Yu Yu Hakusho/Teen Titans:

"Darkness Returns"

Chapter 9: "Endgame"

Disclaimer: Yu Yu Hakusho belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi, Shonen Jump, and Cartoon Network. Teen Titans belongs to DC Comics, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network. Neither one belongs to me, which really sucks.

Author's note: This will be the final chapter of my YYH/TT crossover, and the final fight has arrived. Who will triumph, Raptor's team or Rando's team? And what will happen in the aftermath of the Shadow Combat? Those questions will be answered in this chapter.

Timeline: YYH, a few years after the series. TT, a few years into the future.

Rando casually stretched, yawning as he did. "That Meikaihiryu technique took a lot out of me," he said to himself. Then turning to the rest of the fighters, he shouted, "Listen up! The final round of the Shadow Combat will take place one hour from now!" He looked at Raptor, Terra, and Jin, smiling evilly. "Use that hour to prepare for your deaths."

He stepped out of the ring and glanced at Suzaku, who had absorbed his other six selves back into himself, and Karasu. The two demons got off the ground and walked with him.

"One hour," Raptor murmured to himself. "If Rando thinks he'll have it easy beating us, he's got another think coming."

"If it weren't for the fact that I was already defeated, I would gladly wreak swift, brutal vengeance upon Rando for how he treated Genkai," Shishi declared, his normally calm voice tinged with rage. "However, since I have already been defeated, I will have to leave it to the three of you to take vengeance for me."

"Don't worry, Shishi," Terra said, her voice intense. "We'll make sure Rando pays."

"From one student of Genkai to another," Yusuke said to Terra, "kick Rando's evil ass all over what's left of this arena."

That was what drew everyone's attention to the state of the arena. The ring had suffered a great deal of damage, and sections of the arena had been blown out.

"Damn," Blackfire remarked.

Raptor sighed. "I'm going for a walk."

"Wait, Raptor," Starfire said. "I shall accompany you."

There was dead silence for what seemed like eternity. Then Raptor turned his head and smiled wanly at Starfire. "Thanks, Star."

"I welcome you," Starfire replied, and she and Raptor walked out of the stadium. Once they were outside, Starfire hovered through the air, suspended a few inches off the ground.

"I'm scared, Kory," Raptor admitted.

"What makes you so afraid?" Starfire asked.

"Rando and his team," Raptor replied. "We've seen what those three are capable of. Rando single-handedly took down Raven, Hiei, and Genkai once he was imbued with the power of the Meikaihiryu. They're ruthless, remorseless killers and if Rando wins this one, he's free to terrorize and murder innocent people, only he'll have Raven's and Genkai's powers and be even worse."

"That will not happen," Starfire said with absolute conviction in her voice.

"How do you know?" Raptor asked.

"I have faith in you, Tim," Starfire replied, peeling off his mask to stare into his sky-colored eyes. "You always find a way to triumph over our enemies. You will find a way to triumph over this one."

Raptor blinked, surprised by Starfire's complete faith in him. Even after all the years they'd spent together, he was still amazed by the purity of her emotions, especially where he was concerned.

"You know, it's times like this that I remember why and how much I love you," Raptor said, smiling.

"And I love you, Tim," Starfire replied, smiling back.

Nothing more needed to be said in that moment, so Raptor took Starfire in his arms and kissed her. Starfire kissed him back with all the love she had for him.

As for Terra, she was brooding outside the stadium. At least, that's what it looked like to anyone who happened to pass by. In reality, she was communing with the earth's spirit.

Since Genkai had taken her in, Terra had discovered an even deeper connection to the earth than she had thought possible. Her very spirit was tied to the earth, allowing her to almost literally feel it. In fact, her connection to the earth ran so deep that she could communicate with it, and it would show her things.

That was why she was communing with the earth's spirit now. Hopefully, whatever it showed her would give her hope for the fight to come.

Terra touched the ground and it shifted, revealing an image of her, Raptor, and Jin poised to battle Rando, Suzaku, and Karasu.

"I already know that," she said, annoyed. "Show me something I don't know."

"The earth only shows a geomancer what he or she needs to see," Genkai said from behind her.

Terra jumped to her feet and turned around to face Genkai. "Genkai! You're all right!"

"Yes, it takes more than a bump on the head to finish me off," Genkai said, smiling faintly.

"What do you mean, 'the earth only shows a geomancer what he or she needs to see'?" Terra asked.

"It was the first lesson I taught you when you discovered that power," Genkai replied. "You simply want to see who will be the victor in your upcoming battle. However, that is not what you need to see. Good luck, my pupil." She turned around and walked back into the arena.

Terra sighed. "I hope we'll win."

Of course you'll win, Changeling's telepathic "voice" said to her.

"Changeling?" Terra wondered. "Where are you?"

Look down, Changeling replied.

Terra did just that and saw a green anole lizard. Granted, anole lizards were naturally green, but this one wasn't exactly the natural shade of green.

"Hey, there," Terra said, and crouched to extend her arm to Changeling, who climbed up onto it. He then changed himself into a parrot and sat on her shoulder.

I didn't know you could use the earth to see the future, he said.

"Geomancy isn't just about seeing the future," Terra corrected. "It also shows me things about the present. That's how I knew that you'd need my help and that I'd have to reveal myself to you."

You'll win, Terra, Changeling assured, flying off her shoulder and landing in human form. He turned to face her, speaking in his own voice. "I have faith in you."

"You do? After all I've done, you can still say that you have faith in me?" Terra asked.

"Yeah," Changeling replied, staring into her eyes with utter seriousness. "I believe in you, Terra."

Terra blinked, shocked beyond belief that Changeling could still believe in her after all that had happened between them.

"Thank you, Changeling," she said.

"You're welcome," Changeling replied. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Terra said. She leaned closer to him, her eyes half shut.

Changeling could not believe what was happening. Is she really gonna kiss me? he wondered. As if by instinct, he leaned closer to her and they met halfway in a sweet kiss.

After a short while, they broke the kiss. "That was my first kiss," Terra confessed.

"Mine, too," Changeling admitted shyly. "And I'm glad it was from you."

"I don't know what's going to happen when Raptor, Jin, and I fight Rando's team," Terra said, "but in case I don't make it ---"

"You will make it!" Changeling insisted passionately.

"In case I don't, I don't wanna go with secrets between us," Terra continued. "I'm about to tell you something I haven't told anyone. Ever since I got my powers, I've been running around the country, always going by the name of Terra. My real name, Changeling, is Tara Markov."

"Tara Markov," Changeling repeated. "It suits you."

"How?" Terra asked, blushing.

"It's beautiful, like you," Changeling replied, blushing. I cannot believe I just said that! It sounds so corny!

Terra giggled. "Thank you."

"And while we're on the topic of real names, I should tell you mine," Changeling said. "It's Garfield Logan, but call me Gar. 'Garfield' is simply too formal."

"Cute name," Terra said. "But so are you."

"You might not have to worry so much," Changeling said. "I mean, Raven and Hiei beat the crap out of Suzaku and Karasu before Rando took them down, and Rando admitted it himself that that netherworld dragon took a lot out of him. What I'm trying to say is that they're not gonna be at full strength. They can still cause some damage, yeah, but not as much as they could if they were at 100%."

"They're still really strong," Terra said.

"I know," Changeling said. "But so are you. And you've got Raptor and Jin backing you up. There's no way the three of you together can lose. I mean, if you kicked Slade's ass, then Rando shouldn't be that much of a problem."

"Thanks," Terra said, kissing him on the cheek. "Wanna come and watch me kick Rando's ass?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world . . . Tara," Changeling replied.

After the hour had passed, Raptor's team entered the ring, facing Rando's team.

"Before we get this party started, I just wanna know one thing, Rando," Raptor said, having replaced his mask before walking into the arena.

"And what would that be, little bird of prey?" Rando asked.

"How did you bring back the Spirit Detectives' old foes?" Raptor asked.

"Just a little necromancy," Rando replied. "I called out to their spirits and offered them a second chance at life, and a chance at revenge against those who put them where they were. Then it was just a simple task of intimidating a sorcerer into casting a spell to bring them back to this world. Of course, I killed the son of a bitch as soon as his usefulness to me had passed."

"You're sick," Raptor spat.

"Not sick," Rando corrected. "Just evil. Those of you who play for the other side have so much trouble understanding the difference between criminal insanity and pure evil. It's understandable, though; the two often tend to mix."

"Enough with the talking," Jin said, teeming with vengeful enthusiasm. "I'm ready to make you and your mates pay for what you did to Touya."

"By all means, sylph, you're welcome to try," Suzaku challenged.

"Let's get this party started," Terra said.

Rando commenced the festivities with a blast of purple, blue, green, and black energy aimed right at Raptor, who blocked with a force shield that bounced the attack right back at Rando, who dodged.

"That was an excellent first attempt, Raptor," Rando complimented, his voice acid. "Unfortunately, you're going to have to do a lot better than that to have even a snowball's chance in hell of beating me."

The match-ups were Raptor vs. Rando, Jin vs. Suzaku in a battle of wind vs. lightning, and Terra vs. Karasu. So far, Jin and Suzaku seemed evenly matched, but Terra wasn't faring so well against Karasu, who kept exploding her earth attacks.

"Don't worry, Terra!" Changeling shouted. "You can beat him!"

How? Terra thought. How do I beat him, when he can just explode every single one of my attacks?

"Is that fear I see in your eyes?" Karasu asked, seeming to purr as he said the words.

"Me? Scared of you?" Terra asked defiantly. "You've gotta be kidding me!" She laughed, raising her glowing hands to release vines made of earth from beneath the ground to ensnare Karasu. However, he simply made the vines explode, showering Terra in dirt.

"Really, Terra," Karasu purred. "I expected so much more from you."

Terra felt a deep chill run down her spine at his tone. It was the tone of a man who was completely confident, who had no reason to fear anything --- because he was so certain that nothing could stop him. She knew that tone well, for it was the same tone in which Slade always spoke.

Her eyes glowed golden and she raised the ground beneath Karasu into a rapidly rising pillar headed straight for the domed roof of the stadium. However, Karasu exploded the pillar when it was halfway up and leaped down to tackle Terra.

"You're not Kurama," he whispered, inhaling. "But your scent is pleasing all the same."

"Get off me!" Terra yelled, managing to push Karasu off her.

Karasu smirked under his mask and triggered an explosion by Terra's left arm, making the earthmover cry out in pain.

"Terra!" Changeling shouted. He was burning with rage at what Karasu was doing to her. That sadistic bastard. He's going to keep toying with her and torturing her until he's done with her!

He felt a strong metallic hand on his shoulder and turned to see Cyborg's face. "Keep it cool, Changeling."

"How can I?" Changeling asked. "That bastard's torturing the girl I love! Dammit, if we'd won against Genkai's team ---"

"Then Rando's team would have beat us," Cyborg finished. "And Terra would still get beaten up by that freak. We just have to have faith."

Changeling sighed and turned back around to continue watching the fight.

"Is that the best you've got?" Terra asked. "That beating Slade gave me four years ago was even worse than what you just did."

Karasu sneered under his mask. "Still playing tough for your boyfriend, are you? Very well. We'll see if you still feel tough after this." He triggered several more explosions near Terra, making her scream even louder than she had before.

Hang in there, Terra, Changeling thought.

Genkai was truly suffering, watching Karasu abuse her pupil so. That monster, she thought. What he truly loves is pain, making his opponents suffer.

However, her pain had not gone unnoticed by Rando, who smirked. "Hey, Genkai, does it hurt seeing your latest student get the shit blown out of her by Karasu?"

Genkai glared furiously at Rando, but didn't reply.

"Rando!" Raptor shouted and slashed him with the invisible lance into which he'd formed his powers. "Maybe you oughtta try focusing on me instead of Genkai."

"Insolent brat!" Rando snarled. "Inferno Sword!" He formed the crimson flames into a sword and slashed at Raptor, who blocked with his lance.

Raptor kicked Rando and shot several force blasts at him, which Rando effortlessly absorbed. Then he fired that energy as a concussive blast that would have knocked Raptor out of the ring if not for his agility.

Raptor slashed Rando with the force lance, and Rando retaliated with a slash from the Inferno Sword. Raptor ignored the pain and struck the crimson-haired fiend with an elbow jab.

Meanwhile, Jin and Suzaku were still fighting. Suzaku was firing his Storm of Torment, but Jin's speed was making it hard for him to connect.

"Double Tornado Kick!" Jin shouted, wrapping the wind around both legs. He flew down and kicked Suzaku with his right foot and then with his left foot. The impact of the kicks sent him flying out of the ring. However, he just got right back in.

"You will not defeat me that easily," Suzaku said. "Storm of Torment!"

He summoned the spiritual lightning and then brought it down, aiming at Jin, who just dodged the bolt by taking to the sky.

"Tornado Dive!" Jin shouted, spinning so quickly that a tornado formed around him. He tackled Suzaku from the air, but Suzaku struck back with another Storm of Torment. Jin screamed in agony as the spiritual lightning tore through him and he fell off Suzaku.

"Feeling a little crispy, wind ninja?" Suzaku asked.

"Actually, yes, mate," Jin replied shakily as he forced himself to stand up.

As for the battle between Terra and Karasu, her fighting uniform had been ripped in several places and there were cuts from the explosive damage Karasu had inflicted on her.

"I'm sick of this," she said. "Twin Earth Blade!" Twin streams of dirt sprung forth from beneath the ring and into Terra's hands, hardening into swords.

"Do you think your swords scare me, little girl?" Karasu asked.

"You'll be scared soon enough," Terra replied, slashing the ring with her Twin Earth Blade. A twin trail of sparks raced out from the blades toward Karasu, so quickly that even he didn't have time to evade them. Karasu was caught in the sparks and painfully shocked. "Does that hurt?"

"You . . . miserable . . . little . . . girl . . ." Karasu growled, tearing off his mask, rage burning in his violet eyes. Like in his battle with Kurama and Blackfire, his hair lightened from raven black to golden blond. He then rushed at Terra, literally ready to explode.

"Terra, look out!" Changeling yelled.

Terra raised a wall of rock in front of her, using it to block Karasu's attack. However, it hadn't worked out as she'd planned. When Karasu detonated, the rock wall exploded and the debris struck Terra. However, Terra used her geo-kinetic powers to shoot the debris back at Karasu.

Unfortunately, the debris exploded in a shower of dust and once it cleared, Karasu was standing there unharmed.

"Nice try, little girl," he sneered. "Ready to die now?"

"You first," Terra replied. "Earth Claw!" She punched the ring and the ground began to rumble as something moved underneath it. Finally, that something revealed itself as a giant claw exploding out of the earth. Karasu jumped to evade the claw, but the claw reached up and slashed his torso, tearing the leather of his suit and the skin underneath.

"Damn, that's brutal," Changeling commented.

"No less than what that sick bastard deserves," Blackfire said.

"You made me bleed," Karasu snarled.

"Aw, too bad," Terra mocked.

As retaliation, Karasu lunged at Terra and grabbed her, triggering another explosion. Terra gritted her teeth, refusing to allow Karasu the satisfaction of hearing her scream in pain again. Using the pain to give her strength, she judo-tossed Karasu.

"Nice move, Terra!" Cyborg shouted.

"That was . . . stellar!" Starfire shouted.

"You the woman, Terra!" Changeling shouted. "Heh, I finally got it right!"

Genkai just smiled. "Excellent work, my pupil."

"Had enough yet, or do you want more?" Terra asked.

"It's time for you to die!" Karasu replied angrily, rushing at her.

"I don't think so," Terra contradicted. "Chains of Gaea!"

Chains ripped out from beneath the ring, binding Karasu's arms and legs.

"I think I like you better this way," Terra mused.

"Do you think I need to be able to move to defeat you?" Karasu asked. "My power is everywhere." He made his power visible, in the form of green orbs that surrounded them both. "See?"

"I'm not scared of you, Karasu," Terra replied. "Dirt Armor!"

Clumps of dirt attached themselves to Terra, and they hardened once they touched her. Once the technique was complete, she was clad in what looked like a modernized, sleeker version of an Amazon's battle attire.

"And every female knight needs a sword, doesn't she?" Terra mused. "Earth Blade!" She summoned the earthen sword and held it outward. "Do your worst, Karasu."

"Certainly," Karasu retorted, detonating the orbs. However, once the smoke from the explosions cleared, Terra was still standing, unscathed. "What the hell is this? How are you still standing?"

"My Dirt Armor technique insulates me from your attacks," Terra replied. "You can't touch me anymore. But I can touch you." She slashed the ring with her Earth Blade and a trail of sparks raced at Karasu, shocking him. "That's enough for today. Chains of Gaea, release him!"

The chains receded into the earth and Karasu slumped to the ground. Terra grabbed him by what was left of the collar of his leather suit and threw him out of the ring.

"Ten . . . nine . . . eight . . . seven . . . six . . . five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one. Karasu is out of the final round of the Shadow Combat."

"Yeah, Terra!" Changeling shouted.

Terra smiled and winked at him. Now to help the boys, she thought.

Jin and Suzaku had resumed their fight, but Jin's techniques were a bit clumsy from him having been nearly electrocuted by Suzaku's attack.

"Face it, Jin, there's no way you can beat me!" Suzaku boasted.

"We'll see about that," Jin retorted. "Wind Blades!"

The wind itself slashed Suzaku, tearing his skin and clothes. One wind blade even cut his hair tentacle.

"You'll pay for that, wind ninja," Suzaku spat. "Storm of Torment!"

This time, Jin created a whirlwind around his arm and he used it to block. "Tornado Fist!" He punched Suzaku, the whirlwind around his arm adding tremendously to the force of his punch. Suzaku crossed his arms to block, but the attack still nearly knocked him out of the ring.

"You think I'll go down so easily?" Suzaku asked.

"Bring it on, then!" Jin challenged.

Suzaku charged up a giant lightning bolt. Jin wrapped the wind around his fists and feet.

"This is it for the both of them," Touya said. "Both fighters are on their final legs. One of them will lose, or perhaps both will."

It was at this moment that Hiei finally woke up. He looked up at the ring and saw Raptor battling Rando.

"Shit," he cursed. "His Meikaihiryu truly was stronger than my Dragon of the Darkness Flame."

"Not really," Kurama contradicted. "Your Darkness Flame merely drained your energies faster than his netherworld dragon did his."

"We lost, Hiei," Raven stated bluntly. "No amount of cursing will change that fact. So all we can do now is hope Raptor has better luck than we did."

Meanwhile, Jin and Suzaku collided viciously, creating a tornado and an explosion of lightning simultaneously. However, the two conflicting attacks nearly knocked Raptor, Rando, and Terra out of the ring. Terra raised a boulder and used it to float above the ring and Raptor levitated himself. As for Rando, he levitated himself as well, having earlier copied Raptor's technique.

Once it was finished, both Jin and Suzaku were lying outside the ring and the countdown began.

Jin and Suzaku both struggled to get back on their feet.

"Look!" Rinku shouted. "Jin's getting back up!"

"But so is Suzaku," Hiei added.

"Three . . . two . . ." Suzaku collapsed, unable to bear his injuries any longer, while Jin reached to get back inside the ring, but he collapsed as well. "One. Jin and Suzaku are out of the final round of the Shadow Combat."

Touya walked over to Jin and picked him up, carrying him over to where the other fighters were.

"Did I get him?" Jin asked weakly.

"Yes," Touya replied. "He's not getting back in either."

"Good," Jin murmured before completely losing consciousness.

Raptor, Rando, and Terra floated down into the ring. "Now it's just the three of us," Rando said. "And I know just the finishing technique for the both of you! Meikaihiryu!"

"What?!" Hiei exploded. "There's no way he can summon a force that powerful again so soon!"

"Yes, there is, Hiei," Rando contradicted. He shot black-and-crimson flame into the air, creating a fiery whirlpool above them all. Out of that hellish vortex came the Fire Dragon of the Netherworld. Rando absorbed the infernal dragon into himself and formed a ball of black fire with crimson energy chains circling it in his hand. "Ready to die now, Titans?"

"We don't think so," Raptor replied.

"Ready or not, you'll die anyway!" Rando yelled, firing the black-and-crimson fire in a dragon-shaped wave. Raptor created a force shield around himself and Terra to block it. "It's no use, Titans! My Meikaihiryu will pierce your shield and obliterate you!"

"Raptor, if we combine our powers, we just might be able to stop that thing!" Terra suggested.

"It could work," Raptor replied, dropping his shield.

"Raptor!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Shit, has he lost his mind?" Changeling asked.

"You heard Rando," Blackfire replied. "And you've seen the Meikaihiryu in action! That thing managed to beat the Dragon of the Darkness Flame! So a force field would be useless, anyway!"

Terra created a tornado of dirt and dust and invisible energy surrounded Raptor. Finally, the two Titans fired their combined energies at the Meikaihiryu.

"You won't win," Rando snarled.

"Neither will you," Raptor retorted.

Finally, the clashing energies exploded under the strain with a tremendous roar and a flash brighter than lightning, forcing everyone to cover his or her eyes. The shockwave blasted everyone off their feet, and when the light had faded enough for them to try looking up, they saw Raptor and Terra still in the ring and Rando lying outside it, stunned.

Even though Terra's Dirt Armor had enabled her to escape unscathed, Raptor wasn't so fortunate. There were even more tears in his suit and half of his mask had been burned off, leaving only the edges. As for the other half, the lens had been shattered.

"Screw it," he mumbled and cast aside what was left of his mask, revealing to his fellow Titans and the Spirit Detectives his face.

"Three . . . two . . . one. Rando is out of the final round of the Shadow Combat. The winners of the Shadow Combat are Raptor and Terra."

Genkai's temple --- the next day

"I think you'll all be pleased to learn that Slade and Rando's allies --- the ones that are still alive --- have all been delivered to the proper authorities, as well as Rando himself," Botan informed. "As for Slade, he mysteriously vanished."

"Doesn't he always?" Terra asked contemptuously.

"No matter," Raptor said. "We'll get him. Sooner or later."

"So, Raptor, what do we call you when you don't have that mask on?" Cyborg asked.

"I don't just wear the mask to protect my own identity," Raptor replied. "I wear it to protect the identities of my associates back in Gotham. If someone could find my real name, I don't think it would take them that long to find out who Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Huntress, and Azrael are." He laughed shortly. "Ironic; I can trust you all with my life, but I can't trust you with my secrets."

"So why not tell us one?" Changeling asked.

"Sure," Raptor replied. "My real name is Tim Drake."

"Cool," Cyborg said. "Victor Stone, but don't call me Victor. I like Vic better."

"Gar Logan," Changeling said.

"Tara Markov," Terra said.

"It's always been Raven," Raven said. "But my last name is Roth."

"Where's Starfire?" Yusuke asked.

"I am here, friends!" Starfire shouted cheerfully, hanging bead necklaces around everyone's necks. "Happy blorthog!"

"What's blorthog?" Kuwabara asked.

"The Tamaranian festival of friendship," Starfire replied.

Hiei had an annoyed look on his face. "Festival of friendship. What is this, Valentine's Day for friends?"

"Come now, Hiei," Kurama said. "Don't tell me you don't find anything pleasing about this day."

Hiei just grunted. Regardless of his feelings on blorthog, the festival went on, with the Titans and Reikai Tantei mingling.

"Hey, this is kinda fun!" Jin commented.

"This is so stupid," Rinku grumbled.

"C'mon, kid!" Chu said, taking out a bottle of sake. "Cheer up! Be lively! Have fun!"

"Blorthog is even more fun with Tamaranian wine," Blackfire said, taking out a bottle of the aforementioned substance.

"Hey, give me some of that stuff," Yusuke requested.

"You sure your system can handle it?" Blackfire asked.

"C'mon, pour me a glass!" Yusuke replied, holding out a glass.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Blackfire said, pouring Yusuke a shot of Tamaranian wine.

Meanwhile, Cyborg and Changeling were telling Kuwabara, Kurama, and the rest of the non-Titan crew the story of the girl who had tried to come between Raptor and Starfire's love: Kitten.

"So Starfire was going into a jealous rage because Killer Moth was forcing Raptor to go out with his spoiled brat daughter Kitten," Cyborg explained. "And that's when Hiei said . . ."

"You miserable ningen make me sick," the fire demon had said.

"I am not human," Starfire had growled.

"You're close enough to make me sick," Hiei had said evenly. "However, I will give you some advice as to what to do about that wench who wants to steal your mate from you."

"And that would be?" Starfire had prompted.

"Do you know what a youkai female would have done if another female tried to take her mate?" Hiei had asked.

"What would a youkai female have done?" Starfire had asked.

Hiei had drawn a finger across his throat in a slitting gesture. "Does that answer your question?"

"I do not wish to murder Kitten!" Starfire had exclaimed, outraged. "I simply wish her to keep her hands off my boy!"

"Then go," Hiei had said. "Go and make her keep her hands off your boy."

"And then Star and Kitten had a major catfight over Raptor while Raptor was fighting Kitten's spider-headed ex-boyfriend Fang," Changeling added. "After Raptor smashed the controller for those moths, they turned pretty peaceful. Kitten went to jail and Raptor and Starfire were declared prom king and queen."

"What a fascinating tale," Touya said deadpan.

"A spider-headed boy," Shishi said. "Sounds a lot like a parasitic spider demon."

"You know, I never thought of that," Cyborg admitted.

"Hiei really would say something like that," Kuwabara commented regarding the fire demon's advice to Starfire concerning Kitten.

After the party was over, the Titans and Reikai Tantei --- as well as Blackfire and Terra --- sat down together.

"We have some pretty hard decisions to make," Raven said. "One of those concerns you, Terra."

Terra looked down glumly.

"Don't worry, Terra," Changeling said. "Whatever happens, I'll always be there for you."

"We've talked it over, the five of us," Raptor said, "and we've decided that . . ."

"You're worth another chance," Raven finished. "After all, you really helped take down Slade and Rando."

"Wanna be a Titan? For real?" Changeling asked.

It was only a few seconds, but those seconds felt like an eternity. Then Terra finally spoke. "Yeah."

"Here you go," Raptor said, giving her a T-com.

"Welcome back, fellow Titan!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Hell, yeah!" Cyborg shouted. "Good times!"

"I'm the happiest shape-shifter alive," Changeling said dreamily.

"Welcome to the team again," Raven said.

"Sister, do you wish to come back with us?" Starfire asked. "You can join us as a Titan if you wish."

"Thanks," Blackfire replied, "but I'd rather stay with Kurama." As she said that, her hand found his and their fingers intertwined.

"I will miss you, Komand'r," Starfire said.

"Don't worry, Koriand'r," Blackfire said, hugging her younger sister. "I'll still come over to visit."

"Before we all go our separate ways, whaddaya say we hang out one more time?" Yusuke suggested.

"Where?" Terra asked.

"Where else?" Yusuke replied. "The clubs!"

"Hell, yeah!" Kuwabara shouted. Then he paused. "What kind of clubs?"

Everyone had a good laugh at that.

End Notes: At last, the shared adventures of the Titans and Spirit Detectives have drawn to a close. However, this will not be the last time you see them together. There's still the matter of weddings to deal with. Yes, weddings, meaning you'll get to see your favorite crossover and non-crossover couples get married! Until I get my mediaminer.org uploading problem fixed, you won't see it on that particular site, though.

I can sense that there are going to be readers foaming at the mouth to tell me that the Robin of the Teen Titans show is Dick Grayson. In neither his comic nor animated incarnations did Dick use a Bo staff. That is strictly a hallmark of the Tim Drake Robin, and that's who I believe is Robin in the Teen Titans show, which is why I call him Raptor in this story. I have the right to my beliefs, and since this is my story, I can put those beliefs into writing.

As for my mention of Raptor's Gotham connections, you may only recognize Huntress and Azrael if you read the Batman comics. Anyway, that's all for this story, so bye-bye.