Author's Notes: I would like to thank to everyone who reviewed, specially to those who caught the references from The Sandman comics, Hellblazer, From Hell, and many works of literature. My aim for this fic was to write a complex crossover that wasn't considered childish or OOC by creating a surrealism setting, hopefully I could achieve this. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Special Thanks: My beta readers, Araceli Maura and Puck 3/4.

Of Heroes And Monsters


- Finale

Telegram from Wilhelmina Murray to Abraham Van Helsing

18 August, 10:45 AM.

Professor. The mission was a success. Zero victims. Mina.

19 August, 7:19 A.M.

Dear Dr. Van Helsing,

My humblest apologies for the delay of this letter. I was caught up with my extra curricular activities and I couldn't find the time to type a detailed explanation. I hope you received my telegram yesterday. I sent it to appease your concern. Gertrude needs you focused on her and not other matters. How is your wife faring?
The culprit had been stopped before he claimed another victim. Your Alucard did, I dare to say, a magnificent job regardless how rebellious he was at first. The vampire in question was the infamous Lord Ruthven, who had predated the Court for years: ruining the reputation of noblewomen, feasting and ravishing the maidens and driving respectful gentlemen insane. How this was overlooked through so much time is beyond me. My theory is that he either used mind control on the members of Scotland Yard or everyone thought Ruthven was a descendant of the previous one. Whatever explanation applies, the fact we know for sure, is that he had been leeching the Court for decades. His mistake was to feed so much in the same zone during a brief period of time, enough to appear suspicious.
That's what happened. Her Majesty is pleased with the positive outcome of the mission and will give financial support to your vampire hunting project, my good Doctor.

Your faithful friend,

Mina Murray.

20 August, 4: 21 PM.

Dear Madam Mina,

I can't find the words to express my gratitude towards you and your friends for assisting me in this matter, Mina. Indeed, I received your telegram, the brief lines lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders, my anxious wait was reward by your detailed explanation. The royal family also sent me their congratulations and support in my project.
Gertrude's condition isn't the best, her delicate mind cannot hold the illness much longer. My heart stings when she asks me who I am every time I go to visit her. But I'll spare you a grim lecture in this regard.
Be glad, you'll soon be free of the nefarious task of watching over Alucard. By the end of next week, I'll send someone to pick him up and bring him to me in Amsterdam. I don't wish to bother you anymore. You know one of the envoys, good Doctor Seward. Along with Jack, there will be an old colleague of mine, Doctor Hesselius, who has taken an interest in our Count and vampires in general, and a young fellow called William Constantine, a supernatural expert of sorts. Together they will deliver Alucard without inconveniences.

Yours the most faithful,

Abraham Van Helsing.

22 August, 6:50 AM.

Dear Dr. Van Helsing,

Again, forgive me for the late answer, I'm truly sorry for you and your wife. Miracles exist in this world, just like monsters, don't lose hope that she's beyond recovery.
There's no bother at all of having Alucard around most of the timeā€¦ He and Allan entertain themselves with morbid tales of hunt or practicing their aim. Did I mention that Mr. Quatermain gave him a revolver? I don't know what was that man thinking, if he thinks at all, Professor. But truth to be told, the weapon was quite useful during the past nights endeavour. I'm warning you about this beforehand, Professor, so it shan't surprise you.
Doctor Seward is coming? Good grief! I do wish to speak with Jack again. It's been months without news of him. I gather they'll travel by train, won't they? Pity we can't bring Alucard to you, Professor. Our vehicle is faster, but I'm afraid dear Count already expressed his distaste about travelling underwater. I have almost forgotten about his running water weakness.

Yours with the best wishes,

Mina Murray.

P.S. The Constantine surname is familiar to me. Is this William a relative of Lady Johanna Constantine by any chance?