His  True Love

Rating: R for occasional swearing, possible violence, definite adult scenes hinted at and a certain part of the story.

Disclaimer: I deny any ownership of any adult or adolescent transformed shadow warrior chelonians.

Author's Note/ Warnings: Part of this story does deal with the very real reality of how pimps out in the world cater to a sick group of people. This will be mentioned in the story at least once. But it is something that is real in our world.

I'm talking about the creeps who get twelve or thirteen year olds hooked on drugs and then force them to work the streets for their fix.

I don't approve of such thing if I had my way I'd turn Raphael loose on such low lifes, but I do know it happens and often very little is done about it.

This story takes place when Rama is seven and shortly after the events of  " A Bond of Friendship."

Buslady: If you are reading this because of lots of Raph, I know you said in your Conversations Raph wouldn't fall for a hooker. Well all I can say is Sara Townsend is a lot more then your average lady of the night.

Hope all the readers out there enjoy the latest tale to tell in the Rama series-R.

Chapter One: Jen.


The hectic move that we had been forced into after Ramiela's indiscretion of making a friend topside had cut very much into my valuable free time. I highly doubt that Ramiela stopped to consider the sort of danger or trouble she would be causing every one by making a friend out of Jessie Scott.

It had been Jessie's mother and her total animosity towards us that more then any thing forced us to search for a safer home and thus bring about our sudden change of address and all that went with it.

All of us were now preoccupied with packing up and moving every possible bit of our existence up and out of our old home and setting up a new place. Of course it fell to me to arrange all the amenities of life wiring things up, getting heat, water and electricity into our new place and all that went with the sort of stuff my brothers didn't begin to understand and weren't much help with.

Suddenly my time was no longer my own and I was hard pressed to even find time enough to collect my thoughts with all the high priority necessities that demanded taken care of immediately if not sooner.

It was no wonder I no longer even had time to get away to see Jennifer, my girlfriend for the past two years, but I thought of Jen often.

I smiled now as I worked on setting up a working bathroom for the family, not an easy task but I didn't really have to concentrate on my work. My hands knew what they were doing.

My family wasn't aware of Jen, at least they hadn't been told yet. I had been considering bringing her down to introduce her to the family when this whole Rama Jessie, Melody mess sprang up and demanded that everything get put suddenly on hold for it.

I think the rest of the family wasn't aware period about there being someone in my life beyond them. They were so used to me hiding out in my lab hardly coming out for much that when I did go slipping out of the lair they probably put it down to me going on a scavenging hunt for parts in various dumpsters.

No one had ever called attention to these disappearances and far as I knew they hadn't picked up on any of my feelings or emotions, if they had Mike and Raph were being mature enough not to tease me about it, which was highly unlikely when you consider those two. Neither one of them could pass up a chance to give me a bad time.

At times I felt invisible even amongst my family, none of them seemed to notice me much unless they needed me to fix some object for them. They never understood my interest in any thing scientific, and I felt that I was rather the odd one out at the best of times.

I knew I was different and that no one in the family fully understood me, but I spent my time learning all that I could and developing my own ideas and schemes and spending a great deal of my time alone and apart from the others.

I knew ninja were supposed to be invisible but I never felt much like a ninja either. I wasn't a warrior at heart. I didn't have Leo's drive, or Raph's anger.

I didn't want to hurt any body I was a pacifist and took all of Splinter's teachings about valuing life, to heart. But those lessons only seemed to conflict with the more war part of the fighting ninja that we were.

How was I supposed to find balance in that?

I recalled when I was younger going to Splinter and telling him that I didn't have the heart to fight, to kill. I understood why he was teaching us what he did but I didn't think that it was in me to take the life of another.

I found this to be a shortcoming in myself; my brothers didn't seem to mind it so of course the problem had to lie only in me. I couldn't admit to any of my brothers that I didn't want to hurt any one that I would be quite content to concentrate on expanding my knowledge instead. But I knew sooner or later Splinter being as perspective as he was would know that I was a failure to him and all of his teachings, admitting to him that fault had been difficult for me.

I recalled standing before him as a seven year old and him looking up at me with his sharp eyes, " What is it Donatello?"

I squirmed " Sensei I don't think I can do this. I can't be ninja."

" Why not my son?"

I knew I was probably going crush him with my words but sooner or later he would know the truth so I blurted it out " I don't think I could harm any one never mind killing them. That is what you are training us for isn't it?"

Splinter smiled " I am training you Donatello so that you can defend and protect yourselves from those who might seek to do us harm.

To be a ninja is more then to be a warrior. Some of the greatest aspects of ninjitsu can only be learned when the ninja cast aside his fighting nature and learns to live in harmony with things around him.

Most ninja grow in time beyond the need to kill or hurt others. The ninja must be in harmony with the elements and one cannot be at peace when one is at war.

In ancient Japan ninja originally lived simple lives as farmers and such high in the mountains far from civilization. They were trained in simple enlightenment things and lived in harmony with all things. Learning to use herbs to cure ills and to develop their minds to higher states.

Many people sought them out to learn how to achieve peace and well being for themselves and they were often taken on as students. The ninja in those days had very mystical qualities about them.

However this caused problems for the priest and emperor of Japan who felt that the ninja were troublemakers and that is when they sent armies out to destroy all ninja. That was when the ninja moved from being simply enlightened beings to warriors, and centuries of war began between the armies of Japan and the fighting Ninja.

Perhaps you my son are closer to the ideal of the true ninja, for you are have no need to be a warrior. Remember though the philosophy of the ninja has always been the interrelated oneness of all things in the universe. Nothing is all good or bad."

That talk had done a great deal to make me feel more at ease about learning to be a ninja and I often reflected on Splinter's words when I felt that there was conflict rising between learning ninjitsu and being the pacifist.

I was at least able then to concentrate on what I felt was truly important to me. I learned as much as I could over the following years in all sorts of subjects and areas. I also learned to kill when I had to but by then I had also gained the knowledge that my life and my brothers lives meant far more to me then the life of the enemies we often fought against. If I had to kill to save my brothers or myself I would but it was the only time I would permit myself to do so.

As I had gotten older I obtained my own lab and work space with in our lair and kept my bed in the lab area so that I could crash onto it after a long day of puzzling out theories, and mathematical equations, or designing inventions or doing such mundane stuff as I was in the middle of now.

All of that changed though when I met Jennifer two years back at a computer convention that had been held in Manhattan New York. All kinds of new top line technology, booths for anything and every thing you could think of relating to computers and I just had to go in disguise be a part of it and see what new things I might be able to learn.

For once in spite of the crowds, which usually tended to make me nervous, I felt very much at ease and that I belonged. Due to my own interest in designing computer programs from scratch I found myself lingering near a section of the convention on that aspect.

At one point without meaning to eavesdrop I caught the tail end of a conversation between one tall skinny fellow and the young lady who was helping to man the booth and answer questions.

It was clear from what little I caught of their talk that both of them were far beyond the simple ABC's of designing such a program. She knew her business and wasn't leading the guy a stray.

I wondered how much she really knew. So I waited until she was finished and watched her take up a bottle of water downing a gulp of it.

She was about five six in height slender frame but a bit chubby in the belly area, not badly so and I knew it could be possibly only from childbirth. I knew from all I had learned with being Shay's doctor for her pregnancy; that some woman didn't get back the figure they had before.

She had darker skin, hair and eye colouring that spoke of African American descent.

Making sure I was well concealed and that she would not expect me I got up the nerve to ask her a few questions that obviously piqued her interest. Her replies told me that she was very good in this area.

" Listen what is your name?" She finally asked after a few minutes of talk.

 " Don" I replied a little shyly, I knew in my heart I wouldn't have the nerve to talk to her if it wasn't for the connection with computers.

" It is almost time for me to have a break here. Why don't you meet me back here in fifteen minutes and we can go talk. I am one of the best computer programmers in all of New York. I have dealt with a lot of programs that others figure can't be done. It's not often I come to something like this and have someone stump me or give me alternatives I haven't considered as of yet. I'd like to talk a little more with you Don one on one."

I gulped knowing instantly that I ought to decline or beg off of such a meeting. It just wasn't safe to do things like this, but instead of doing that I opened my mouth and pretty much inserted my foot.

" Sure I'd like that. I don't get to talk about this sort of stuff with others who understand it. I'll see you in a few." I said simply in reply.

" Jen there is someone else here who needs to know…"

" Yeah just a second Stacy. I'm looking forward to it Don so far you have been the only one today to provide me with questions that require thought." She turned after giving me a small smile.

Well things just sort of went from there. I did understand her and she understood me. She was the first person I had met outside of April that is, who even seemed to understand what I was saying without me having to put it into a simplified version.

Of course a few weeks after our first meeting and after we'd seen each other often Jen demanded to know why I insisted on hiding from her all the time.

That was when my heart sank, I knew that I either had to come clean and let Jen know about who and what I was or I would have to just leave and never see her again.

" Jennifer, I'm not trying to deceive you or hide from you. I don't think you would be able to accept me for what I am."

" Don if you are horribly disfigured from some accident then okay I can understand you not wanting to reveal your self but I like you Don and I don't think we can go much further if you want to keep up this charade of hiding. Either you put away the coat and hat or forget it Don."

" Disfigured from an accident I suppose that is one way of putting it Jen. How about mutated from an accident?" I shot back.

" Mutated? That bad? From what radioactive…?"

" I am not really human Jen and I am a mutant. It was a strange compound, which did have some radioactive tendencies but other things as well and…" slowly I told her of my early beginnings.

" You are telling me you look like a turtle but think and act like a human?" there was a slight look of disgust on her face and I figured that what ever we had was over.

I nodded. " I would have told you sooner Jen it's just I don't often get the chance to talk with others who understand me." I gave her a pained regretful look " Forgive me for deceiving you. I'll go now."

" No Don, don't wait. Can I see what you really look like?" She asked.

" I don't think that would be wise Jen." I mumbled.

" Don listen I find it hard to believe that you are a turtle all right. It doesn't add up even with every thing you told me about how you came to be."

Finally she convinced me and she was startled and shocked to see me but I sensed that her fear and uncertainty of what I was died quickly. Though her curiosity did not.

Once that hurdle was out of the way we would spend many long hours talking and enjoying each other's company.

For the first time I rejoiced in having a relationship with someone who could relate to my scientific gobbled-gook that my brothers insisted that I spoke of.

I helped her with some programs that even she was having difficulties with but many times she would challenge my thinking too.

So now two years later and our friendship was still quite strong and I was more then ready to introduce her to the family for the first time. I was doing my best to prepare her for the meeting by telling her as much as possible about my family.

I groaned and stood up and stretched turned on the hot water tap on the sink and was rewarded with hot water. My expertise had paid off tonight we could have hot showers.

I decided to take a break and wandered out to where I had installed the phone earlier and dialed Jen's number from memory.

" Hello?" her voice soft and gentle in my ear was enough to make me smile.

" Hi Jen, it's me Don."

" Don I haven't heard from you for about two weeks now."

" Yeah I know and my last call was a rather hurried going be busy for awhile so don't expect to hear from me soon call. At the moment I am tired and overworked and I miss seeing you Jen."

Only now hearing her voice did I realize how much she had become a part of my life in the last two years. Our recent enforced absence wasn't easy for me to deal with.

Jen chuckled a bit " Sounds like we have a great deal in common Don. When can I see you again? I miss you tapping at my window late at night."

" Hopefully in another week or so" I muttered. I was actually hoping that it would be less then that, as I all ready missed her enough but I doubted it. There was too many other priorities that needed tending too before I could permit a visit to her place.

" Well try not to be a complete stranger Don.

At the moment I could use your help I have a program that has me stumped."

I could easily imagine her furrowed brow as she glared at the computer monitor over the problem.

" I know it is probably something real simple that I'm overlooking but for the life of me I can't find it."

I chuckled a bit " I'll see what I can do but if I keep bailing you out you might have to put me on payroll" I teased a little before becoming serious " If I do make it, it won't be until early in the morning like about two or three."

" Fine by me Don just rap on my window, or let yourself in if you want. I hope you do make it." She said.

Jen was aware that I was fully capable of picking locks I had explained about that skill and some other aspects of ninjitsu to her over the last two years.

I sighed as I whispered good-bye to her and hung up the phone.

On my way to return to the many tasks at hand I determined that I didn't care if I got no sleep at all tonight one way or another I was going to visit Jen it had been far too long since I had last seen her.

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