Of Heroes and Monsters

Summary: London, 1898. A set of serial, mysterious deaths inside the Court has forced Abraham van Helsing to send Alucard on his first mission. But the said task wouldn't go unsupervised.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone inside this fiction. And if I do, it is probably a side character, which hardly deserves much praise.

Author's Notes: This is a crossover between the League of Extraordinary Gentleman (comics) and Hellsing mostly (Characters from other comics/literature shall be included, as well.).  It will mess slightly with LoEG's timeline since it will be set after volume one, therefore I am placing Hyde's and Mina's conversation -regarding of meeting someone worse than him- before this fic (else it wouldn't have made much sense). There will be NO pairings! Please don't ask. Tension is always present, as usual, but that doesn't mean characters will end up together, kiss or whatever. Oh for those who have seen that awful film-version of the League, Mina isn't a vampire in the comics, she's the strong willed human leader. Jonathan is quite alive; Mina divorced him and reclaimed her Maiden name, Murray.

Special Thanks: To Mish, for checking characterizations, Zach, my beta reader, and Sarah, for her valuable advices.


- Correspondence

"The British Empire has always encountered difficulty in distinguishing between its heroes and its monsters."

- Campion Bond, from Memoirs of a British Intelligencer (Meesons; 1908)

14 August, 6 o' clock

"Dear Madam Mina,

  I pray you to pardon my writing now, I am very aware about your extremely busy career but this cannot wait longer. I am certain that your curious mind have followed closely amount of dreadful deaths inside the Court lately. I myself was called last week to examine one of the victims, a young welsh lady of no more than eighteen, and faced with a most terrifying discovery. Bite marks! And almost no blood remained inside her body! The nightmare is starting again with a new culprit! We cannot allow this to continue any longer! Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, has ordered me to send my servant to find his brethren and put an end to his felonies, yet I am reluctant. Sometimes, my dear Mina, I believe it was a mistake not to finish him off and avenge young Quincy's sacrifice. He torments me Mina! Anytime he gets the opportunity to make me miserable, he'll take it with impunity! He doesn't have a child-like mind like I presumed, this nosferatu has an incredibly cunning and reasoning. Mayhap, I was a fool to think this monster will once repay his debt with society, but my heart tells me I must give him a chance of prove himself. The time has come. Either way Mina, I cannot cast him out of my home without supervision, and I am still not sure about the range of the seals that bind Alucard (how I renamed him) to me. There is a chance that he will join the fiend and return to his old habits again. For this I pledge to you, dear friend: aid me in this dark hour and keep constant vigilance on his movements and actions during his mission. Forgive my selfishness into asking you to meddle yourself with the one who already scarred you deeply no so long ago. I would do it myself, but I have urgent business to attend to. Yesterday morning, I received a telegram from Amsterdam. Jack has sent me heart breaking news. Gertrude, my wife, has fallen terminally ill inside the Asylum. She won't survive much longer and I must part to see her at the end of the week. Once again, I apologize to open old wounds in this new life you have started; it is not my intention for you to remembrance such horrible torture. But understand this dear friend, I have tried to contact the rest first, and none of them are willing. I am desperate Mina; I need your wise counsel once more. I hope you forgive me, and I shall not blame you in the case you deny my petition.

Yours the most faithful,

Abraham Van Helsing."

15 August, 6:30 A.M.

"My Dear Dr. Van Helsing,

  You'll have to forgive my late response, but your letter caught me in the middle of my overrun schedule. My good doctor, words cannot describe how shocked I was after my lecture last night, my face literally bleached. I am no thrilled with the concept of being around the Count again, quite the opposite. I, however, shall aid you in these dark times. No matter how I dread his company, I cannot allow more innocent people to endure the same that I have in the hands of an equally foul beast. Indeed, as you assumed, I've been following as much as I could the cases thanks to the useful articles in the Dialygraph. Oh, it is horrible! All those young women! Something must be done about it; I won't rest until the citizens of the Empire are safe from this threat! It is really reproachable that neither Jonathan or Lord Goldaming have agreed to help you. Tell me when and where we could meet doctor, and I shall be there.

Your faithful friend,

Mina Murray.

P.S. My condolences for Gertrude, my heart goes with you."

15 August, 5:20 P.M.

"Dear Madam Mina,

  A thousand thanks dear lady! Your kindness has lifted a terrible weight off of my spirit! I was disappointed by Arthur's and Jonathan's choices as well, it is a shame the good Doctor Seward isn't here with us. As you know, Jack and his wife moved to Amsterdam. He is a kind soul that constantly sent me news about Gertrude's state. But enough about me! I really hope I don't intrude in your daily obligations dearest Mina, but I know you and your intelligence match your determination, and I am confident you can handle it. We shall meet tomorrow, close to dusk by the lake in Serpentine Park. I need prove his behavior in a public place by myself, that way my mind will be more relieved in not handing you an uncontrolled monster. Please Mina, spare me of more suffering: be careful around Alucard. He will try to harm you in some way, I am sure of it. He is still quite bitter for his defeat.

Your grateful friend,

Abraham Van Helsing."

16 August, 8:45 AM

"My dear Doctor,

  I appreciate your concern, doctor but I am afraid is uncalled for. At this moment, I am accustomed to perilous men. Rest assured, I know how to handle 'Alucard'. And granting your request doesn't meddle inside my agenda, quite the opposite; it is almost inside it. Other than that, my two colleagues and I shall wait for you at nightfall.


Mina Murray."