a bench, she ended up sleeping there for the night. She awoke the next morning and began to search for the others. Kitty had no luck, however, in finding them. She walked all day before arriving at a cabin.

She looked around before phasing inside. As soon as she turned corporeal she found herself against the wall with a hand to her throat. "Who in de hell are you?" the man before her demanded. She met his gaze and tried to phase but couldn't find the strength.

"Get your hands off of me!" she snapped. His hand flexed, just slightly on her neck.

"I'm sorry, petite, but it seems ta Gambit dat you aren't in any position ta make any demands. Now answer de damn question. Who are you?"

"Kitty Pryde," she whispered.

"Wait, let her go, LeBeau," another man said.

"Ya know her?" Kitty was finally able to breathe easily.

"This is one of the X-Men," the other man said. "Remy, meet Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat."

"How do you know me?" Kitty asked

The man merely smiled. "That, Pryde, is confidential."

"Who are you two?"

"Remy LeBeau," the first man said running a hand through his dark hair before flashing her a grin taking her hand and bowing over it, laying a soft kiss on it. "Enchanté."

"Pete Wisdom," the other man said. "Care t' tell us why you were breakin' in t' the cabin? I thought yer professor frowned upon his *X-Men* doin' crime." The words 'X-Men' were full of derision.

"I- I thought it was empty," she said.

"Where'd ya come from?" Remy asked.

"The Institute," Kitty said softly. "I ran."

"You ran the whole way?" Pete asked.


"Damn, okay, I'm impressed. So, why were ya runnin'?"

Unexpectedly, her eyes filled with tears. "We were attacked, I-I got away, some of the others, though..." Pete could easily see the guilt on her face. "I can't go back there right now."

"No kiddin'," Remy said rolling his eyes.

"You can stay here, grasshopper," Pete said. She hesitated visibly and Pete smiled. "It ain't like you've got much of a choice in the matter. Where else are you gonna go?"

"That's a very good point," she said softly and sighed.

"`Sides," Pete continued reading the fear plainly on her face. "I could actually use your help." Remy looked at him raising an eyebrow, which Pete just ignored. "You're good with computers, right?"

"Yeah," she said hesitantly.

"Great, I need some help gettin' into this database." He led her into his room seeing her tense even further. "Want me t' move the laptop into the living room?"

"No," she said trying to mask her nervousness. He shrugged pulling up a web page. Kitty spent only five minutes on the page before breaking through.

"*Very* impressive," he said. "I was workin' on that for over an hour and couldn't get through. How'd you learn how t' do that, Oh great and powerful Goddess of Computing?"

A slight blush came to Kitty's face at his clear admiration and slight flirting. "Self-taught."

"Ah," he said thoughtfully. "C'mon, I'll show you t' the room where you can stay." He stood and led her to another room. It was much smaller than his with only a single bed. "Do ya need somethin' t' wear?"

"Yeah," she said. "What I have on is all I have."

"Are you okay?"

She smiled a little. "I'm fine. It's just been a long night."

"I'll get one of me shirts, unless ya mind."

"That'd be fine. Thank you." He soon came back with a shirt and tossed it to her.

"Get some sleep, if ya need anythin' just yell." He walked away. Kitty got undressed slipping his shirt over her. It came to her mid-thigh and the neck was a little less than modest but it was comfortable. She could detect on it the scent of cigarettes, alcohol, and cologne that she couldn't quite place.